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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on July 22, 2014    

Suriani Kassim is known as either Sue Kassim or SK. She is a DJ for a Malay language radio station in Singapore, Warna 94.2FM. 

She was introduced into the world of entertainment when she was merely 5 years old. She participated in a 'Malay Children Workshop'. This workshop is catered for the television and radio industry. Hence, Suriani Kassim opted for radio.

She was originally a DJ for another Malay language station; RIA 89.7FM. However, she shifted to Warna 94.2FM in 2005. 

Additionally, Suriani Kassim attained 'Personality of The Year' award during the Media's Choice award ceremony in 2006.

Currently, her segment airs on weekdays from 12 to 2PM. 


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