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Tim Oh

Tim Oh

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on July 23, 2014    

Tim Oh is a DJ for Gold 90.5FM; a radio station in Singapore. He debuted as a radio personality when it was 1998.

Apart from hosting the radio station, Tim Oh is also known as an onscreen host and actor. He was featured as an actor in 'Le Bisellahause'. It was shown via Mediacorp's Channel 5. He was spotted as a host on Channel NewsAsia's programme called 'BlogTv.SG'.

Tim Oh was no stranger to hosting public events either. He hosted events like 'Ministry of Transport Awards Ceremony' and  'The Reebonz Fashion Fest' to name a few. 

Additionally, he attained 'Gold 90.5FM's Most Popular Radio Personality' award in 2011 from the annual Mediacorp Radio Awards ceremony. 

Recently, Tim Oh tied the knot with an ex-presentor for Channel Newsasia; Sabrina Chua. 


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