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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 13, 2013    

Chef Willin Low is a lawyer-turned-chef from Singapore. He will be hosting the upcoming A Party Affair, a locally produced program, on Asian Food Channel.


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What a very likable man

I had the great opportunity to meet Chef Willin Low at a media invite.

Now you must empathize with me - I do not enjoy cooking shows because they make me hungry so the only thing I've heard of that remotely is food channel related is Gordon Ramsay, followed closely by Hell's Kitchen. See when you put these two words together, I'll paint a picture of a demonic kitchen with the king at the throne with a spatula.

So I was entirely ready to see some fire from this chef.


None at all.

He looked as if he was uncomfortable with how formal the event was even, and when he first spoke, he immediately told a cute anecdote about how he claimed Kitchen Culture Showroom's kitchen to be his own home when his friends asked about his filming location.

Not only that, he started generously sharing tips on both food preparing and party hosting, as if we're all longtime friends and he's having a lively conversation. His charisma is easy and soothing, and it was a delight listening to his quirky tales as he whipped up heaven-sent food.

Such a lovely man.

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