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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 18, 2012    

Family, friends and good times have always gone together. And nothing brings people together in quite the same way as sharing a pizza. For over 14 years, Canadian 2for1 Pizza has been invited to everyday dinners and special celebrations in Singapore for a simple reason: our great tasting pizza and food make good times better. In pursuing our mission of "helping make the good times better" Canadian 2for1 Pizza have become one of Singapore's largest and most successful pizza delivery brands.

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2 For 1 Goodness

I wouldn't say Canadian Pizza is the best but it is the most worth it! You can buy 2 pizzas for the price of 1 and damn, I would buy pizza every day if I could. It's the easiest thing to get when you need some food for a last minute class gathering or an outing. Just call the super punny 6241 0 241 number and you're good to go!

In comparison to other pizza joints, Canadian pizza is just...meh. It's not that great and you can only find 'normal' toppings and not something exciting (unless it's like a festive flavour).

Overall, Canadian Pizza is decent. If you're looking for cheap pizza then Canadian Pizza it is but if you're looking for quality pizza, try somewhere else.

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Exciting deals!

Honestly, Canadian Pizza always wins me over with their deals. Their pizza is pretty good but truthfully, not of astounding quality. It still satisfies my overly recurrent cravings for pizza and a slacking session in front of the television, and the best thing is that my wallet doesn't feel the hurt as bad as when I order from other more expensive pizza outlets (ahem). Their pizza can get a bit soggy at the crust which is a big turn off since I'm a huge fan of really, really, really crispy crust, but it's tolerable and I think others would appreciate not having bread snap under their teeth. The toppings are rather generous and the pizza is really quite meaty for the many that I've ordered.

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Do they hire Despicable Me minions for phone operators?

As somewhat of a home-body, pizza delivery is a life saver for me when I have friends over and I am too lazy to drag them over to the nearest shopping mall for lunch. Canadian pizza is an obvious choice as they are much cheaper than Pizza Hut and had that awesome 2-for-1 promotion deal going on!

If there is one thing I have to chew over though, would be their disastrous phone service. The very first time I called the hotline, my brain well and truly drummed with that catchy advertisement jingle, I could't even tell if the I was talking to the operator or a bunch of static. I had to constantly ask the operator to repeat whatever he had just said because he was practically rushing through all his lines, and the sound quality was also very muffled. This was further hindered by his rather thick accent which I had trouble understanding (it didn't sound Singaporean). I had to repeat my address for him nearly five times before we could proceed any further because all I could hear was "Mphhhhhhasdfghjkl" in my receiver.

The pizza itself was delicious and hot by the time of delivery and there was a very generous helping of cheese and spice toppings as well. What I particularly loved about Canadian pizza was that the crust was not a thick and chewy as the Pizza Hut crusts, thus more pizza toppings and sauces were added. Granted, it was rather oily on the box by the time my friends and I had polished off the two boxes, but then again you are talking about pizza. If it wasn't greasy and unhealthy it would't even be called pizza, because what you would be eating would be a salad.

Overall, Canadian Pizza has a commendable and wide range of pizzas, the Hawaiian and pepperoni choices are my personal favourites. Though, it would be even better if they could fix up their phone service, lest I have to place my orders to what sounds like a screaming minion from Despicable Me.

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Canadian Pizza~ 2-for-1!

Canadian Pizza! 2-for-1! I bet this has been deeply carved into the memories of many people. Canadian Pizzas definitely are cheaper and more worth-while then Pizza Hut for they are always offering good deal at affordable prices. However, honestly speaking, The quality and taste of their pizza, is not as good as what Pizza Hut offers. For instance, I have once eaten 5 pieces of Canadian Pizzas and my stomach starts to reject when I'm going for my 6th piece. It somehow taste like rubbish in the garbage bin being left for a few days. Maybe it is a sign of my body rejecting the pizza, but that is how i feel at that point of time. However I still recommend Canadian Pizza for its affordable prices and good deals. Feel free to hit the Like button if somehow you encounter the same scenario as me on your 6th piece of the pizza, thanks!!

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Pretty darn good pizzas.

I'm not a very good critic of pizzas since for me all pizzas are good pizzas. But then compared to Pizza Hut's or Sarpino's, I don't think Canadian Pizza is quite on par, but it's still one of my top choices nonetheless.

For one, it's cheap. When I'm starving and wants to eat pizza, I dial their number (which I know by heart). It's definitely worth your money because you get two pizzas, and honestly I don't think their pizza is that bad. In fact, it isn't bad at all. For what you pay, it's more than what you can expect.

