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A Singapore online leading fashion retailer, Tracyeinny started in 2007 and has garnered an extensive amount of customers of various age groups.

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Pickering Street: Mondays - Fridays: 11am - 8pm Saturdays: 12pm - 7pm Sundays: Closed. Bishan Place Junction 8 Shopping Centre: Mondays - Sundays: 1030am - 10pm
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love that they have both a physical and online store!

Tracyeinny's clothes are freaking gorgeous! New collections come in at least once a week, and cater to so many different styles. Tomboyish and grungy, fun and feminine, or even semi-formal wear suitable for the office - there's something there for everyone.

I love browsing through the online store, then visiting the physical one when I've set my sights on something to see if I can try it on before purchasing it. I'm usually wary of buying directly from online sites as I won't be able to get a feel of the item or see how it looks on me before paying, so it's definite plus point to have a physical storefront!

Furthermore, the service is above average, as the staff are friendly, and willingly let you try piece after piece without looking grumpy or cold.

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Great variety

There will always be a special place in my heart for Tracyeinny. In fact, this was the webstore from which I got my very first online purchase a few years back. Fast forward to 2013, and Tracyeinny is still standing strong, but better than ever.

Its selling point is probably the sheer variety of apparels and accessories which it retails. Tracyeinny caters for every type of style - edgy, sweet, office, and even bohemian. Not only does it provide a wonderful variety, Tracyeinny is also fast in picking up on trends. In fact it's usually one of the first few local stores to sell a certain piece of clothing before other blogshops pick up on the same item and peddle it. While this may present some slight annoyance to shoppers when they realise the dress they'd bought wasn't quite so unique after all, I have to give it to them - Tracyeinny is definitely efficient! It also produces some clothing of its own label, which definitely lands a touch of uniqueness to its clothing range.

Service is also prompt, and my shopping experience with it has always been very pleasant. In fact, I usually receive my packages just mere days upon ordering. Tracyeinny also launches very frequently on a weekly basis almost without fail.

Overall, an efficient and chic webstore that deserves every inch of its success!

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Marvellous apparels!

The apparels sold there are fortunately far from ordinary. I recalled the first time my friend introduced this online store to me. I was instantly magnetised to it. My cart contents seemed to be expanding per scroll. I have never seen anyone strutting on Singapore's streets clad in their apparels! Definitely a must buy.

My fingers clenched my purse so tightly my knuckles transformed into a rather pale shade. Apparently, I was stunned by the unexpected amount of digits that I was required to pay for the flooded contents of my shopping cart. The numbers were mortifying! I had to painstakingly pick a measly sum of apparels from my mountainous heap of cart contents! Tracy Einny should really consider a permanent discount for all items.

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The designs
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Never again!

It has been a while since I last purchased from them.

Not sure if fame has gotten over them and that they no longer bother about customers feedback? Or they have a changed in their line of apparels? Their recent launches seem to be a disaster. Either their designs are too extreme, or their prices are too high-end or the clothes you receive at the end of the day is a total dismay as compared to what you see on their website.

And as far as I’m concern, I think it’s really not worth paying so much for clothes that isn’t self-manufactured. Its like they get these clothes elsewhere at X dollars and they sell it to you at XXX dollars.

Customer service at their outlets sucks too. You don’t feel welcomed to shop and the sales assistants seem the least interested to serving you. They gave me a feeling that they would rather I shop online than to bother them here.

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Been a fan since 2008

I loved Tracyeinny through 4 years but it has since ended.

Did the fame get into their head? Because the clothes have dropped spectacularly in quality and their items are not unique to themselves anymore. Every other blogshop label was selling things they had with a lot more effort and at a greater price vantage. Tracyeinny is honestly losing herself to time.

I remember I had a cherry dress from them that I wore to death, and it reminded me that if I want strange clothes, I'd to to Tracyeinny. But of late, everything they stock is everything I can see on the next chick. Nothing very interesting anymore.

I think I'll go stick to ohsofickle.

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Interesting Designs but Pricey & Poor Service

One of the first blog shops in Singapore, Tracyeinny has definitely gained a following, given that most of their items get sold out pretty quickly.

I must say Tracyeinny’s designs are fashion forward and sometimes bold. They have nice pieces, but I feel that some items are rather pricey. For example some pants range from $30-40+. However, their designs are quite unique.

Their physical store is a little difficult to navigate and there’s a strange sorting system that makes it difficult to find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, when I visited their physical store, I encountered poor service, as the staff was unwilling to check if a particular item I wanted was in stock.

If you’re looking for unique designs, Tracyeinny has got it, but be prepared to face poor service and fork out quite a bit for them.

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Not really a fan

I first heard of TracyEinny online, but I never brought anything from them. When I found out that they have a physical store though, I decided to go have a quick look.

Let's just say it wasn't exactly a disappointment, but I did leave the store empty-handed. I've nothing against local labels (in fact I try to support them) but the pieces TraceyEinny has is comparable to what I can find in Bugis Street, for a lower price. The quality is also not to my standard, but then again for the price I'm paying (which is considerably lower than some other local labels), it's alright.

The service was also somewhat okay, nothing unforgettable or what.

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