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6/F Lucky Plaza 304 Orchard Road Singapore
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Listing created by primate on June 21, 2013    

Jollibee is a well-known fast food chain in the Philippines. Recently, it has opened it's first outlet here in Singapore, located at Lucky Plaza. This american-style fast food restaurant specializes in burgers, spaghetti and chicken.

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09:00 - 21:00
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What's all the buzz about?

Being Filipino myself, I was familiar with the hype around Jollibee. Yet, I’ve neither jumped onto the bandwagon, nor gotten the ravings about it.

The must-trys were said to be the fried chicken (of course) and spaghetti, and so they were what I ordered. Sadly, both of their tastes did not match my expectations. For all the hype over Jollibee, the fried chicken was mediocre, and the spaghetti just average. I’d prefer my fried chicken with crispier batter, and Jollibee’s fried chicken was not quite it. The spaghetti was also plain and topped with far too little sauce, although the sweet overall taste of it was unique and quite pleasant.

There are plenty of better places you can go for fried chicken, and I’d say to skip out on the long queues here.

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Yummy Chicken

A Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee is insanely popular with both Singapore-based Filipinos and Singaporeans themselves. Their signature dish is fried chicken with rice and a special sauce- I can’t really describe the sauce, but it’s pretty similar to the gravy that accompanies your mashed potatoes from KFC.
The best way to eat this is to douse your rice in the sauce, and eat it together with your chicken. The chicken is deep fried and juicy, but not too oily. Delicious and tasty, I can see why this fast food chain is so popular in the Philippines and why people flock to it in droves.
If you’re looking for fast food, but want something other than the usual McDonald’s or KFC, give Jollibee a try. But don't go on the weekends- the queue is insane.

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Sharing a bucket of Chicken

I personally feel that this place has better Chicken than the famous fast food joint, KFC. While the KFC chicken is oily, over-fried with overwhelming oil, the chicken at Jollibee is not so oily. The chicken is crispy but moist at the same time, leaving a delicious after taste from eating the chicken.The pasta on the other hand is slightly different from other pastas that I've tried - it is sweet unlike the usual tangy or savoury taste with the pasta.

It makes me coming back for more.

But if it were to be a fair comparison with KFC then price wise, it is a little bit more expensive but definitely worth the money. It is definitely a good place to bring friends and family to share a bucket of chicken.

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