Their side dishes are also sorta delicious, like their potato wedges. Compared to their pizzas, they aren't as cheap and might seem a bit overpriced but once in a while, I guess pizzas just aren't enough.

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I get 241?

Although I don't quite agree with those who are slagging on Canadian Pizza's quality, I get where it's coming from. Whenever the occasion comes for a big group needing food that will come shortly and is easily shared, like class gatherings or sleepovers, for example, the numbers 6241 0241 will pop up in everyone's head.

And why not? It's crazily affordable, pay for one pizza and you get two, the variety of pizzas available are plentiful, accessibility, you can order on the phone if you have a pamphlet or know what you want, or online if you don't, quality of the pizzas aren't as bad as the others say, in fact, I have to say I quite enjoy them, and best of all? Please don't kill me for this but, free deliveries made by cute boys - who doesn't like that?! Equally as yummy as the pizzas themselves, mmm.

The most recent time I could remember ordering pizza from Canadian's was about two weeks ago, for a sleepover, over the phone. Service was impeccable, with a pleasant girl helping me through my order quickly and efficiently. We made the choice of ordering two large pizzas - a BBQ Chicken, and a Beef Bacon Cheeseburger. Might I add that we actually had an argument over the second pizza because we actually wanted different toppings? Just goes to show that Canadian Pizza really does have a lot of choices.

We didn't have to wait long before the delivery was made, and the two large pizzas shared between four people was too much, to our surprise. Not that it wasn't good, we finished the BBQ Chicken in no time, and had remainders for the other one that we made into breakfast because we were too lazy to cook.

So it's not exactly the best pizza out there - Canadian Pizza to me is more for the ones who are looking for simple fare with a simple price tag to boot. In this case, the phrase 'value for money' is apt.

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Oil in a plate.

Usually when my family wants pizza delivered to our house, they would go for Canadian Pizza. I think it is due to their 2-for-1 deal and it is a great deal. It is a lot cheaper in comparison with Pizza Hut. They have lots of variety and getting 2 pizzas for the similar toppings and size is worth it, if you’re looking at the good side.

The bad side of Canadian Pizza is that they are a lot greasier than Pizza Hut. I have tried the Canadian Pizza’s meat lover’s pizza. It has plenty of peperoni and meat, but it is really oily. My opinion is that if you have extra money, do go for Pizza Hut. It is less oily and there are plenty of deals there too. But hey, that’s what you get for 2-for-1 pizzas!

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halved their quality since it got famous

Canadian 2 for 1 pizza swept Singapore when Singaporeans were looking for something different after Pizza Hut crushed many hearts. It was great then, until recently when more pizza company join in the fight for their share of the market.

Canadian pizza is simple, pay for one pizza at the prize of the size and get another one of that size for free. The food have fallen and now it is difficult to be strict to not what exactly is it that failed this food company that use to charm me over whenever there is class gathering or lazy day at home.

The Hawaiian pizza and the BBQ chicken tried very hard to grab my attention and are still something I will turn to. But if there is an option to what pizza company to get my fix from, it will be on a last resort to order from Canadian 2 for 1. The base have gotten thicker and that is where this company basically lost me at.

The toppings are also not as generous anymore most likely because of the route many company take to cut cost and cut quality to increase the growth of their profits. Maybe it is time for them to turn around before they realised this alot later and lose a majority foothold in the stomach of lazy Singaporeans.

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Not as good as before.

When Canadian Pizza first burst onto the scene with it's 2-for-1 offer, I remembered thinking that it was so cool that a pizza company could actually sell great-tasting pizzas at such an affordable price. But over the years, I have begun to find myself being more dissatisfied with the quality and the taste of their pizzas.

A long time favourite of mine has been their Tandoori Chicken pizza. I recently ordered that, together with their BBQ Chicken pizza. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. The Tandoori Chicken pizza was flat-tasting, with miserly chicken chunks sprinkled over the pizza. The presence of the crunchy bits of onions helped to alleviate the tasteless Tandoori flavour. The BBQ Chicken pizza was much better in terms of taste, but a thick and doughy crust was a put-off. I say to Canadian Pizza, rediscover your taste of the early days.

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(Updated: August 09, 2012)

Pretty Good

I'll be honest the only reason i'll probably choose Canandian Pizza over other Pizzas will be because of it's 2 for 1 offer. I've seen alot of people who complains that there's not enough toppings, not enough cheese compared to others etc etc, but hey, you get what you pay for, besides it's not exactly that tasteless, it's good to me, i personally prefer pizzas that aren't so strong in favour. So Canandian Pizza is like a 1 stone hit 2 birds to me, it's cheaper then most Pizza and i get what i want in terms of favouring, i'll definitely recommend Canandian Pizza!

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