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BURGER KING® commenced operations in Singapore since 1982 through the opening of its first restaurant at Peninsula Plaza. Today, Burger King Singapore Pte. Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Burger King Corporation operates more than 40 BURGER KING® restaurants in Singapore where customers across the island city can enjoy the great and healthy flame-grilled taste of our products. We will not only provide customers with a great dining experience in the areas of convenience, excellent service and friendly surroundings, but also for our wide and unique menu options.

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Best fries, disappointing burger

I like Burger King only for their fries. I used to love their burgers as well, but lately their burgers have been disappointing. I used to always order the Turkey Bacon Double everytime I visited Burger King, but these days their burgers are getting more tasteless and less juicy. These days they are also particularly stingy with their sauce which does not go well with a sauce lover like me. And as I've noticed, this isn't just the case for their Turkey Bacon burger, it's the same for every single burger you order at Burger King. Worse still, amongst the rest of the fast food chains, for example McDonald's and KFC, their meals are considered rather expensive.

However, I have to admit that I love the fries at Burger King. I used to visit Burger King just for their fries, and I remember asking for mayonnaise and chilli sauce, mix them together, and enjoy my fries with them. Unlike other fast food chains, Burger King also sells onion rings, which are too oily for my liking but tasty nonetheless.

Service wise, I have always been greeted with a smile by service staff on every of my visit to Burger King, so that's nothing to complain about.

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Best onion rings!

The only reason why I'd step into Burger King is for their onion rings. Those lil' rings are so delicious, my mouth's watering just thinking about them. Somebody please get me onion rings soon!

I don't really fancy their burgers...don't ask me why. I'd pick McDonalds anyday. I know their grilled burgers are supposed to be healthier but please, at the end of the day, it's fast food and we all know fast food isn't healthy.

As for dessert, they don't really have a wide selection but I do love their Hersheys chocolate pie! It's probably their best dessert.

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Burger King's quality truly falls short of its name. I would say their burgers barely even reach a good standard, lest the criteria fit for a king. Their burgers do not stand out from the usual fast food joints crowding Singapore and even their onion rings, one of their selling points, is poorly seasoned and very bland. Their burgers are simply decent, nothing more. The portions are fine but for the onion rings, it is terribly small. Honestly, their food isn't bad but it's not good either. Their breakfast meals, however, are rather fulfilling. It's good but a bit pricey. It's really the only reason I stop by Burger King nowadays.

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Eat cake, Make cake

I don’t know if it’s me or my friend’s weak immune system but it always seems that every single time we eat at Burger King we will have a run to the toilet when we reached home. Back in the days, Burger King wasn’t that bad. However as time passed their beef burger became bald and I resorted to only have their Hershey’s Sundae Pie there.

Little did I know that having their pie was also not a very good idea for even that too upset my stomach. With that, I would never head into that overpriced fast food chain again unless I’m looking to create a bomb in the toilet.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)

I hate this place

Here, let me give you a word of advice... DON'T ever go to Burger King if you want quality fast food.
I absolutely abhor that place.

It's alright to have small burgers, like mos burger does, but if it's small AND soggy AND tastes awful, then NO, it is not acceptable. The burger was extremely unappealing, with yellowing lettuce and onion slices that are too thick to enjoy. Fries are just normal, it tastes the same as what you can get everywhere.

The coke was good, i concede.

Okay, granted, the price is pretty low, but then again, look at Macdonald's or KFC, it's around the same price range with much better food.

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Jurong Point
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Lousy beef burger

Burger King's Hershey Pie is the dessert that leads me to this place. In the past it is popular for its beef burger, however nowadays there are better fast food chains and BK seem to be slow in catching up with other competitors. BK beef burger size is smaller but the price kept increasing. The beef is not juicy and often taste burnt. The service and food standards have to improve if not more customers will flow away. 

Seriously, I have no compliments for BK except the Chocolate Hershey Pie which is really tasty. It is like ice cream cake and of course Swensen's is better but due to budget, I will go for BK's ice cream cake. However, dessert is always place at the last, if the main course fails, the overall experience fails too. BK better improve and don't keep dropping the standards. 

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(Updated: April 26, 2012)

Not my type of fast food

Perhaps it's just me, but Burger King just doesn't appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of fast food - it is always quick and fuss-free, be it eating on the spot or taking it home. However, whenever my friends suggest having BK, I'd just suggest otherwise.

The few times I had BK, I've tried both the Mushroom Swiss and the BK Fish. Personally, I feel that the mushroom swiss is not too bad, juicy and full of flavor. The BK fish, on the other hand, is one my friend's favourite at BK, but I feel that the fish is often too dry and sometimes, it even has bones in it! The sticker which states 'caution: might contain fish bone', is quite a turnoff itself because I mean, who can enjoy a burger while having to chew slowly in fear of choking on fish bones? If I had to have fast-food, I'd much rather turn to Macdonald for their Filet-O-Fish. It is so much softer and tastier in my opinion.

