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Esmart Centre 17 Kallang Junction Singapore 339274
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A widely recogonized fast food restaurant chain with over 15,000 KFC outlets around the world, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was officially established in Singapore in 1977. From its signature chicken recipe and various family meals that consist of burgers, coleslaw, eggtarts, fries - all the way to affordable prices, KFC remains committed to serving up dishes that are just, so good. Today, it is situated in many different areas of your convenience - such as North, South, East, West and Central in Singapore.

Additional Details:

Opening Hours:
8.30am - 11pm
Avg Price:
  • < $10
  • $10-$20
List of Outlets:
•Admiralty Place
•Ang Mo Kio
•Causeway Point
•Compass Point
•Hougang Mall
•Junction 8
•Kovan Heartland Mall
•North Point
•Novena Square (7.30am)
•Punggol Plaza
•Sun Plaza
•Thomson Plaza
•Toa Payoh
•Woodlands 888
•Yishun Ave 5

•Bugis Village
•East Point
•Kallang Stadium
•Parkway Parade
•Singapore Post Centre
•Tampines CPF Building
•Tampines Mart
•Towner Road
•White Sands

•Bukit Merah Central
•HarbourFront Centre
•Tiong Bahru Plaza

•Bukit Panjang Plaza
•Bukit Timah Plaza
•Clementi Mall
•Jurong Point
•Lot 1 Shoppers’ Mall
•West Mall
•Yew Tee Point
•Yung Ho

•Far East Plaza
•Funan I.T. Mall
•Marina Square
•Plaza Singapura
•Suntec City


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A review from President of the Kentucky Fan Club

Numerous stores pop up claiming to sell the best fried chicken around, and I’ve almost had them all. Texas Chicken, 4 Fingers... at the end of the day, I still return to the familiar crispy chicken from KFC.

Admittedly, the quality of their fried chicken isn’t very consistent - there are days when the chicken is impossibly crispy and peels off cleanly, then there are days when the skin is doughy and sticks to the meat. But when I do get extremely crunchy, food-porn worthy fried chicken, the meal is bliss.

KFC offers other yummy treats as well, my personal favourites being the Zinger, Cheesy BBQ Meltz, and Egg Tarts! Yes - KFC actually sells magnificent egg tarts, despite only being known for its chicken. If you’ve always been hesitant about them, don’t be - they are surely value-for-money.

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Finger Lickin’ Good

KFC is one of the most popular fast food in Singapore.This could be attributed to its cheap and tasty food. Their chickens are thoroughly marinated, the flesh of the chicken tastes as flavourful as the skin and a chicken drumlet costs as low as $1.50. Besides deep fried chicken, their mashed potato is delicious and only costs $1.

To remain competitive, KFC also serves chicken porridge and chicken curry. I tried the chicken porridge for breakfast once and was pleasantly surprised that it tasted almost as good as chinese congee from the hawker centres. Additionally, KFC has amassed a sizeable fanbase for their Portugese egg tarts - my boyfriend is a huge fan, and would eat 4 of them for dessert after wolfing down his KFC meal. There is a KFC in literally every corner of Singapore and it is a very convenient and yummy fast food!

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Unhealthy it may be but definitely tasty

KFC's always the place I head to whenever I experience cravings for sinful chicken goodness. I know the other fast-food restaurants like Wendy's, Popeyes and Texas Chicken may sound more appealing to others but in my opinion, I think KFC still ranks first (however unhealthy it may be).

Their chicken is always well seasoned, crispy and JUICY! Most of my friends say it's just oil and that I'm living in self-denial because there's no way they would serve such juicy tender chicken at $5+/6+ a meal but.. if it's tasty, that's all that matters, right?! Haha

Personally, I love their Zinger Burger and Banditto Wrap. Never fails to brighten up my day whenever I'm having the blues. You guys should even try dipping the chicken bits or patty into the mashed potatoes before eating! It is heaven, my friends.

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Truly finger lickin' good!

I'm quite a fan of chicken and therefore it's unsurprising that I visit KFC at least once every few weeks, no matter how much I restrain myself. KFC's chicken is a great choice in satisfying those chicken cravings. Its juicy, tender meat is great to chew and savour (though sometimes the oil oozing out can get rather sickening) and the chicken skin is seasoned uniquely and to just the right degree of saltiness, in my opinion. Their cheese fries are an awesome dish too. I generally dislike fries but whenever I visit KFC, I always find myself getting a box of cheese fries because it's just that good. The coleslaw tastes great too and I really like the mash potato. It's soft and mushy but not to the point where it becomes liquid-like, and the sauce is nice (a bit too strong in flavour though, in my opinion).

