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Megan Foo
Listing created by Megan Foo on January 31, 2014    

Best known for her radio personality on the chinese radio channel Y.E.S. 93.3FM, she hosts the weekday morning show 就是万人迷 (Morning Fantatics) from 6-10am.

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More than expected

During the period that I was crazy over all things Chinese, YES 93.3 was the best radio station to tune in to. It was only then when I found out that Pei Fen was the resident DJ of the station - her voice is not only alluring on air, she also has a very charismatic personality that makes her sound natural and enticing on air.

Subsequently, I had the chance to meet her hosting an event live while I was attending the event. Only having known her to speak fluent Chinese, I was surprised to find that she was speaking English - and good english, mind you. She was also as good looking as I thought she would be - her looks paired with her ability made her a killer combination. I remember some of my guy friends nudging me and telling me that they found her really attractive.

Although on an anti-climatic note, I also remember noticing that she had really obvious veins on her neck - possibly because of her use of her vocals.

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