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Singapore's first-ever place that lets you customize your own sushi and salad from over 80 different ingredients.

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Subway-style Sushi

Maki San lets you build your sushi from a range of ingredients, letting you select a few of each type, depending on your desired size, Little or Mega San. I always go for Mega San so i can choose more ingredients.

The also have an option for you to fry your sushi, but it really shouldn’t exist. For the extra cost it could actually make your sushi worse. You have to think through your ingredients carefully, as sashimi inside a fried sushi is just such a waste.

Pro Tip: Maki San sushi is also served in a really cute box that you could repurpose as a pencil box. There are a variety of designs to if you go with a group you could trade around for patterns you like.

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Some combinations might just get weird

Everything else seems to be made-to-order these days and the idea might just be well-received, proved by the crowd at Maki San. One of those places to customize your sushi. Get a seat and you will find a piece of order form to place your orders, at one sheet per customer. Choose between the bigger (S$9.90) and smaller (S$7.90) roll, I would choose the former as it is more worth it.

Choose the rice and wrap. Next step, choose five ingredients for your wrap, out of almost thirty. Everything seemed so good and it took the very indecisive me a good five to ten minutes to decide. They should have a best-seller sign or something for first time customers, especially if you were to choose just five out of thirty ingredients.

Once you are done choosing your main ingredients, more choosing. Yes, if you like to customize your own food/items maybe this is just the thing for you. The variety of items of the menu to choose one after another, I had a pretty tough time deciding.

There are some ingredients that are savoury, some sweet. Some sauces which are spicy and some sour too. Choose wisely, you wouldn't want to end up with a roll of sushi that tastes weird. I mean if you look at their menu, you will realize some combinations might just be off. Okay, depending on personal preference too.

Bring your piece of paper to the counter to place your order and the sushi came in this pretty box, which I could not bear to leave or throw it away after. It was surprisingly quite good and filling. Would be back for more if I am doing my shopping nearby.

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Great idea!

One of my friends brought me and another friend to eat Maki San for the first time. As we were trying the sushi there for the first time, we stared cluelessly at the board and at the counter staff until they pointed out the order forms to us. Oops.

Once we got the order forms we were overwhelmed. So many ingredients to put in my sushi and I can only pick 3??? This can be considered a first-world problem, really. Choosing which 3 ingredients to put into your sushi out of a huge array of options. After a really long time, I finally chose my 3 ingredients and placed my order.

When the sushi came, the portion was larger than I expected and by the time I was done, I was surprisingly full. The taste of the sushi was average but I suppose that the interesting concept made up for it.

Overall I think it's a pretty cool place to eat once in awhile. I also think that the $6.90 sushi (3 ingredients) is more worth it than the $9.90 sushi (5 ingredients) because I don't think you can really taste THAT much of a difference with 2 more ingredients - and it'll cost $3 more.

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I can never make a decision if you leave me with all these choices. How am I supposed to personalise my own sushi when the order form limits me to the type of sauces and toppings I want? And If i were to add everything my sushi would cost a bomb. Although even the ordinary sushi isn't something that I would classify as cheap.

Sigh. The dilemmas of a really greedy girl. Or just one that really loves sushi.

The first time I visited this place, I had zero idea on what I was supposed to do until my friend sighed at my ignorance and passed me the order form. Then I was stuck. It took me a good 15 minutes to choose my sushi in the end.

When I finally got my sushi, the original excitement had dissipated and I was instead filled with disappointment. The sushi was slightly soggy and the taste of the sauce was not like how I expected it to be. I ended up gobbling my $10 sushi because of the mint flavour of their Thai Chili sauce that ruined the entire sushi.

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Really fun concept

The idea of creating your own sushi, from the ingredients to the type of rice to whether you want your sushi deep fried is really innovative and fun to me. I've only ever eaten there once and I'm definitely going to be back.

The quality of ingredients used can be trusted, and everything is prepared upon order so you can be sure of the freshness of your sushi. You can choose between the $6.90 or $9.90 version, and I'd say go for the former as the latter only allows you to choose a few extra ingredients, which I don't think justify the extra $3. Their sushi is great for takeaway as they place the sushi in really cute boxes that are convenient to carry around. The size of the sushi is reasonable too, and I was pretty full after finishing my roll.

They also serve salads but I recommend going there for the sushi, as the salads are nothing too special in my opinion.

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fun sushi concept

I was very fascinated by the concept of customizing your own sushi, right from the wrapping down the sauces. The whole philosophy of Maki san is to allow you to eat what you enjoy as depicted by the cute cartoons around the store. I noticed that you could make a mexican sushi if you so chose to too, which is really cool!

A regular roll costs $6.90 and a mega roll priced at $9.90 with additional ingredients and toppings. I found one roll sufficient to fill me up, and i also find the mega roll an unnecessary expenditure. This is because I couldn't really taste each and every ingredient supposedly inside the roll and was sorely disappointed because of that, and even suspected that some were not even included since I couldn't seem to find them as well. I had the curry sauce which I have to warn you, blankets most of the taste of the other foods.

It is otherwise a novelty to dine here, and a healthier option of eating out.

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cute customizable sushi

Makisan is a new maki store which uses the element of customization to differentiate itself from its competitors. You choose what goes into the maki, you choose what rice to use. You are the creator of your maki. In other words, you are responsible for the taste. Not the chef! So choose wisely. I cannot remember the combination I used for my maki. I am no maki making expert so I just chose whatever ingredients that appealed to me. My maki tasted okay, it wasn't mind blowing or anything. I probably didn't choose the right ingredient combination for it to stand out and be unique. For the health conscious, there is a choice of brown rice available for the maki making as well! If you are not sure about which ingredient to choose, you can always consult the friendly staff there. Why was I being a smart alec?

Another appealing factor of Makisan besides the customization would be their boxes. You could tell that they have spent lots of effort designing the boxes as compared to other sushi chains where transparent filmsy plastic boxes are used. The boxes felt very Japanese in a fun and cute way. It makes a nice gift or surprise meal for your loved ones. Prices are also very reasonable, under $10 could get you a full maki roll. Would recommend everyone to check this place out. Remember to choose your ingredients like a true Japanese chef!

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(Updated: November 12, 2012)

Great branding, alright food. Choose ingredients wisely.

I like that you can customize what you want in your handrolls or salads - it's a fresh concept. The packaging for makis is really well done too.

However, keep in mind that not all ingredients mix well together... so choose wisely. The seaweed that was used to wrap my maki when I had it was also rather soft and hard to chew - probably left out for too long.

Besides that, ingredients are very fresh. Note that tempura items are fried upon order so you might need to wait a couple of minutes longer if you ordered that.

The place only seats about 30 pax so take away might be a better option.

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