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The Largest Italian restaurant chain in Singapore specializing in Quick Casual Italian Dining concept. Now served in 40 outlets in seven countries, with 24 locally in Singapore, Pastamania offers a relaxed, informal environment where freshly-cooked pasta and handmade pizza are served quickly and efficiently.


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Love the tomyam seafood pasta

I remember the first time I heard of pastamania, I was thinking... overcharged pasta. But after working around CBD area, I've seen worse. A normal spaghetti can cost over $25 bucks at an unknown outlet, whereas pastamania only charges $15 for the same dish. I'd like to say that pastamania tastes better too imo.

The dish that keeps me coming back is their tomyam seafood spaghetti. What a delectable mix of thai and italian cuisine!

The service is pretty good as well. The order comes pretty fast even when it's crowded so you won't have to keep that tummy growling for long.

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Tom Yam Seafood Pasta
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Downtown East
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The student's budget pasta place

Pastamania had been another favourite of mine during my mugging days, thanks to the Student Promotion they have every weekday.

I highly suspect that the pasta they serve are mostly microwaved, but that doesn’t deter me from coming back for more. With the Student Promotion, I’d always get the Cheesy Crumble Turkey Bacon with Penne, and sprinkle a healthy dosage of Tabasco sauce all over it. Despite being served in rich cream, the pasta is never too cloying, and is just creamy enough to ensure I have my fill despite the small portion.

Without the Student Promotion though, I’d find the pasta here too overpriced for what they’re offering. However, it’s still a good place for a hearty family meal. Do try the Mum’s Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab pasta the next time you’re here!

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Overpriced pasta

I used to be an avid fan of Pastamania, I would go almost every fortnight and even had the Pastamania card! Unfortunately, it has been rather disappointing on my recent visits.

My favorite was the Beef Bolognese as it came with a tomato base that had a balanced amount of refreshing tartness that blended well with the savoury minced meat. Unfortunately, the last time I went I was presented with a watery plate of pasta that had barely any taste, and a miserable portion. I had to spam cheese to save my meal.

The pasta chain seems to have changed their marketing strategy, adding more atas dishes and raising prices. I’m not sure whether that reduced support from students, who used to be a large proportion of their following. As for me, if I were craving pasta from now on, I’ll go elsewhere to get my fix.

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Budget Pasta

I would consider Pastamania as a form of budget pasta as it costs less than other pasta shops such as Swensens. For eg, a plate of pasta costs on average $9 vs $15 in Swensens. However, the quality of the pasta is pretty low. Their cream sauce is pretty diluted while their tomato sauce tastes like it came out of a pre-made pasta sauce bottle. Their soup pastas are also rather blend.

The quality of their food drops very drastically when delivered. For eg, my soup (for my soup pasta) was extremely oily and the noodles were soggy and stuck together. Overall, it was an unsatisfying meal that wasn’t worth my money.

However, Pastamania went through a revamp 2 years ago and changed their menu. Its new image seems more ‘high class’ and promising. Also, the fact that Pastamania is located in almost every mall in Singapore makes it very easy for Singaporeans to enjoy a simple meal of pasta to satisfy their cravings.

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Alright, if we have no where else to go.

My title expresses exactly how I feel about Pastamania. Nobody says, "Hey, lets go to Pastamania. I feel like having pasta." Mostly, people decide to go to Pastamania when there is nothing else in mind to eat or the hawker centre or food court has been frequented too often. It isn't horrible, the food is edible. Just try not to eat here when you're craving something delicious, especially if it is specifically delicious pasta. If you do end up eating here, note that they provide cheese and chilli flakes for you to season your orders according to your liking. If you feel like eating Pastamania, try not to order delivery. I find that the quality of their food drops significantly when delivered.

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Why are you paying so much for buttered pasta?

I had a friend who worked as a chef at Pastamania once - the secret, apparently, to their good pasta, is the fact that they apply generous servings of butter to their bowls of pasta.

But even that doesn't make up for the clearly plain and average pasta that they dole out. I suppose that's the cost of serving 'casual' and 'fast' pasta.

There are a few things that Pastamania does right - they deliver into late hours, which is always convenient for people who are craving a bite (a hot bite, particularly) and not so picky about the food. They have many outlets and their ambience is pretty relaxing (and the restaurant smells good too). But that's about all that Pastamania does right.

