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Pezzo make every pizza special, with its own unique taste and character. Pizza crafters take utmost pride in tossing, garnishing and baking all the pizzas fresh daily. A novel way of enjoying on-the-go pizza.

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A filling and delicious way to get your pizza fix

Shopping is exhausting work, and Pezzo is always there to keep me fuelled. Buy by the slice is the perfect way to grab food and go, without having to carry around awkward boxes or utensils, or have to waste precious shopping down by having a sit down meal. The BBQ bonanza was always my favourite, although trying to choose was difficult work, having all the pizzas laid out in front of you is like a parent trying to pick a favourite child. Ok maybe not that hard, but you get the pizza themed idea.

The pizza is always thick and extra cheesy, just the way that I like it. I didn’t think that just one slice would fill me up, but they’re so full of toppings and the base is of that perfect thickness where it leaves you full, without feeling too doughy or leaving you feeling a bit stodgy. $4.50 per slice feels like a lot, but I feel that it’s justified due to it being so filling. If you find that just one slice isn’t enough to satisfy your pizza fix and you want some for later, buying a box is always an option.

Does what it says on the tin, a pizza stand that sells really yummy, filling pizza. Sometimes it’s all that you fancy, and when you’re in a rush or just not in the mood for a sit down meal, a quick trip past Pezzo will always leave you feeling satisfied.

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Wide variety of tastes

The pizza slices sold aren't your average, run-of-the-mill Hawaiians and Supremes. With their brilliantly concocted new flavours (I somehow wonder how the pizza chefs are this innovative), this place will leave you spoilt for choice, in the best way.

It helps that they sell the pizzas by slices too, so if you're not very adventurous, you don't have to commit to having an entire pizza of that flavour - you can sample the goods before you commit, as long as you're willing to pay the cash for a slice for communal sampling.

I do like these thin-crust pizzas much better than the Pizza Hut or Canadian Pizza ones - they are a refreshing change from normal chain pizza stores. Their pizzas are extremely tasty to me and their Teriyaki Chicken has always been my favourite.

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Your quick pizza fix

Walk past any Pezzo stalls and notice their thicker-than--usual crust pizzas. There are two different series of pizza, the carnival (S$4.50) and the gala (S$4.90). One piece is quite big and can be filling.

For those that prefer pizzas with thicker crusts, you might just be hooked to Pezzo. They have a wide selection of pizzas available too. However, similar to all other food, have them while it is still hot. Otherwise the pizza bread might not be as soft and if it is placed in the box while it is still hot, the pizza will turn a little soggy.

They have got promotions too, three slices for S$12.90. It is worth it only if you are going for three slices from the gala series. Otherwise, the savings will not be too much, about 60 cents if you go for three slices from the carnival series. If you do, regardless if it is one or two slices, you can just go ahead with your order. Not exactly amazing, but it will be sufficient for your quick pizza fix.

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Thick Crust Bready Pizza

If you're looking for a quick meal on the go look no further than Pezzo. I really like their pizzas because the thick bready crust make the pizzas more substantial and filling. They are also extremely generous with their toppings so you'll definitely have a piece of meat with every bite.

If it's still available I highly recommend their Godzilla which is packed with different types of sliced meats and sausages. The creamy base is also a welcome change from the regular tangy tomato sauce most Pizzas have.

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Great for grab and go

Pezzo is one of those grab and go pizza places, where you pay $4.50 for a slice of pizza to go.

I had the hawaiian pizza, which was flavourful and cheesy. I usually don't like pizza crusts but Pezzo's crust was amazingly crispy and not too starchy. It wasn't your usual thin crust either. For the price of $4.50 I found my slice of pizza more satisfying than what I'd get at Sarpino's for example.

My hawaiian pizza was cheesy with juicy pineapple chunks and morsels of tasty ham. For a grab-and-go dinner, it was pretty satisfying.

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