However, the new BK located outside AMK hub is 24hours and seems like a quaint place for supper, especially since the only fast-food competition would be Macdonald, which people might be pretty sick of having for supper each night. If you are looking to satisfy your tummy though, I'd recommend walking to S-11 and have supper there instead. Some of the stalls are open 24hours and the food is definitely worth trying.

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Mushroom swiss

Burger King, unlike other fast food joints is a little more costly and honestly, it does not really fit well with the type of food served. sure it is tasty but is not enough for me to decide to eat there if i had many other choices. through out the years since i first tried it, i haven't budged from my usual choice of mushroom swiss, double or otherwise. there are 2 ways to this - that it is so mouth wateringly delicious that i cannot bring myself to give it up, or that there simply is no better choice i could have made. i might swing either way but for now, let's go with the former.
mushrooms a plenty on top of a juicy patty, cheese and some mushroom sauce. it is a delicious treat and i enjoy every bit of it, all the time.

iv'e tried a little of turkey bacon but did not like it at all. the texture was appalling and there was nothing much it had to offer to my taste buds. it burger is however, always filling and i personally think Burger King serves better breakfast that they do the normal meals. the croissant concept is fantastic and their mini hash browns are not only cute to the eye, but also tasty and easy to eat, having to just pop it into our mouths. Burger King used to serve barley drink which i thought was a nice change but i think they have stopped serving it as of now.

i'd recommend Burger King only if there is a student discount available. other than that, i suggest popping by other fast food joint.

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(Updated: April 20, 2012)

Nice beef burgers - double!

Burger King's is well known for its double beef burgers.The beef patties are juicer and better roasted compare to that of McDonalds, which is just dry beef patties. I have tried all the main doubles series, including swiss mushroom, turkey bacon and beef rendang, whopper burgers. Out of all these variants, my absolute favourite is the mushroom swiss. The mushrooms are nice in taste, and fused together with its own sauce and the cheese, the taste just melts into your mouth when you bite into it. But things change, i used to remember the old BK joint at Jurong East Central serving burgers that are really big, the portion now has shrunk a lot.

The fries are average, nothing worth mentioning. But the onion rings are still as crunchy and crispy as ever and i will always change my meal to include onion rings and not fries, as their fries are not just normal, but also very dry all the time.

But one thing to note, i find that the ketchup that they are using, is very nice compared to the rest of the chains. It tastes a lot like those that i ate in US, and the flavour is not just about the sour taste.

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(Updated: April 20, 2012)

not tempting & doesn't suit my taste bud

It’s been quite a while, ever since I ate breakfast from fast food restaurant. Last weekend, I went to Yew Tee branch to eat the breakfast platter set.

A croissant, sausage, egg omelette, hashbrown, grilled tomato, and a cup of hot beverage had filled my morning hunger. The egg omelette tasted great as the seasoning and salt level are just nice. Especially I favor the peppery spice herb flavored sausage and crispy golden fried harshbrown. The croissant is normal, just like any ordinary one, soft and buttery.

I seldom eat the burger from here. It just gave me a kind of ‘fullness’ feeling. Don’t seem to suit my taste bud. I only eat their burger if my lunch appointment was fixed there. And I will only choose BBQ turkey bacon burger.

The service was not really good either, including Yew Tee and former Woodlands outlets. I noticed the Yew Tee outlet has frequently hired new counter staffs, and their service was quite slow. Some of the new staffs are not efficient and seem not aware of any new promotions and deals. Former Woodlands outlet’s counter staff looked quite unfriendly and impatient.

After the recent facelift of Causeway point, the Burger King outlet was no longer there and has been replaced by other fast food outlet...

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Not worth the price

I used to frequent Burger King quite often when I was a kid, as it was a weekly affair to eat there with my family. However, not only has our usual branch (Bedok Central) of Burger King closed down a few years ago, I feel that while prices have soared sky high, the quality has remained so-so.

The prices at Burger King are practically comparable to that of Carl’s Junior. The difference is that Burger King does not serve gargantuan burgers that you can share with your friend. Even a person with a small appetite like me can finish a BK burger on my own, which says a lot about its proportions. The size of small milo they serve is also puzzlingly tiny, the smallest of all the fast food chains. I don’t understand why they have to scrimp so much on the milo as it is such a common drink found everywhere. $2+ for a tiny cup of milo is just unreasonable. The onion rings are also tiny, but at least they are not stingy with the proportions.

Of course there are things that I like about BK, such as their fish burger. The patty is fat and juicy and tastes quite good. However, overall I would not choose to dine at BK if there were other fast food options available.

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