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#01-15 218 Bedok North 1 Singapore 460218
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A popular choice amongst people for relishing their favorite fast food, the Pizza. Domino’s has a 30- minute delivery guarantee.

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  • $10-$20
  • $20-30
List of Outlets:
1, Blk 339 #01-1587, Singapore 560339

Blk 218, Bedok North 1, #01-15 Singapore 460218

Blk 111 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1678, Singapore 160111

8 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599595

Block 253 Choa Chu Kang #01-01 ( Keat Hong Shopping Centre) Singapore 680253

Blk 625 #01-312 Elias Mall, Elias Road, Singapore 510625

6 Jurong West Avenue 1, #01-03, Singapore 649520

301,Tanjong Katong Road,Singapore 437084

71 & 71A,Killiney Road,Singapore 239527

943/945,Upper Serangoon Road,Singapore 534710

369 Sembawang Road,#01-06 Sembawang Cottage, Singapore 758382

#01-76, Blk 462, Tampines Street 44, Singapore 022462

Block 505 West Coast Drive, #01-210, Singapore, 120505
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Best pizza ever

I have to admit, I'm the biggest fan of Domino's Pizza. There aren't that many outlets islandwide though, so I usually order their delivery.

One thing I have to mention about the service at Domino's is that it's simply excellent. If you order online, they'll inform you at what "phase" your pizza currently is at - still in the oven, or already on the way to your place - so you can always be updated and have a rough gauge as to what time your pizza will arrive. Domino's frequently has promotions for cheap pizzas - there was once they had such an awesome promo that I ordered 2 small pizzas, 2 sides and a drink only for $12.50, if I remember correctly. But that's not the best thing about Domino's.

Domino's ensures that your pizza gets to you on time, and if it doesn't, you get a voucher for a free pizza or something along those lines for your next order! Which makes me wish each and everytime that my pizza doesn't arrive on time...

To top it all off, their pizza never disappoints. Never. If you think Pizza Hut is good, you haven't tried Domino's... Wins Pizza Hut hands down in terms of quality and value.

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Slowest delivery ever!

Domino's Pizza is one of the most delicious fast food pizza restaurants I have ever eaten, but their delivery and customer's service is absolutely horrendous.

I ordered a pizza around 12.30 pm and waited for around 2 hours. Wondering why they were taking so much time and decided to make a call. They said that they I ordered a pickup delivery which is absolutely not true. I clearly selected delivery option. After that, I went ahead to make another order via the same call. After waiting for another 1hr15min, I called them again for the second time. He said he was going to "check" my order but hung up on me after 10 mins. I called them again, and the next person said the delivery was going to take 1 more hour. I couldn't take it anymore and cancelled the order.

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Best choice for delivery

Domino’s Pizza has gained much popularity as their pizzas taste extremely good and their delivery is super efficient! Domino’s promises customers a delivery time of approximately 30 minutes, if not, the next pizza you order is on the house!

I’ve never visited a Domino’s pizza outlet before as they are pretty rare but I always order my pizza from them. The fastest they’ve delivered my pizza was 20 minutes and the longest 35 minutes. True to their words, they gave me a Free pizza coupon to compensate for their tardiness.

The pizzas delivered are still hot from the oven when my family and I tucked into them! Domino’s pizza is also extremely affordable - they had an ongoing promotion, 2 pizzas for $22, which made my meal even more satisfying!

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New Golden Chicken From Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza or Pizza Hut?

I posed this question to many of my foodie friends and surprisingly, all had unanimously said they prefer Domino’s Pizza! In terms of quality, freshness, distribution of pizza ingredients as well as taste and texture of the dough and crust, Domino’s Pizza is clearly the winner in the Taste Department.
Why is Domino’s Pizza Sizzling Hot?

