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Their mission is to inspire and excite the world in introducing vegan diet into their lifestyle, as a form of sustainable diet and means of restoration for our global environment.  Enoy fast food that is NOT junk food and you can be sure that our burgers are healthy, nutritious and wholesomely good for the whole family! Along with burgers, we also have a range of well-loved sides like fries, franks and potato pops as wells as beverages like juices that are equally healthy.

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11.30am - 10pm
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Eunos, Golden Shoe, Marina Boulevard, Orchard Gateway, The Grandstand


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New Burger

Last night I was invited to the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 outlet for the launch of its latest burger which will be called Cosmo-paleo Burger.

The Cosmo-paleo burger($9.90) was a runway of exotic ingredients (broccoli, tomato, pineapple, button mushrooms, alfalfa) - drizzled with a wet and wild blend of yellow mustard, all on top of a vegan patty (Its made of soy by the way), sandwiched in ombre layers of fresh lettuce. It was interesting to have a burger without the buns. And it was a first for me having broccoli in burger or sandwich. Why broccoli? 'Cos it is a Superfood, packed with numerous vitamins and minerals to help fight cancer, build strong bones, and lower cholesterol. It felt more like a salad without the dressing in a burger form overall. Beware of the pineapple as it was quite juicy with juice dripping all over.

One can also top up to $13.90 to make it a meal, with a choice of sides (seaweed fries or broccoli),and a choice of chillers (Miami Peach, Lemon Loco, Citron Cooler). The burger will be available at the outlets from 1 June 2014. With purchase of a Cosmo-paleo Burger Meal, one would receive a free Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The Seaweed Fries ($3.90) was served in a metal box and tasted nice hot and crispy, but the seaweed taste was a bit faint here. I had also tried the Citron Cooler ($2.80) which tasted quite light and refreshing. Best without too much ice cubes, else it may tastes a bit too watered down.

Overall it would be a great choice for one to have a healthy and tasting meal that is rich in fibre and protein while being low in fat.

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Lacking in essence and taste

I do not believe that a burger is a true burger without a patty. Hence, I did not enjoy a burger with everything but the patty.

Vegan burger, in my opinion, is a further branching of the ongoing admirable effort to increase the reach of all vegetarians to all types of food. From mock meat to mock satay, mock burgers is definitely a step forward in terms of innovation and it helps vegetarians not feel left out when they see their non-vegetarian counterparts consuming food they would otherwise not be able to taste.

However, a true burger is not one without a patty. It is in essence, the patty that defines the burger. The sweet/sour/juicy/crunchy patty is well recognised as the main ingredient in a burger, in addition to ingredients such as the bun, vegetables and the sauce.

In all justice, however, other than there be a missing patty, the rest of the burger tastes, if not above average, then excellent. My initial scepticism was proven wrong when i tasted the wonderful sauce and had a taste of their seaweed fries. However, overall, I did not enjoy the experience as much as I thought I would (This is just a personal experience).

Vegan burger would not be a place should i want to stop for a burger again. But for those who likes healthy, meatless burgers, this place is worth a try!

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I can't believe it's vegan!

As an animal lover and semi-environmentalist, I consciously try to cut down on the amount of animal products in my diet. Unfortunately, vegetarian food is largely far less palatable than their meaty counterparts - at least, that's what I've thought all along, until I tried Veganburger.

I tried their signature cracked black pepper mayo burger. The soy burger patty is quite firm, slightly crisp on the outside, yet moist and juicy on the inside. I couldn't believe my tastebuds - honestly, it tastes just like, or possibly even better than, real meat patties! The vegan mayo sauce is also surprisingly creamy, with a very robust black pepper flavour. I'd highly recommend the seaweed fries as well. Think Macdonald's seaweed shaker fries, except better!

On another occasion I tried the shroom burger as well - equally delicious. The serving portion is generous, and I have a smaller than average appetite, but I was left with nothing but an empty burger wrapper before I knew it! (and a strangely bloated feeling.)

If I remember correctly, the whole meal cost about $10. I'd say it's worth every cent - even hardcore meat lovers won't be able to resist once they've tried this, it's that good!

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juicy vegan patties
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Worth a try

VeganBurg is shaping up to be one of my favourite 'fast food' restaurants in Singapore. Though it is considered a 'fast food' chain, their burgers are anything but oily, greasy and unhealthy. From their 100% soy patties to organic buns, you can be sure that everything that goes into your mouth is healthy and sustainable.

Despite not using any meat or its by products, the burgers tasted really fantastic. I had the Cracked Pepper Mayo and it was juicy and succulent; you can't even tell the patty is not made of real meat. A set including drinks and fries averages about $10+. Though slightly more expensive than McDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc, I would gladly pay the higher price for healthier food that taste delicious, has lower calories and is sustainable.

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Sustainable Living, Sustainable Eating

I chanced upon VeganBurg while searching online for vegan restaraunts in Singapore. Whenever I can, I try to make more environmentally-responsible choices.