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The chicken that everyone loves!

The rich smell of chicken coming from KFC never fails to grasp my attention, even when I am standing metres away from the restaurant. It is the familiar smell that many would recognize and I would always be tempted to get a bite of that delicious chicken.

The fried chicken wings and drumsticks are large enough for my liking and I love to chew off the crispy skin. Despite being rather oily, the skin tastes delightful and tantalizing for my tastebuds. I also enjoy the wholesome chicken meat beneath its skin. KFC's chicken has indeed lived up to what is said in its slogan "Finger-licking good!" and the chicken will always keep diners craving for more.

KFC provides a range of affordable meals, ranging from the Student Meal to the Snackers Meals, and they usually come with a cup of mashed potato/coleslaw and a drink. KFC outlets are located all over the island, making them freely accessible and they are usually within walking distance.

Even if you are not a chicken lover, you might just fall in love at the first bite of the meal!

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Heavenly egg tarts~

Siglap KFC is definitely one of my fav study locations. It is quiet there and not as crowded compared to the other outlets, very conducive. However because it is a small branch, it does not cater the breakfast meals like other outlets.

KFC generally has real finger-lickin' chicken wings and delicious cheese fries. However in the recent years, the flour coating the chicken seems to be thicker than the meat itself and the mash potatoes are often colder than the temperature it should be.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a delicious fast food restaurant with delicious MSG filled food and absolutely heavenly tasting egg tarts as your dessert, KFC would be a great place for you!

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Best Part:
Egg tarts
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Finger Linkin' Good ~ Indeed!

KFC, finger linkin' Good! Yes it does! I won't deny the fact that the chicken taste good, but I honestly think the Zinger burger, for instance, is too small for a decent filling meal! Despite the fact that it cost less than most of the fast food nowadays, which is at $4.50 for a student Zinger Meal, I rather they charge us at a higher price say maybe, $5 for a meal and increase the size of a burger by a bit more than present size. Actually, overall the food they provide is good, just that the portion of its whipped potato / salad, Zinger burger are all too small. I find the food worth the price, just that they are too miniature. Thus it will be nice if somehow they up the size of their portion to probably like that of a Carl 's Junior and actually charge as much as them, I bet they will earn so much more. Hit the like button if you are thinking what I'm thinking, thanks!

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Love KFC's 2 piece chicken daily saver's meal!

Love dining at fast food outlets as the relaxed atmosphere allows my friends and I to talk comfortably. Love KFC for it's 2 piece chicken daily saver's meal. Crispy, crunchy & definitely fresh. Since they 2 variations of the chicken, one which is crispy and one which is original, I usually get one of each because I love both the variations. My mother prefers the original variation though. Since this is a set meal, I get to eat healthily too with the inclusion of the coleslaw. Wish the coleslaw would come with less sauce as sometimes the taste of the sauce overpowers the taste of the vegetables used to make the coleslaw.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
chicken, coleslaw
Branch Location:
sun plaza
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If I could eat KFC and not gain a pound, I'd eat it all day! Their famous fried chicken are one of the best tasting chicken I have ever had. I usually order their 2 piece meal, trading off the coleslaw for cheese fries. I prefer the crispy chicken over the original, simply because it has more flavor to it and is less dry than the original. ( Just typing about KFC is making my mouth water! )

But their deliciousness just doesn't stop here! Apart from their chicken, their cheese fries are also one of best fries I have ever eaten. I just can't have any meal from KFC without the accompaniment of the cheese fries. Now they are having a promotion for their " Hot Devil " drums. S$3.60 for 3 drums. You can either choose the red hot chili or chili lime. I like both. They taste delicious. It's like having Tom Yum flavoring sprinkled all over their original crispy chicken.

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Love the Finger Licking good food!

KFC has been my friend since I was a kid. I love the crispy chicken, the hot chili, the yummy mashed potato or the crunchy cheese fries!! with the introduction of new products every now and then, KFC does not fail to excite me. Everytime after sports, I would go to KFC, since it's good to eat food full of protein, like chicken. I love the mushroom burger that has all the goodness in it!

The location of KFC is so strategic, just 5 minutes away from my place. The ambience is good for chatting, eating and sometimes studying. Not very noisy. The place is kept clean all the time, such that customers are comfortable in it. The crews are also very friendly. There was once that I dropped my pepsi (upon purchase) on the floor, and the crew sort of pity me, so he gave me a new cup of pepsi! What a nice and friendly crew!

Overall, I have great impression of KFC. Regardless of the rumours regarding the chicken for KFC, I would still visit KFC now and then.

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Best Part:
Mashed Potato
Branch Location:
Peace Cenre
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