Domino’s Pizza has 2 Guarantees that are Unique in the Pizza Industry:

-Product Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not satisfied with the product, you can either get another replacement or a full refund!
-30 minutes Commitment Guarantee – If the pizzas are not delivered to your house within 30 minutes after the orders are placed, you will receive a free regular pizza voucher for subsequent usage.

More awesome facts about Domino’s Pizza:

-No delivery charge and GST. All prices published on their website are nett.
-You can use their useful online GPS Tracker (AKA Great Pizza Service Tracker) to track your order.
-Halal certified.

With Chinese New Year around the corner and many eateries closing during the first 2 days of the festive period, many people would be thinking about what food they can order for home delivery which is delicious yet affordable.

I have a lot of friends who love chicken as their staple food and I am no exception.

Introducing the all new Domino’s Golden Chicken (4 flavours) – delicious chicken tenders which are baked to golden perfection and drizzled with interesting sauces and cheese.
As their products are oven-baked and not fried, this means that you can still enjoy guilt-free indulgence and feasting this Chinese New Year!
The Domino’s Golden Chicken are a great accompaniment to the reunion dinner at home or perfect for family gatherings, parties and watching soccer matches with buddies.

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All-time favourite pizza delivery

You don't have to be a diet-conscious person to know that pizzas are high in calories and that's the reason why I only eat from the best, in an attempt to not "waste calories". Domino's might not be the cheapest around, but their pizzas are hands-down the best among any other pizza delivery brands.

My usual order would include 2 pizzas from the '2 Pizza Deals' (2 Regular Pizzas for $22, 2 Large Pizzas for $33 or 2 Xtra Large Pizzas for $44). As for sides, I personally think the Breadstix ($5.80) is a must-order because it's just so good!!! Makes me wonder what they put in such a simple bread that makes it so addictive. I can't stop going back for more. I would recommend staying away from the onion rings though. The one time we decided to order other sides, the onion rings came in a mess. They were so soggy the onions were all separated from the outer layer.

Don't be fooled by their 30 minutes delivery guarantee though. Yes, it's true that you'll get a free regular pizza voucher if your order doesn't arrive in 30 minutes but that's about it. Their deliveries usually take about an hour on average (which I think is acceptable) so don't expect your food to arrive within 30 minutes. It's just a marketing tactic to make customers come back again I guess!

Writing this review is making me crave for their pizzas and breadstix again... Looks like I'll be ordering Domino's this weekend then. Who's with me? ;)

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Best Part:
Breadstix and Thin-Crust Pizzas
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Go for their pizza deals

When it comes to ordering pizza online, Domino’s Pizza will definitely be one of my top choices. It is especially when they have got a wide selection of pizza and the irresistible two pizza deal, which is a lot cheaper than their usual price. No extra charges for delivery too!

Their crust is different from the other pizza places in the market. Most of the flavours are pretty good and it depends on which ingredients you prefer too. At S$22, you can get two regular sized pizzas. However, choose from only the all-time favourite section as additional charges apply if you want to opt for other flavours.

Delivery time will take up to an hour during peak hours and they promise a free pizza coupon if their pizza do not arrive after half an hour. It did seem like I got the coupon each time I ordered and the coupon would probably be why I am always back to order again. Good sales tactic here I see. Yes, go for the deals, otherwise unless a major craving as the prices would be slightly steeper without the promotion.

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Order Delivery, Don't go to the store!

Definitely worth the try, with a chance of variation from the all-too-popular Pizzahut.

However, I did not leave the outlet along Upper Bukit Timah with a good impression. I’ve been there twice with my family, only to be disappointed by the emotionless service of waiters as well as an unreasonable waiting time for our orders. There was also a display for the waiting time of our customers that was incredibly inaccurate.

Even so, after sitting in the nearly claustrophobic little building for eternity cradling my chin, the meal was certainly better than I expected. Meatasaurus for me and my father and Sambal Surf & Turf for the ladies. Savouring the authentic taste of the pizzas, attempting to wash away the unpleasant experiences…

SO, in my opinion don’t visit the outlets it’s not worth the visit, but order a delivery. The delivery service is fantastic, much better compared to the outlet itself.