I visited the outlet at The Grandstand with my mother on a nice Saturday afternoon. We both decided to get the Creamy Shrooms meal ($11.80) but I ordered the Spinach Pops ($3.90) as well. Ordering was a fast and painless process despite it being my first time there. The staff were courteous as well.

We found a table and patiently waited for our food. I was really pleased to see that even the tables were made of recycled bleached wooden planks. The decor of the outlet also had a kind of vintage, old-school feel to it.

Our meals were promptly delivered to us in rectangular metal trays and my Spinach Pops came in a small paper cup. I found the meal to be really worth it as it was very filling (I had to struggle to finish my Spinach Pops!). The burger was tasty and the fries were not too salty. The spinach pops were good too – they even melt in your mouth :)

Overall, I had a good experience at VeganBurg and would definitely want to visit them again soon!

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Environmetally-friendly Food
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The Grandstand
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A new take to vegan-ism.

My cousin brought me here. i was actually pretty shocked because he wasn't the vegetarian much less the vegan type. And he said the burgers here were good. My brother who would never touch vegan food for his life, agreed quickly to try it out too.

Definitely something good awaits. We went and ordered three sets and their sides. Their sides tasted good, albeit a little on the pricey side, moreover, who could really screw up deep fried items? The burgers came HUGE, much bigger than micky D's ones. The patty's were all made from soy, some deep fried some baked. I bought the mandarin orange one as it was their special during the CNY period. Had to pay an extra 1-2 bucks if I'm not wrong. When it came, i realised then that the extra 2 dollars was just for a skimpy amount of cooked orange sauce to the burger. Though i must say the sauce did heighten my experience.

even though the burger seemed huge, after finishing it, I still felt a little empty and unsatiated. I wonder why actually. For usually i do not really eat alot at one time. I actually can't wait to go back there to try out their other offers to see if there are the better ones out there which I've not yet tried.

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Blandness incorporated

Fifteen years as a vegetarian was no hardship. A few stints in such garden paradises as Baluchistan, Afghanistan and East Timor meant I had to relax my standards and start to eat fish, and then maybe a little meat, and now I am a totally lapsed Veganarian.

I still prefer vegetarian meals which is why I love Indian food. Most of it.

Then I saw the Vegan Burger shop in Still Road. I trotted in and happily ordered. Aha. It looked promising. The prices were a little steep but I happily waited.

The burger was delivered, I took out my magnifying glass and took a bite.

I can no longer claim the high moral ground of a crusader in relation to killing Flossie the cow to make my Fatboy monster burger. I suppose I should revert. After all, I refuse to eat Sharks fin soup. Why should I eat something else that is killed?

I gave this place a go: twice. Vegan food does not have to taste bland. I have not been back.

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(Updated: March 18, 2013)

Delivery king!

Ordered it several months ago and boy were we impressed.

I was previously oblivious towards it's existence till my friend sprinkled me with information regarding them. Her enthusiasm was addictive. I began blossoming a sense of curiosity involving this Vegan Burg chain. Finally, I succumbed to google.

The website is superb. Everything is crystal clear. Technophobes like me had no trouble in finding how to manoeuvre around their official site. There was even a scanned menu for those who would like to opt for the delivery service. I gobbled up the contents listed there. The menu was far from ordinary and so was the ingredients used here. Everything is catered for the vegetarian. Everything. Even the meat. They weren't green coloured meats. Nor were they leafy. They looked exactly like any ordinary tasty meat. Tastier, actually. My mother, a vegetarian, has finally found her veggie haven. They look good. They taste good. Vegan burg also contains the perfect concoction for this particular mission; dieting.

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Lesser calories
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Definitely worth a visit!

Parking is an issue if you plan to visit VeganBurg but the burger is worth the trouble. Never expect vegetarians burgers to taste this good. And their regular meal portion is huge. Guarantee a satisfying and filling meal!

Located at a corner of a busy road, this small fast food restaurant serves you healthy and quality fast food. Their awesome ambience makes your meal more enjoyable, magazines are in placed at each table for reading pleasures and their service staff are polite and forever smiley. They don’t have a wide variety of burgers available but the burgers taste so real and good that you wouldn’t even realize its vegetarian burgers if you haven’t been told so!

Best place for ladies who are on diet and don’t want to starve. Two ladies can share their regular sized burger and yummy fries without feeling guilty with calories or fats.

Definitely worth a visit!

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Relaxed ambience and awesome food

I never expected vegetarian burgers could taste that good! I wished I know about it much earlier. The Eunos outlet was nothing more than a simple chill out place for friends and family too! It was conveniently located near the Eunos MRT station and I took around 10 minutes to walk to the burger joint from the station.

The staff were very friendly and they looked very approachable. I was welcomed with great smiles and I felt very delighted even before I tasted the food! The burgers were freshly made behind the counters and I was served within minutes after my order. I was very pleased when the burger was served warm. Every bite released a little steam from the patty. The portion was enough for a rather big eater like myself.

I find that the price of a set meal is comparable to other fast food joints too. Now, you know you can be spared from the greasy patties when you have the urge for burgers!

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