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Mr. Sakurada's dream... While working at an investment company in Los Angeles in the 1960s, Mr. Sakurada frequented a local hamburger chain called Tommy's. Inspired by the 'cook to order' concept, and delicious hamburgers at Tommy's, Mr. Sakurada hit on the idea that a counterpart to an American icon would be as popular with his countrymen. After returning to Japan, Mr. Sakurada started his hamburger shop venture and set up the first MOS Burger shop in Tokyo in 1972. Committed to producing food fine-tuned to the Japanese palate, Mr. Sakurada inspired his team to create innovative products that would stand the test of time. One of the finest creations was the Rice Burger, which proved a smash hit when it was launched in Japan in 1987. Through the persistency and determination of Mr. Sakurada, MOS Burger has become one of the largest hamburger chains in Japan. The entire hamburger culture in Japan stemmed from Mr. Sakurada's dream. 35 years later, MOS Burger offers a wide variety of unique and original MOS burgers, as well as local specialties. Menu and styles might have changed but the MOS policy and passionate commitment to creating delicious, quality burgers has never changed. MOS Burger now also has its presence in countries like, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Ever wondered how MOS Burger got its name? 'M' stands for Mountain - dignified and noble. 'O' stands for Ocean - wide and vast. 'S' stands for sun - vibrant and life-giving. Enjoy MOS Burger today, tomorrow... everyday. Mr. Sakurada would be so happy!

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Isetan Scotts
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Causeway Point
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Toa Payoh HDB Hub
Blk 490 Toa Payoh Lor 6 #01-13 (HDB Hub) 310490 (+65) 6352 9161

Sun Plaza
30 Sembawang Drive #01-48 Sun Plaza 757713 (+65) 6853 7668

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Ang Mo Kio Hub
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21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #B1-K7/K8 LOT ONE Shopper's Mall 689812 (+65) 6767 8229

IMM Building
2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-112 IMM Building 609601 (+65) 6560 0964

Tiong Bahru Plaza
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Clementi City Vibe
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CPF Building
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Not very filling but satisfying burgers!

Mos Burger is one of the most delicious fast food outlet to dine at in Singapore and also, one of the more expensive ones! I think it originated from Japan, which is why the burgers are so delish! After all, Japan is famous for its fresh and tasty food, no?

One must-have at Mos Burger is definitely the iced milk tea. It is a common favourite drink amongst many teenagers like me. Not rich, smooth and refreshing makes up a good milk tea, and I can safely declare that Mos Burger's milk tea is really of some standard! Plus it is quite fun to add the milk into the tea itself, or perhaps it is just me. Their burgers are quite small but flavorful. I really like the fish burger, as its tar tar sauce is not as sour and together with the crispy fish, it simply tastes heavenly! Even the side dishes like garlic lemon mussels and butterfly prawns are raved by many. Mos Burger also has promotions from time to time, promoting different burgers for a period of time. I really missed the prawn burger, as it is not found anywhere else in Singapore and I am a really big prawns lover! However, I haven't seen them promoting it for quite some time though.

Priced at around $7 for a set meal, Mos Burger can get a little pricey. However, the burgers are very different from the burgers you get from other fast food restaurants, where they are more westernized. The burgers at Mos Burger have a large variety albeit being quite small. Also, the seats at Mos Burger are usually limited and quite cramped. Hence, you might want to get it as a quick meal instead!

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Too expensive for a fast food restaurant

MOS Burger sells a wide variety of burgers, ranging from the usual cheeseburger to rice burgers. Which are absolutely delicious, but too expensive, in my opinion. Although people usually visit MOS Burger to try their rice burgers, I'm a big fan of their cheeseburger.

As compared to the one from McDonald's, MOS Burger's cheeseburger is definitely tastier, juicier and more value for money. It's a little underrated since most people don't usually come to MOS Burger just for a cheeseburger, but I assure you it's definitely more worth the money. Another item on their menu which I particularly enjoy is the mussels. Most of the time they are served fresh from the oven, which makes it even more enjoyable since very few fast food joints actually serve food that's hot.

I also love the iced milk tea from MOS Burger. It's unique in the sense that they just serve you a cup of iced tea and the milk is given separately so you can choose to pour how much milk you prefer. It's a very consumer-centred concept, and I love it because then I can "concoct" my own tea and not be worried that I'll be served a too "milky" glass of iced milk tea. Creativity at its best, for sure.

