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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

R Burger or Revolution Burger is a Japanese concept founded on the premise that hamburgers can be made and consumed differently. The idea that hamburgers are unhealthy have been completely revolutionised with our vision of a healthier and tastier alternative. The hamburger, which was originally founded as a western fast-food, consists of baked buns, lettuce, pickles and sauces like Ketchup and mustard. R burger buns are substituted with white and fluffy steamed buns. The white colored steamed buns are chosen for its exceptional softness over normal hamburger buns. The creamy whiteness of each bun stands out in stark contrast to the meat patties sandwiched in between. R burgers are topped with our own Japanese sauces like the R sauce, the Ume or Ankake. Japanese Shiso leaves are used to replace lettuces instead to give its unique flavour. Another distinctive feature of R Burger is its use of marine collagen as part of its ingredients. While not at all uncommon in Japan, R Burger remains the first hamburger café to put collagen in their buns. This helps to stimulate collagen production in our body and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines, encouraging skin renewal. We are constantly striving to live up to the R in R burger and looking to expand our menu to share with you all the new and different hamburger possibilities. So if you're near our store, do step in and try one of our revolutionary burgers.

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