There is good pasta, bad pasta, and then there's Pastamania. Don't get me wrong - the pasta at Pastamania isn't awful, and it certainly is better than most hawker fare, particularly those where they literally just pour bolognese sauce over the noodles. But the prices they charge at Pastamania are double or even triple the prices of hawker store pastas, and roughly 70% of the price that quality pasta joints (read: run by Italian chefs/speciality stores) charge. To put it simply, their pasta simply isn't worth that price.

Take for example their Meatball pasta, which I remember is upwards in the region of $10. There's absolutely nothing spectacular about their meatballs (IKEA's are so much better, and they have a rather processed taste here) and their sauce isn't cooked with the pasta either. It's a plain old normal tomato sauce with processed (presumably) meatballs and made 'better' with a chunk of better. I don't know about you, but I'm not paying $5 for my chef to add a chunk of butter into my pasta and stir.

Same goes for their cream pasta, which seems to so easily satisfy many fans. I for one don't appreciate cream pasta, and it doesn't help that I can't get through a plate of cabonara here because it is far too thick and distinctly un-savoury. Pastamania has yet to master the art of balance in their cream based pastas - nothing wrong with that, but their prices would suggest that they had.

I could go on and on about each individual pasta they serve, but the baseline is that there really is nothing special about the pasta here, and for 'nothing special' pasta, the price they charge is far too high. Wouldn't recommend this place.

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Kallang Leisure Park
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Varying standards

Pastamania – a place to get your quick pasta fix. With over thirty stores and more springing up, it seems to just be in most malls. They have got promotions from time to time. The prices are reasonable. For their tea time promotion, you can get a pizza and drink starting from S$6.90. However, it is only available during from 3 – 6 P.M.

During peak hours, their pasta can get a little saltier or dry. It is probably them rushing those orders. The standard of their pasta varies too. Therefore, it is more like trying your luck to see if the food that day turns out good.

For your quick pasta fix, Pastamania is definitely the place. The staff there are friendly too and I am sure they will attend to your needs or enquires. Otherwise, anything more than that, there are other better alternatives in the market.

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Creamy Chicken + Tabasco

My favorite combination I will recommend is the Creamy Chicken with Tabasco sauce. It was introduced to me by my other friend, so it is only right to pass on the good news!

Tabasco always add a punch to whatever you are eat. Some might say that it changes the whole flavor of the dish but I feel it gives it an extra kick with its sour and tangy taste. What I would do to get the best of both worlds is to eat the dish on itself first, then add a few drops of tabasco and if you still don't feel satisfied, go ahead and pour the bottle.

Creamy Chicken and Tabasco sauce is a perfect match with each other! You get the tangy yet mild aftertaste. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT AT LEAST ONCE! and you won't view creamy chicken the same way.

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Your Average Pasta Place

Pasta Mania is just like MacDonald to me but in pasta form and a bit more expensive. It is very hard to say it taste fantastic but then it does not taste bad. The taste differ from branches too. I feel the one in North Point and Cathay Cineleisure taste better. My favourite is the disgusting creamy chicken. I love how creamy pasta, however my friends always complain that it taste too creamy towards the end.

The set lunch bundle was also expensive in my view but then it is hard not to order it. The staff service varies too. I am also seeing more foreigner working there. They seems less patient nowadays. One thing I really love about pasta mania is most of their branch is very well furbished to enhance about your dinning experience. Hence, even though they served average food, I am still willing to go there from time to time.

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What's all the hype about?

Perhaps it's because I've eaten genuine pasta on my trip to Italy last year, or maybe Pastamania just disappoints with its food quality. Nearly every outlet I go to seems to have a similar, lacking standard of cooking. Their Aglio Olio is probably the only dish I am satisfied with. It is just the right level of saltiness, although it can be more oily than needed sometimes. Their cream-based pasta dishes, no matter how tempting they look initially, always leave me nauseous at the end. Those with a small appetite should steer clear of them.

Their prices certainly do not translate to the taste of their food. Their set meals are like daylight robbery for the average Singaporean man, especially since their garlic bread is usually soggy and overly salty. Their soup portion is also very small and quite bland. Their baked rice is alright while their beef lasagna is watery and loses flavour rapidly once it turns cold.

Pastamania's ambience usually hits the spot. It has a dim and somewhat soothing feel to it which makes it a good place to catch up with friends or talk with family. Its atmosphere is very attractive, particularly to someone like me who enjoys interior designing a lot. However, their food always has me turning my heels and walking away.

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