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Mos Chicken, my love.

Mos Burger is known for its rice burger, but today I am going to share with you another dish that will bring your Mos experience to a whole new level.

This dish is the glorious Mos Chicken. If you saw me right now, you’ll see me salivating just at the thought of it. For the price of $2.90, you’ll get a fat juicy piece of chicken leg. It’s fried well, and seasoned to just the right amount of saltiness.

One time when I felt adventurous, I ordered the Apple Pie hoping to find crunchy apple bites within. I was left slightly disappointed as the filling had more of a jam consistency. Despite that, it was still a rather tasty snack! The Mos Chicken still has my loyalty, and if you try it, it’ll get yours too!

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Japanese burgers in Singapore

Mos Burger is a Japanese fast food burger chain in Singapore. The flavours of the burgers are a lot more Asian than those from McDonalds and KFC. Teriyaki chicken and ebi rice burger as well as milk tea are some examples.

I really like Mos Burger burgers, a lot more than McDonalds burgers as they taste slightly healthier (how ironic) Also, the flavours are more suited to the Asian tastebuds. I really like the Mos burger chicken cutlet as it is cheap and extremely flavourful. It tastes as good as a KFC drumlet but costs a lot less.

If i ever crave fast food, I’ll head to Mos Burger!

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Always satisfying

MOS Burger's burgers are rather small, but very satisfying! As compared to many other fast food outlets, they have one of the most delicious meals, except I find that the price could be lowered.

My favourite is the rice burgers, all of them. I really like that idea of having a burger made with rice, it also seems healthier and more filling. Also, when you eat burgers, especially those made of rice, you tend to get a little messy but the way MOS Burger wrap their burgers will ensure your lettuce will not fall onto the table when you eat. It is also not the usual kind of paper wrapper that tears easily.

When you order milk tea, they will give you the tea and milk separately so you can choose the amount of milk you want to add in yourself.

I also like the how the outlets are so cosy and very Japanese-like. It is a nice place to eat both with friends and alone.

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Never disappoints

I've always loved the burgers at Mos Burger. They are not too big, tasty, and seem rather wholesome. I especially adore their rice burgers. Instead of buns, rice patties are used to hold the middle together! My all-time favourite is the Ebi Rice Burger. The first time I had it, a wave of surprise and happiness just washed over me and I knew it would not be my last time having it. You've got to try it to believe it.

Other than their food, Mos Burger is also well-known for their refreshing Milk Tea! The milk tea here is quite unique as you will be given just iced tea and a few capsules of milk. It will be up to you to decide how much milk you want in your milk tea by pouring in the appropriate amount. This can be pretty fun!

The ambience at Mos Burger very homely and ideal for long relaxing meals. The tables and chairs are mostly of a wood colour and mild yellow lighting is used.

Overall, Mos Burger can be considered a higher-end fast food chain and can burn a hole in your wallet, bit by bit, especially if you're planning on having a filling meal here. What I would suggest is to have Mos Burger as a snack or a late lunch/dinner. Chances are, you would not need to order as much and the outlets will not be too crowded as well! :)

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Causeway Point
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Pricey Small Burgers

Whenever I head to MOS burger, I will definitely order their rice burgers. It’s just unique and tasty at the same time. On top of that, their ice milk tea is definitely creditable given the fact they allow you to control the amount of milk you like in your tea.

However, the huge issue which I have about MOS Burger would be: WHY YOU SO EX? For barely a mouthful of burger and its set it already cost almost $10. ON top of that I never seemed to be full after I finish my meal.

Overall, I love their quality of burgers and milk tea but I do hope their portions would grow to fit the price they are charging.

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Best Part:
Rice Burgers!
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Delish Fish Burger!

If it comes a day where I'm too lazy to think of what to eat, I would just snapped up the fish burger from Mos Burger for a quick lunch or dinner. Ever since the first day I've tried the fish burger, I've been hooked. Because of it, Mos Burger is possibly my most patronised fast food chain.

Recently, I was bought a fish burger from McDonald's and upon trying it, I realised the subtle difference in quality and taste. The selling point of the fish burger from Mos Burger is their tangy tartar sauce that has freshly chopped onion bits in it. Coupled with the delicious fish fillet, it gives no greasy aftertaste, instead, it gives you a refreshing taste that no other fish burger can give you.

