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#01-05 / 06 61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 Singapore 563814
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Singapore’s love affair with juicy, succulent Bonafide Louisianan chicken began when Popeyes opened its first outlet here in 2001. Ten years and ten outlets later, Popeyes Singapore is still growing, providing chicken lovers with incredible fried chicken.

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Opening Hours:
10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Avg Price:
< $10
List of Outlets:
61, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8,
#01 / 05 / 06
Singapore 563814
Tel: 6456 6522

799, Upper Changi Road
Bedok Point
Singapore 467350
Tel: 6448 2167

2, Tampinies Central 5,
Singapore 529509
Tel: 6789 8091

1 Pasir Ris Close,
Singapore 519599
Tel: 6585 0544

437, Orchard Road
Singapore 238878
Tel: 6235 1619

10, Tebing Lane
Singapore 828849
Tel: 6441 0908

10, Sinaran Drive
Square 2, #01 -04/05
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6397 6764

10, Handy Road,
Cathay #B1-21/22
Singapore 229233
Tel: 6735 3586


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(Updated: April 22, 2012)

Pop It Goes

When it was lying low during its times as a lonely but tasty fried chicken place at Changi Airport, it seemed to have more value given it being a rare find in Singapore.
But now that it has branched out into many outlets, its value hence dropped by quite alot.

First up with its food, nonetheless, it still serves a crispier and tastier chicken as compared to KFC, and the freedom to choose your sides is another plus point as one gets to try out the varieties, from fries to their unique mashed potato. Another recommendation would be their chicken nuggets, which are bite sized and the complimentary sour and sweet chilli sauce further improves the whole feel.

Their biscuits remain as one of their signature features although it can be a little pricey to buy just one on its own as compared to it being included in the whole set meal. However, the caramel sauce that used to come with the biscuits is now being replaced by grape jam which obviously is incomparable.

That said, with it opening its outlets at various heartland malls and shutting down the first and only one at Terminal One of Changi Airport, there seem to be a difference in the whole atmosphere and originality of the brand name and image itself.

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Succulent fried chicken!

Popeyes brings back good memories, especially when it just started out in Singapore, when there were only two outlets located in Changi Airport Terminal 3 and Terminal 1. I fell in love with the fried chicken the first time I had it. In fact, I found the fried chicken better than KFC's! Not only was the fried chicken nice, the mashed potatoes was very delirious too. It was filled with small chunks of meat and lots of gravy, making every bite tasty. Cajun fries was tasty too! My friends and I used to travel all the way from Yishun to Changi Airport just to have Popeyes. And being the loyal fans, we being girls, could eat 3 pieces of fried chicken each! To me, Popeyes is one of the better fast food restaurants in Singapore.

Although Popeyes is known for its delectable fried chicken, the quality of the chicken dropped after Popeyes started franchising in other parts of Singapore as well. I recently went to the franchise at Ang Mo Kio and boy, the fried chicken was so oily! I felt like I had tons of oil swimming in my stomach after the meal. Furthermore, the service at Ang Mo Kio was quite bad- the staff was slow in processing orders and did not seem to have a sense of urgency to quickly serve the famished customers. I remembered having the similar experience at Toa Payoh's outlet too. Thus, I would rather eat Popeyes only when I go to the airport as I believe that outlet has the best quality fried chicken as compared to the other outlets in Singapore.

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Great Sides, Normal Chicken

Popeyes’ concept is reminiscent of KFC, but what draw me towards it are the sides rather than the fried chicken itself. Popeyes’ fries are one of my absolute favourites, being crisp, thick and genuine where you can even see the potato skin sometimes. The flavour is also lovely and I don’t even need chilli sauce to eat it with. Sometimes I go to Popeyes’ just to buy the fries, which you can get a small tray of for $2.

The highlight of the meal for me is the biscuit. An inconspicuous, dull looking piece of pastry, it certainly does deliver far beyond your expectations. Coupled with a layer of strawberry jam, the simple sweet goodness makes the perfect end to a rich and oily meal.

The chicken however, is very mundane to me. It is drier than KFC’s chicken and also has less juicy sweetness. The meat seems more substantial but the taste fails to satisfy. At a higher price also, I think it is not so worth it.

Overall Popeyes’ concept is great for its sides, specifically the fries and the biscuit, but for fried chicken I would most probably choose to go back to good old KFC instead.

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The best fried chicken ever, and you get one more free

I’ve always thought IKEA had the best fried chicken, until I tried Popeye’s. Those heavenly golden brown fried chicken will blow your mind away.

