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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 04, 2012    

“You don’t have to hurt your pockets to eat French cuisine” promises owner-chef Xavier LE HENAFF of Brittany. That’s the concept he has when he set up The French Stall in a food court in Victoria Steet where SMU stands now. Drawing in crowds with the move to Serangoon Road, just off Little India, The French Stall is like a small neighborhood café or bistro in Paris – it’s popular and inexpensive. “With fuss free dining – there’s no air-conditioning, tables are a little cramped, The French Stall serves down-home, good value food in a comfy, relaxed setting” quoted an article in the many media it attracted. 

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The ordinary face of French

If I did not remembered wrongly, this current location is actually the second location for the shop. It used to be in another shophouse, somewhere along the same stretch of road.

I remembered that when the place was opened, it was pretty exciting as the boss had promised that it is possible to get cheap authentic French food. It was a move away from the standard concept where you must be dressed to the top and then painfully have the french food one small mouthful after another. Although I must say that when I visited France years ago, that is not exactly the one they eat as well.

Back to here, as it was really long ago, I vaguely remembered that when it opened, I kept pestering my ex to go to this place to try out the food. After a couple of months, we finally made a trip down and we were amazed that the interior was just like any other coffeeshop. But the menu was a full french cuisine. I cannot exactly remembered what I ate and that's the only time I went there.

But I'm glad that this concept and the place has lasted for so long. As it showed me one thing, there is a ordinary side to all the fluffiness of French culture, just like what we are seeing now in this place.

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Quite alright, looks rather promising.

TFS Bistrot is located at a corner in a row of old shophouses, and certainly qualifies as a hidden find. I ordered their Creme Caramel, which was pretty tasty and thick enough. My order of Chicken Liver Pate came quickly enough, and smelt delicious!

I saw that very good attention was paid to the details of the dish, and I saw that they placed special emphasis on their presentation. With all emphasis on their sauces, I can understand why this little restaurant is going to go far here.

I recommend this place to people who want to try French cuisine at affordable prices.

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Not too bad a place

I like the atmosphere here.

It really does have a nice, foreign feel to it. I walked by here once very grumpy and grouchy after work and even in that thrashed up mood, I still wanted to walk in and take a view.

I was feeling broke so I ordered a cup of coffee and waited for my very late friend to reach. The food here has very faint aroma so I wasn't enticed into much here, but the rosti-prata strange attraction here seems good.

The crowd here is noisy and smiley, everyone seems happy even without air con. I guess what I love the most about this place is how homely it is. It has an after-work vibe and with alcohol and air con, this place will reach new heights.

Till then.

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