A must try if you ever run out of fast food choices!

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An alternative choice for me.

When it comes to MOS Burger, I will put my hands up for my all-time favorite - The corn soup and curry croquette burger.

MOS burger is an alternative choice if I do not feel like eating food from KFC or Macdonalds just for the day, and I love the fact that their prices are considered quite reasonable to an extent.
However, I am not in favor of their rice burgers. (There was once I almost felt like puking as the rice was tasteless and it reminds me of eating styofoams.) I am not 100% sure whether it was just that particular burger that I just got unlucky with, but I didn't bother to give it another try after the experience.

Nonetheless, the other burgers on the menu are still pretty ok. I love the marine fish (not sure if I remembered the name correctly) burger so much! I am a huge fish burger fan in general, hence its a must-try for me when it was first introduced.
One advantage of MOS burger is that you can mix and match your own meal from ala-carte. They do not really have a "combo" meal, etc. Hence, the prices can be quite steep if you are one who has a huge appetite!

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Best Part:
Corn soup and curry croquette burger
Branch Location:
Jurong Point
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Yummy rice burger is a past

MOS Burger is well known for rice burger, using rice to replace the bread. If you wish to fill your stomach and is sick of the usual burger, MOS Burger is just the place for you. My favourite rice burger and bun burger is Teriyaki Beef with Onion and Grilled Chicken respectively. Both are matched perfectly for each type of burger, for my tastes and preferences. I like the teriyaki sauce as it matches well with the beef. However, the rice burger has dropped its standard. It is used to be soft and moist but now is tough and dry. Luckily I still have Grilled Chicken Burger, tender and juicy yet not greasy.

The thick cut fries are lightly salted, warm and soft inside of the crispy outer layer. Totally loving it. However, Grilled Chicken Burger is not as filling as Teriyaki Beef Rice Burger. This is the reason I seldom visit MOS Burger as the portion can't satisfy my stomach yet more expensive than the other fast food. Probably they should implement some offers or value meal before losing more customers. 

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if you ever taste MOS burger, you will not remember the taste of other fast food burger.

If you ask me which is the most delicious fast food outlet in Singapore, I won’t be hesitate to reply its ‘MOS Burger’! Their standard level of taste is always well maintained. Just like the Japanese culture, they always put in efforts to create and produce good quality works.

I love their ‘Fish Burger’ most. The filings: fish fillet, slice cheese, onion chops and mayonnaise are so fresh and tasty. Taste best & solid! I also like their ‘French Fries’. It is thick, fleshy & juicy! And hardly get a chance to see any dry or burnt ends on the French Fries. The taste is just nice, not too salty or oily, and it’s on the healthy level side.

You can notice their staffs are of all ages, from as young as 16 to the old ages of ah gong and ah mah. But their service is still quite alright. The branch which I visit most is Causeway Point. It is at the 1st level, consider at the further end if you are coming from the entrance of Woodlands station and interchange.

I can still trace back the first bite taste of MOS fish burger, when I was still a small school kid. But then, I just can never recall back the first bite taste of other XXX brand fish burger!

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Best Part:
Fish Burger, French Fries
Branch Location:
Causeway Point
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Love the nuggets and the teriyaki chicken burger

I still have vivid memories of my first visit to MOS Burger. I was 12, and it was one of my first times alone at town with a friend. She dragged me to a MOS Burger outlet, and being clueless, I hastily ordered what she had — the teriyaki chicken burger without lettuce. Till today, the standard has not wavered and it still remains as tasty as the first time I tried it. One negative point about it would be the chicken skin, which I always peel off before devouring the burger in its entirety.

The nuggets that they offer can be comparable with McDonald’s. They are crispy and slightly different from conventional nuggets. It comes in a pack of 5, making it a little pricier but worth it nonetheless. I’ve heard good things about their MOS chicken, but never got around to trying it.

Their rice burgers are perhaps their specialty, but they don’t appeal to me that much. MOS Burger also offers iced tea that is refreshing from the typical range of soft drinks that all fast food chains offer.

MOS Burger fries are not worth the money in my opinion. Because of their thick chunks, the amount of fries can be countable. While being filling, I much prefer shoestring fries.

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