The chicken is fried to perfection, leaving a crispy exterior that is not too thin, yet not too thick till you get sick of it. After getting past the crunchy outside, the chicken is soft and fleshy inside. It’s so tasty and delicious, you’ll get hooked onto it instantly. The drumstick is my favourite part of the chicken, it’s moist and tender, unlike the other parts which can be quite tough and dry.

After getting your Popeyes order, get the receipt and go to the website stated at the bottom. Fill in the feedback form and tada! You can redeem another piece of fantastic fried chicken for free on your next purchase!

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Sides rule, chicken boo

Don't go to Popeyes for the chicken, despite its name. Go to Popeyes for the amazing mashed potatoes and its buttermilk biscuits.

The mashed potatoes are filled with chunks of meat and delicious, generous gravy, which makes the eating experience so, so satisfying. I have tasted mashed potatoes at restaurants all over the world and yet none come close to how good Popeyes does theirs. What's better is that they serve this dish with a cute utensil, called a "spork" - half a spoon, half a fork - so you can always achieve the perfect potato-gravy ratio.

Another thing people generally overlook, but which in my opinion cannot be missed, is the buttermilk biscuit. This is usually served piping hot (in my experience with their outlets, at least), so that when you break it in half an aromatic buttery fragrance wafts out from the biscuit. The biscuit itself is a work of art - it has a slight salty taste to it, yet tastes of sweetness at the same time. The texture is crumbly, yet firm, and when savoured together with the strawberry jam, it is pure bliss. I have friends who like to eat the biscuit together with the mashed potatoes as well.

So if you find yourself at Popeyes next time, I would recommend skipping the chicken altogether and go for these 2 of my favourites. The quality of the chicken, whether they are chicken tenders, wings, breast meat, have generally been average, in my opinion. Only these 2 items wow me every time.

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(Updated: April 02, 2014)

Biscuits is a must-try

Popeyes's biggest selling point in a market full of blooming fried chicken joints, I believe, is their biscuits. Their biscuits have a certain light, yet not too bland taste that dances upon your tongue and doesn't overstay its welcome, fading away nicely. Their chicken is good but sometimes, it makes me feel like I'm eating a fishball because the meat seems rather springy yet soft. Those who like the skin to be less crispy and bumpy would enjoy Popoeye's chicken. Their fries are nice too. It has a good degree of flavour to it without seeming too seasoned or too dull in taste. I am fond of their packaging as well. I think it's nice to see a design out of the box even though customers are here primarily for the food.

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Unhealthy....and totally worth it

What a calorie laden meal it is when I dine at Popeyes. But sometimes, it's hard to resist the crisp yet juicy fried chicken, bursting with flavour, and that buttery biscuit with strawberry jam.

In my opinion, they are by far better than KFC or Texas Chicken. Their chicken pieces are bigger (even discounting all that batter and flour), and it's cheaper too. I love their mash potato gravy - it even comes with bits of vegetables (trying to make the meal healthier I guess). And the biscuit is my favourite. Though yes, it's outer shell is rather salty, this is easily masked by some jam and forgotten once you bite into its fluffy interior.

Also, do try their chicken tenders! To me, they taste better than the chicken. They are long pieces of chicken breast fillets which are lightly battered and lightly flavoured, not as salty as the chicken pieces.

When a fried chicken craving kicks in, Popeyes is the first place that comes to my mind and the first place I'd go to without a doubt.

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Not having it again

I tried it when I first spotted the newly opened store and I was disappointed. The chicken looks quite nice, crispy outerlayer and all, but the one that I had was just dry, too dry for my taste. I know that everybody goes to Popeyes for their chicken and people told me that it was good, I don't know if it is just that I was unlucky or that is just how it is, but it was a disappointment for me.

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Branch Location:
Ang Mo Kio
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Best Fish in town!

Everyone visits Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for their Chicken, but I say, the next time you decide to have popeyes, give their Fish a shot.

I am a big fan of Fish and Chips (or fries). I have always been one since I can remember. The first time. The first few times I had Popeyes, I had the chicken. It was not too bad. But I always feel that as long as the chicken is not tender and juicy, it is not the best. I would say that the chicken is of a passable standard.

Their fish, however, blew my head off. I think they have the best tasting fish and chips there is in Singapore. The outer layer of the fish is covered with a thin batter which is very crispy and hard. The inside, holds a steaming white surface of fish which is moist and soft. The combination is wonderful. Costing about $7+ for the combo, it comes with two slices of fish, a biscuit, a drink and a side dish. I always pick their mashed potato as it has a unique mix of meat chunks in the gravy which adds texture to the dish as a whole.

I would choose Popeyes over any other fast food, any day!

