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Muchachos Hot

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22 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089129
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Julia Kwan
Listing created by Julia Kwan on June 16, 2014    

An American mission-style burrito bar located along Keong Saik Road with a selection of beers as well.

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12pm - 4pm, 6pm - 10pm
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Quesadilla like crispy prata.

At first I was so excited to build my own burrito but I chickened out after seeing how gigantic it is. I opted for the quesadilla and am so glad I did. The server told me it's going to take a while longer to prepare so I continued to hold my breath as I went back to my high stool in a little corner of the 'restaurant'.

I half expected it to come in little slices but it was wrapped up in one big flattened, crispy burrito. Mama likey. I picked beef and inside the crust blanket were little juicy bite sized beef cubes. So. freaking. tasty. I also had put in guacamole for an additional $1.75, which of course made it even more awesome, like it wasn't already yummy enough.

Then as though he was on a mission to make my night an unforgettable one, the server told us that the night's special was a corona at $2.50 for every burrito you order. I think he was trying to make me convert.. my friend very happily took up this offer though.

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Yummy Burrito!

Been here twice and still liking it!

Was here last weekend and noticed that there were changes in the menu. Now the choice of burrito fillings are more limited (pork, beef, chicken), but there are quesadillas. Didn't get round to trying those. You order from the end of the counter and move all the way down as they help you add more ingredients. Quite a structured ordering system. Had the beef burrito ($14) and added guacamole (around $2). You could choose rice, beans, cheese and sour cream inside your burrito, and I had rice and cheese. $16 for a burrito is actually quite pricey on hindsight but I loved mine. It was stuffed with fillings and really delicious. My friend had the chicken one and loved it as well.

I didn't see the buffalo wings on the menu anymore, but I had it the first time I was there. Nothing memorable anyway. I'd really want to try the quesadillas the next time I'm there. Beers aren't too expensive as well. Perfect for a grab-a-grub night. The service left more to be desired though. The lady who served us was quite unhelpful, but I guess it was a Friday night, oh well. There was no one else in the queue but the cashier hurried us into making decisions so she could key in the order. I guess I understand the need to be efficient in the F&B industry, as I was a waitress myself, but personally I thought it was quite unnecessary.

The service was great the first time I went, so I guess I just got unlucky. Will still be back for the hearty burritos and to try the quesadillas!

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