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Branch Location:
Upper Bukit Timah
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Pay For Quality

The Domino's pizza is one of Singapore's luxury pizza outlet, even though the stores may not be as big as Pizza Hut. But the quality does not lose out to any other pizza stores! This is a must try for meat lovers and as well as beef lovers. Sometimes I order the pizza online, and they arrive much faster then a thought, that was a good customer service they give me when they pass me the pizza with a smile most of the time.

I am someone who loves eating Hawaiian Pizza, dues to the original recipe of the pineapple, ham and cheese which was quite simple and yet tasty. Dominio's Pizza have Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza which have Sliced ham, bacon, pineapple and roasted red peppers with provolone cheese on a parmesan crust. The bacon especially was very crispy and chewy just like most bacon lovers were to expect from it.

In less then 30 minutes they arrived, and the pizza was very hot, and the cheese was still creamy and golden, just by reviewing this could make me hungry, why not try it for yourself today at Domino's Pizza!

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Simple, original, delicious

Domino's pizza is my favourite pizza place. Some people might not be aware but they have sit-in outlets where customers can dine in instead of making a delivery order from their homes. The seating area for these outlets are not big though, as their main business is delivery. However, their delivery time is only a short 30 minutes which is the best concept of their business. People don't want to wait too long for their food and they've made that a value added promise to customers. If they were to take longer than 30 mins to deliver your order, they would present you with a "sorry we were late" voucher that entitles you a free regular pizza.

Domino's pizzas are appealing in a very simple way. Its pizzas are not over the top nor do they try too hard to use every gimmick in the book to entice customers. They keep it simple, original yet creative. They also offer four different sorts of crusts - the classic crust, thin crust, new york crust and cheese burst crust. My favourite crust is the new york crust paired with the meatzza or pepperoni flavoured pizza.

As mentioned, the dine-in outlets have small seating capacity as most of the floor area is dedicated to the kitchen where they prepare the pizzas for delivery. However if you live near to a Domino's outlet, it would be interesting to dine in once in a while and see the staff in action.

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Cinnastix, their best creation yet!

Domino's is my one of my go-to pizza places if I want affordable pizza, and also because I am head over heels in love with their cinnastix! (Avoid their breadstix though.) Cinnastix is exactly what it sounds like, bread with loads and loads of lovely cinnamon, and for the grand finale, you pour sweet sugary icing over it. I assure you, that last step is essential and is THE icing on the cake, pun unintended.

Of course, their pizzas are delicious, with my favourites being Meatzza and Simply Cheese. I can never get enough of those two, because they are always generous with the toppings and who doesn't love lots of toppings on their pizza? It's all cheesy and meaty goodness.

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classic pizzas

I love Dominos pizzas whenever I am craving for a messy, delicious and tasty pizza. Dominos pizzas are not that well-known among the Singapore population but they are slowly gaining popularity. By providing delivery services, it is an added choice to the list of pizza delivery services in Singapore. Similar to Pizza Hut, they have a hot pizza delivery guarantee, which means that if your pizza arrives cold, you will get another for free. So if you are hoping for a free pizza, maybe you can hope for your 1st one to arrive cold! Just kidding. But seriously, their pizzas have never arrived cold and they always arrive on time or before the time stated. Trusty delivery services are always icing on the cake. Or in this case, extra pepperoni on the pizza.

The beef pepperoni flavor is by far my favorite. The pepperoni slices are smoked to perfection and is not overly salty. The coins of pepperoni are big as well, unlike Pizza Hut! The amount of cheese on the pizza is generous. I always get cheese all over my hands when I am savoring a slice of Domino's. I feel like a little kid faced with a giant chocolate cake. This pizza is definitely sinful and not forgiving on the calorie counter but it's so good! I believe everyone deserves an indulgence like this once in a while!

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