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Fried chicken is alright but great mashed potato!

Tired of the same old fried chicken at KFC? Try Popeyes! The first time I tried Popeyes, I told myself to never eat it again because with every bite I took, oil spurted into my mouth. It was so disgustingly oily! Despite that promise I gave it another chance and it was alright. Since then I’ve dined at Popeyes a few times already.

It tastes totally different from KFC and there’s no better one because I think it’s up to one’s preferences. It isn’t less or more oily. It’s less juicy than KFC’s though but the skin was crispy and yummy too!

If there’s one thing that outstands KFC, it would be their mashed potato. It contains some kinda of herbs and bits and it tastes way way way better than KFC’s! It’s not even close to those typical mashed potatoes. It’s really special and delicious! Everyone should try their mashed potato!

Their Cajun Cheese Fries are newly launched but it’s not nice. If you want some cheese fries, go to KFC instead. It’s not all that cheap at Popeyes but today there was a special promotion of 5 pieces of chicken at just $5.90! That is such a deal! My friends and I went of course! Popeyes fried chicken is nice but it’s not better than KFC. I prefer KFC for its chicken and cheese fries but I’m so going back to Popeyes to get more mashed potato!

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Not just chicken

Although it's signature would most straightforwardly be their chicken, Popeye's serves one of the best mashed potatoes ive ever eaten. it is unique in many aspects. firstly, its texture is great with bits of ingredients. secondly it has, poured all over the the mash, excellent gravy that is palatable and not bland in any sense. the taste is not too strong, it is just right. i think the best way to eating it would be with the Popeye's fried chicken, all in one mouthful. the juices of the chicken would really play around with the flavours of the mash.

Another great aspect lies with their fries. it is totally different from that of McDonald's or those that can be found at KFC. very crispy on the outside entirely filled with potato on the inside. unlike that of McDonald's it is much less salty and unlike that of a typical fast food joint, the fries do not leave a weird after taste on the tongue.

they have pretty good calamaris as well although a bit costly for the portion given. over all however, Popeye's serve good food at an affordable price. only pity though, is that i can't help but realise that the quality has somewhat decreased over the years. probably after all the hype has blown over. the size of chicken pieces vary from time to time which might or might not help decide if it is worth the money or not. But in terms of taste, Popeye's still deserve compliments and recognition for its assortment.

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Tasty fried chicken!

Popeyes used to be one of my favourite fast food restaurant, especially in its early days, where the only outlet known was in Terminal 3 at Changi Airport. I remember my friends and I would often take a bus straight to Changi Airport just to have the fried chicken there. I especially love the mash potato on the menu. It's flavorful and a lot tastier than the plain mash potato from KFC! The chicken was so good, I remember my friends and I bought a 2-piece meal each, and ended up ordering another set to share! I also love the fries, another choice of sides we could have with any meal. I always have a headache trying to choose between the fries and the mash potato. If only they allowed me to trade the corn biscuit for another sides instead!

Also, after having a delectable meal at Popeyes, we can take a leisurely walk around Changi Airport to digest the food and simply soak in the atmosphere in Changi Airport.

However, I cannot generalize the above to all the outlets of Popeyes in Singapore. Ever since more and more Popeyes began to pop up all around the tiny island of Singapore, I felt that the standard of the food has dropped significantly. I can't pinpoint exactly where, but the fried chicken just does not taste as good as it did in the past.

If you are trying Popeyes for the first time, I'd still advise trying the outlet at Changi Airport.

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(Updated: April 22, 2012)

try it!

Before I knew about Popeye, KFC is where I will go for fastfood. Now I will definitely choose Popeye if I know it is nearby. Popeye also provided both crispy and original fried chicken. I prefer Popeye crispy chicken for its less greasy feeling, crispy skin, tender and juicy meat. The fries is also crispy, not too dry and hard. Besides plain gravy, the mashed potato have added chopped garlic and other spices for flavouring and texture. Last of my favourite is the biscuit, I simply adore it. It has the crunch of a biscuit and inside is soft and warm. Really goes well with the jam provided and maybe other spreading. But of course, can't have it daily. Probably once a month is enough since fried food is not a healthy choice, just indulge them once in a while.

Do not throw away the receipt yet, you can redeem a free bonafide chicken within a month after completing a short survey and note down the code on it. Within a month you have to redeem it and you can enjoy an additional fried chicken without any purchase. I guess this is the part that attracts me too.

Currently they have introduce cheese sauce at 80 cents but I think KFC is better for its cheese sauce. However it is the crispy chicken that I will be aiming for. If you have not tried Popeye, go try it and you won't regret it.

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