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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

Trust the Spa Esprit Group to pioneer another reinvention: chunky gourmet beef, pork and chicken sausages resting in plain and multigrain breads, slathered with ten flavour combinations. The bigger-than-usual buns are made in-house every day and are baked to a shape that cradles the sausages and toppings. The original start-up dogs at 40 Hands have made the journey as have House’s truffle fries, now also in jumbo size. Of the new offerings, we like the piccante meat-on-meat Speedy Spicy Gonzalez the most, with its sautéed, chopped chorizo, garlic mayo and chilli flakes. That is one carnivorous dog.

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(Updated: May 20, 2013)

o my dog, this was so bad!

The smart wordplay of the store's name and the cute hot dog truck design of the shop front had me suckered into trying their hot dogs. The selling of American hot dog bread isn't a new concept in Singapore but the hot dog truck idea is. It's really cute and makes for great photo taking purposes. Not that I am a "camwhore"... that's not the point anyway hahaha. I ordered a classic pork hot dog bun and I was duly disappointed. The pretty store and quirky name were immediately being put to shame by this awful dog cos it sounded and looked promising.

The hot dog was just bad. The outer skin being thick and the filling just didn't felt authentic. It felt like something I could get at Cold Storage, which was just 3 levels below this hot dog store. The bread felt hard and dry. The cheese was cheap and probably bought from Cold Storage which I am guessing is their supplier for their stocks. Horrible hot dog bun, it puts the iconic American hot dog bun to shame. If you are looking for a hot dog bun fix, DON'T come here. Waste of money, waste of calories. You are better off going to IKEA for a simple $1 hot dog.

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