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Komala's Restaurants is a fast food self-service concept offering traditional Indian vegetarian food in a western setting. For the original non fast-food restaurant at Little India, please refer to this listing.

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What a Disappointment

Having had tasted the food at the original Komala's Restaurant where the dining experience was the total opposite of the fast food concept, I do not recommend this to anyone. One, the food from their fast food counter is a lot oilier. Two, the people who serves you are very impatient and rude. Three, their menu available is limited. Four, the quality of their food was appalling.

Needless to say, I'm never going back there again.

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You are better off eating at the Original Komala Vilas

I have only 1 word of advice here, go to the original Komala Vilas and enjoy the food there. You will get a much better selection of food and the quality is also assured though I will not comment on the price.

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The Komalas in my school is wildly popular and many people can be seen eating food from their store during lunch time. I see people having big meals which consist of rice, yogurt, vegetables dishes and a big pappadum (indian spice cracker). The word 'big' is really an understatement. It looks so gigantic and my eyes go O_O every time I see someone carry a plate of food from Komalas. It was so big and usually loaded with spicy food so I didn't bother ordering the rice meals. I browsed their menu for the non-rice stuff and I didn't really understood the menu. My knowledge of Indian cuisine is sadly limited.

I saw this big round puffed up thing at the counter and I indicated my interest. The lady nicely told me that it's made from dough and I ordered it. The appearance of the puff sold me. I later learned that it is called Boothara. It was $3+ if I wasn't wrong. Hmmmm I was so excited...I took a seat and my friend poked a hole in it and it immediately deflated :( the inside was hollow and SO OILY. Every mouth felt like I was eating oil soaked in the dough. It got sick after a while so I left it there. I would only recommend Komalas if you are into rice and spicy vegetarian dishes, since it is popular for that, I think the taste should be great. A pity I don't take spicy food. Try it for yourself!

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Curry concoction

I've seen Komala's restaurant for what seemed to be like forever. Here, there. They're everywhere. I could catch the whiff of curry from their restaurant miles away. It smelled delicious. Finally, after loitering nearby, I succumbed to Komala's Restaurant menu.

I purchased several sets of thosai and prata. The prata was amazing. It wasn't overly cooked despite looking like a roll of roasted pancake. The infamous aroma that plagued Serangoon road did do justice to it's source of smell; curry. It was splendid. It was dipped with so much flavour that I found myself raising my fingers to lick the curry remnants there. The thosai, however, sang a different tune. It was crispy and crunchy I thought I was feasting on a baked brown piece of paper.

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The smell
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Serangoon Road
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Don't expect much.

I came here about a month ago to have dinner. The shop wasn't very crowded, considering it was the dinner period, but nonetheless, I went in and found a seat.

I had come here to order the Thosai, as I like the dish very much. After ordering and paying, I proceeded to another counter to collect my food. I did not like this as it reminded of Drive Thrus' except that I wasn't in a car. However, I followed instructions and collected my food after a while.

When they said "fast food concept", they really meant it. Plastic utencils, plastic plates and the sauces were also put in plastic containers. Not very environmentally friendly, I might add. It was difficult to eat the Thosai with the plastic utencils as they were not strong enough, and thus I resorted to using my hands. Thankfully, they provided sinks at the back of the restaurant for customers to wash their hands, or I would have left the restaurant with oily fingers.

The food was meh, definitely not the best around Little India, and definitely not the cheapest either. I don't think I'll be going back to the restaurant again.

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