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Johnathan Yeo
Listing created by Johnathan Yeo on May 11, 2014    

Pasta Box provides fresh pastas at incredible fast service. Tossed and served right in front of you, Pasta Boxes offer new and improved ingredients that are healthy and suitable for the health conscious.

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Affordable and good pasta in a box

It is easy to miss Pasta Box as there are only two outlets in Singapore. One trip down might just leave you asking for more. I went to the one at Clementi and it is a rather small area, I guess it is mostly for take-outs since it is nicely packed in a box for you. Yes, literally pasta box, pasta in a box. There are seats if you are looking to dine-in as well.

From S$5.90 for a decent serving of pasta, not too bad especially if you need quick pasta fix. All of their pasta is done on the spot after you place your order and not prepared in advance. There are around twenty different selections to choose from, there are pasta with laksa and sambal too! Open daily from 11 A.M. and there can be a short queue during lunch hour. For the price you pay, it would be considered as one of the more affordable pasta around. Worth a try!

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Goodness in a box

When you walk pass Pasta Box, the shop may not seem like a very appealing place to dine in. It's a rather small outlet with a few tables squeezed into whatever meagre space it has, and seems to operate like a fast food joint.

It's not difficult to guess that I was pleasantly taken by surprise by their pasta. I had a mushroom pasta with a creamy base and it did not disappoint. The pasta was sufficiently rich and delectable. I wouldn't recommend the risotto though, even though I haven't personally tried it. The food is prepared pretty quickly and I feel like a good risotto needs time to be cooked well.

I thought the box was pretty cute as well - it's probably a novelty but it's a really clever idea. The box may seem small but it really is filling. It's probably the next cheap pasta place I would go to rather than PastaMania!

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(Updated: May 17, 2014)

Rich, delicious and filling pasta

I love pasta, and I love healthy food. Pasta Box offers both perks. Its food is tasteful and delectable, with rich sauces and pastas from spaghetti to linguine. It comes in a box, as the name suggests, but do not be deceived because the box will be very filling.

My favourite box pasta is the arrabiata box, which is pasta with a spicy herb tomato sauce. It is delicious. Be sure to taste the various types of pasta, especially those with the rich tomato sauce. Oh, and they sell risotto here, too, although I personally have not tried it before.

The boxes are generally about 6-8 dollars each, with drinks at just one dollar extra. There are also sides to the boxes, including chicken wings, onion rings and french fries. One of the best valued and best tasting pasta around.

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Clementi Cityvibe
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