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Nona Kirana

Nona Kirana

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on July 22, 2014    

Nona Kirana is a DJ for Singapore's Malay-language radio station; Warna 94.2FM. She kickstarted her career as a DJ when she was still in school. She interned for an English language radiostation, 938LIVE.

She transited to Warna 94.2FM after her internship ended. She succeeded in being a full time Producer/Presenter for the aforementioned radio station in 2007.

Apart from hosting radio shows, Nona Kirana is also able to host public events. She hosted events like Berita Harian Achiever Of The Year Awards Ceremony, Wedding Workshops and more. She was also known as an anchorwoman for the news on television. 

Her current radio segment is called 'Warna Mart'. It is broadcasted on weekdays from 10AM to 2PM.



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