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Jurong Bird Park 2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 25, 2012    

Bongo Burgers is a western fast food themed eatery that is located at Mandai Zoo and Jurong Bird Park.

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8.30am - 6.15pm
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Mandai Zoo
Jurong Bird Park


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(Updated: May 20, 2013)

Bad food with bad service

Like all the other food and drinks sold in tourist places, Bongo Burgers is not cheap. Located just outside the Night Safari, my friend and I decided to have our meals here since it is the most convenient and sensible place to do so, considering that we did not want to delay our entrance into the safari. My friend found a seat with dirty plates and utensils and it was not cleared despite the staff walking back and forth. She had to walk up and "invite" the staff to clean the table. At the food counter, the service was really slow and bad. I had to queue for such a long time! And when I finally did get there, the person didn't really seem to understand what I want. Probably that's why they took such a long time to get the queue moving.

The burgers and pasta we got were yucky. Burger patty was dry and bread was hard. The burger felt so amateur and a lack of effort. Patty was not handmade, probably frozen ones. Wait, highly likely frozen ones. The fries were tooooo salty!!!! The pasta was no better. Hard pasta in tomato sauce so obvious it was living in a can before seated on the pasta. Bleah. The food here is really bad. The only thing I liked about here was the ambience. The safari decor, the al-fresco dining and the whole feeling of this place. It had a lot of potential but the food and service just did not cut it for me. Bringing my own sandwiches next time round.

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(Updated: January 23, 2013)

Overpriced fast food but comfortable place to rest

Bringing a young child along to an outdoor attraction makes an air-conditioned space very enticing so despite the price on the menu, I dragged the family in. My cranky child calmed down and was intrigued by the decorations around. It was lunch time so we went for nuggets, hot dogs and pasta. My jaws dropped at the payment counter as I paid close to $50 bucks for the family of two adults and a 15 month old.

I prayed for it to be good tasting. The pasta was not bad though the sauce could be better. The nuggets was crispy yet juicy and the Jumbo Dog was as good as Orange Julius or better. The service staff was friendly and thoughtful with my young child.

Though it was an overpriced fast food place, you do not really have much choice in Night Safari for a decent meal at a quieter and less crowded place.

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(Updated: January 22, 2013)

Overpriced food that tastes average.

I will not be going back to bongo Burgers again for two simple reasons: Mushy burgers and inflated menu prices.

I visited this place just before heading for the Night Safari, I am used to inflated prices with everything to do with the zoo, but paying $16 for a burger is ridiculous! Not to mention $12 for fries and $10 for nuggets! But with no other suitable alternative to soothe my hunger pangs, I ordered a chicken BBQ burger.

It arrived mushy and slightly soggy. I asked the waitress why and was met with a blur "huh?"
not wanting to prolong a bad experience, I ate half of it and left.

I bet even the animals get served better food.

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(Updated: October 25, 2012)

Place of my secondary 3 years

I love this place with a undying passion

Bongo Burgers was my workplace for the bulk of my secondary 3 years and I'm extremely glad it was the first job I ever did. Bongo Burgers may, at first glance, seem to be just another overpriced restaurant. But oh will you be pleasantly surprised.

Bongo Burgers have the most amazing breakfast in the West. Don't bother going anywhere else - this is the place to be before 12pm. Their Grilled Ham sandwiches is proof that God's love exists and their hash browns are a testament to potatoe perfection. Everything here will ache to be eaten and the aroma of it all will have you run to DBS and drawing your life savings out.

The lunch menu is just as terrific. Order Fish and Chips and the Jumbo Hot Dog. I used to look forward to lunch break just so I could stuff my face with their nuggets and chicken wings (these two are fried food royalty too, must try!) and a fish fillet and a hot dog. Did I care that my colleagues were staring at me in stunned amazement eating that much? No. Did I care that I lost all image and reputation devouring my food with such intensity? Nope!

There's ranks in the food hierarchy. There's a member, there's a manager and there's king. Bongo's and their meals will be on the throne overlooking puny McDonald's and KFCs while having a good laugh. That is how amazing Bongo's is.

Go try it, Bongo will be your new church.

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Jurong Bird Park
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