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Megan Foo
Listing created by Megan Foo on January 31, 2014    

Divian Nair’s first foray into the entertainment industry began in 2007 which subsequently led him to being scouted as an emcee by clients such as The Health Promotion Board, South West Community Development Council as well as notable event companies such as Aux productions. 

Divian has also done voiceovers for MediaCorp and a range of corporate companies. 
In 2010, the number one youth station of the nation (15-24 years old). Best known as a DJ for 987, Divian was hired as a Morning Show DJ on AM Jam. He also hosts the popular dedication show Say it with Music on Saturdays from 6-10pm. 

Divian was also selected by Mediacorp to be one of the 3 main anchors for Mediacorp’s Today at the Games, a daily programme which provided live in depth coverage of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. 

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Friendly even off air

I had only known him as a 987 DJ until the time I won a competition on the 987 facebook page.

While I expected him to be friendly and exciting on air just because he's a radio personality, I found out that he was actually quite nice while talking to me as well. Although I eventually couldn't make it for the event, he was really nice about the going about of changing the person to go for the movie premiere.

I had a really good impression on him and even up till now, I still love the way that he sounds on air - he sounds naturally funny when he cracks jokes and even makes really funny comments.

Perhaps that is why he is so famous amongst all the 987 DJs.

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