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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

We opened our first restaurant In Beverly Hills in 1985. Former federal prosecutors Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax combined their passion for food with fresh high-quality ingredients to create innovative, hearth-baked pizzas such as The Original BBQ Chicken, Thai Chicken, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken, cooked in an open kitchen. The restaurant gave California a place in the pizza pantheon alongside Chicago and New York. Our California twist on global flavors resonated with guests, and almost immediately, CPK became a bustling spot for business and family gatherings. Almost immediately after the first location opened, we expanded from California to more than 250 locations in more than 30 states and 11 countries. But it doesn't stop there; you'll also find us bringing smiles to the pizza aisle in your grocer's freezer, taking the edge off travel fatigue in major airports all over the world, feeding eager fans at sports stadiums and students on college campuses. California Pizza Kitchen completed an initial public offering in August 2000 and traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the ticker symbol CPKI. On July 7, 2011, Golden Gate Capital completed the acquisition of CPK and as a result of the acquisition, the company’s common stock is no longer publicly traded. On August 18, 2011, G.J. Hart was named President, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman.

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Tantalising Sensation

Ooh, the one and only time that I visited this place was with my parents when I was a child. But even then, I remember the savoury goodness that was oozing out from the pizza. The aromatic smell was just half of the divine goodness of the pizza. A tantalising juicy taste burst into my mouth when I bit into the meat that topped the pizza. It was a sensation that I would never forget.

Even so, I was just a tag-along of my parent's food travels. As I have grown up, I no longer partake in their food hunts - they usually exclude me when they go on their hunts - which means I have to go back to a place myself if I do find something as tasty as this.

But because of its unique taste and flavour that they offer such as the peking duck pizza, together with the shop location near the heart of town, the prices of the pizza are higher than what I would pay for a pizza.

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Deliciously Expensive

California Pizza Kitchen for me is the kind of place where I'll go to only if I feel more loaded than usual. Their food and drinks are not cheap and perhaps that's why the place is frequented more often by tourists and foreign expats. A mango juice that I got while I was there cost me $6! In comparison, $6 could easily buy me a meal at a food court. However, I did feel that their pizzas were absolutely delicious.

The toppings were generous and the pizza dough wasn't overly thick so it was good mixture of both dough and ingredients in the mouth, leaving for a satisfying taste. Portions are also just nice but slightly on the more side. If you are a small eater, I should think it quite hard to finish an entire pizza on your own. I got the Greek pizza and I liked the mediterranean-spiced chicken that was unusual and yet tasty. It's also a good option for vegetarians since you can substitute the chicken meat for avocado.

Overall a decent place, but hard for it to be a staple food area due to it being slightly overpriced for me. Worth a try at least once, but if you are a ultimate pizza critic and lover, perhaps you can give this a miss.

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Wholesome Western

It's called California Pizza Kitchen, but the thing I like most about the place would surprisingly, be their BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad. With generous chunks of chicken breast marinated in BBQ sauce, topped with tortilla strips and nestled upon a bed of fresh greens, this is the ideal choice for any weight watcher. Oh, and have I mentioned the sweet niblets of corn and subtle sprinkling of cheese? Well .. it might not be THAT healthy because of the ranch dressing, but it's probably less sinful than devouring one or two slices of pizza.

As for the pizza, the peking duck pizza would have to be my favorite. The sauce is slightly sweet and reminds me of the peking duck dish (hence the name).

Do give the appetizers a try - I really like the tortilla spring rolls. The dish takes the asian concept of spring rolls and puts a western twist on it. Each plate of spring rolls comes with interesting sauces as an accompaniment.

Prices here are a little steep though, be prepared to fork out anywhere from $20-$25 for a filling meal.

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(Updated: October 17, 2012)

A Little Pricey

They are famous for their creative pizza, I find quite a few “innovative dishes” throughout their menu, from pastas, sandwiches and salads to appetizers and desserts. The unique flavours of the ingredients from all over the world produced some of the signature dishes. For pizzas, they have Peking Duck Pizza, The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza. For pastas, they have Chinese-style Kung Pao Spaghetti. These dishes show how they combine Chinese-style cuisine like peking duck and Kung Pao to Western style cuisine like spaghetti and pizza.

Although I really liked these special dishes, I feel that it’s a bit pricey for me, for example, a slice of red velvet cake costs about $9.90. Overall, it’s a nice place for any occasions.

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