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Listing created by christinetan on December 28, 2014    

As he would put it, JianHao Tan is a "Singaporean Youtube Sensation" who have been posting videos online on Youtube. He is gaining popularity quickly amongst the younger generations with his witty video concepts and charismatic humour. He often does collaborations with other local Youtubers such as RyanSlyvia productions, WahBanana and Naomi Neo. 

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Witty local flavour with charismatic humour

JianHao Tan is one of the funniest local Youtuber (and one of the most subscribed to) that you'll find. I am a really huge Youtube addict, so I always am looking out for new entertaining Youtubers to subscribe to. (to brighten up my incredibly boring life)

His videos would naturally be more popular amongst the younger ones as it explores issues that are very relatable to teenagers, allowing them to have a good laugh over his comedic uploads. Not only does he collaborate with other famous local Youtubers, viewers can also enjoy many familiar faces from the "Ah Boys to Men" sequel such as Tosh, Wei Liang, Ridhwan and Noah which could have also helped him score on the popularity charts.

That aside, we can't deny that his very Singaporean humour and fabulous acting crew are indeed the main appeal to viewers. However, I must admit that his wasteful ice bucket challenge has somewhat tainted my impression towards him.

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