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Golden Cereal Crunch Chicken

KFC Golden Cereal Crunch Chicken Hot

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Denise Chia
Listing created by Denise Chia on January 21, 2014    

The Golden Cereal Crunch Chicken was a new chicken item brought in as a special item by KFC to usher in the Chinese New Year in Singapore. 

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Honestly, I hardly ever eat at KFC - the immense amounts of oil and unhealthy fats that goes into their signature deep-fried chicken puts me off most of the time.

Still, a relative recently bought numerous pieces of KFC's latest flavour of chicken with the golden cereal crunch coating. I was pleasantly surprised - the texture was incredibly, the cereal makes the chicken skin really crispy without being hard or overly chewy. It's actually slightly similar to the cereal in cereal prawn dishes. The chicken also didn't seem as oily or greasy as the normal chicken flavours, which is a definite plus!

Overall, I daresay this flavour is better than the classic original or crispy recipes. Perhaps it's worth the calories, too - do give it a try if you're a fan of fried chicken!

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Edible gold!

For the longest time in recent years, I had been continuously disappointed by the quality and taste that KFC had been serving up to Singaporeans. There were many misses in their new menu item launches. I was a fan when I was much younger, but the food served by them nowadays were a far cry from what I remember.

Until the arrival of the Golden Cereal Crunch, in conjunction of their Chinese New Year menu. I had not eaten anything from KFC for at least a few months now, and actually did not have any intention to either for the upcoming weeks. However this morning, I read the previous reviews here on TSL about it and it mostly all positive comments! I definitely got curious about exactly how it tasted like, but still it was not enough to get me to head to the nearest KFC for this, yet. Then, as if by luck, my colleagues were ordering KFC delivery in for lunch today, so I immediately jumped at chance at trying this menu.

I was not disappointed at what arrived in the red KFC box. It was beyond my expectations in terms of taste and texture! The batter was crunchy and flavorful, despite that the order came through delivery, with a zesty and tangy taste, similar to the golden cereal prawns found at tze char stalls but much more intense in a good way. The outer batter of the chicken is simply edible gold, and it will be the reason why I will try and have this as often as possible in the next few weeks. I really hope this either becomes a menu mainstay, or be made available more often, as this is something that I will end up craving for really soon.

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Munch into Tender Gold

I was rather skeptical regarding the food quality from KFC after I chanced upon articles elsewhere involving KFC and poor hygiene. However, the Golden Cereal Crunch advertisements plastered almost everywhere seemed too good to be ignored! Hence, I sung my teeth on it. The cereal flakes that was sprinkled around the drumstick provided this chicken with a special crispy effect. Who was behind this unique concoction? It was brilliant! I’ve never chanced upon any drumsticks that were peppered with cereal elsewhere.

It wasn’t too pricey either. The meal was approximately $37. It was shared amongst the five of us. The meal included an even bigger tub filled with an abundance of golden cereal crunch chicken drumlets. All 5 of us had an equal share of chicken too. Absolutely satisfying. This Golden Feast should totally be permanently installed! The deals were gold and so was the recipe. It’s a Golden situation that’s hard to come by indeed. This Golden Feast befits it’s name.

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Just like cereal prawns - but this is cereal chicken!

Flavour from cereal prawns + KFC chicken = The most tasty chicken ever produced.

I tried the KFC Golden Cereal Crunch Chicken at White Sands a few days back as I was craving KFC. When I heard the words "golden cereal crunch", I expected the chicken to be coated with cornflakes or some other cereal - but I was proven wrong.

When I bit into the skin of my chicken, I realised something - the "cereal" was not the kind of breakfast cereal I was imagining; in fact, it was the same cereal that is used to coat the cereal prawns in Chinese dishes. I absolutely love both cereal prawns and KFC chicken and combining the two just made me love both dishes even more. The chicken did have a slight edge over the normal cereal prawns though - it was more flavourful and a little spicier than the usual cereal prawns, but the traditional taste of the cereal still shone through.

Since then, I've bugged my friends non-stop to try the chicken as it was just that good. I hope they never stop selling this flavour of chicken!

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White Sands
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Being so used to the standard fried chicken offered by KFC, I thought nothing could amaze me anymore, and certainly not fried chicken with cereal added to it. Taken individually, cereal tastes bland and frankly of wheat, moreover, fried chicken, though good, tastes just like fried chicken. The magic comes just as 2 supposedly plain and normal ingredients are used together. Thats when you get a power-up.

Frankly, the first time I ate cereal chicken, it felt so good. The feeling was eureka, when the slight sweetness of the cereal mixed with the tasty goodness of the fried chicken. The taste, as a result, felt amplified over a million times!

However, though tasty, I felt that the KFC cereal chicken can be deceiving at times. Underneath all the supposedly 'healthy' cereal is still a chicken deep fried in oil. Moreover, you can't be too sure if the cereal is really organic, wholesome healthiness or suffered the same fate as the chicken. Hence, its perfectly all right to indulge yourself, but not bordering on the excess in the process.

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