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Listing created by equina on September 16, 2013    
Esme is one of two specially trained Guide Dog who started working in Singapore in 2011. She is cream coloured female Labrador. Her best mate is her blind master Cassandra who takes care of her physical needs.
Safety Information
  • Guide dogs are not pets. They do not act like regular dogs.
  • Please help Esmee do her job well for Cassandra's safety.
  • Do not distracting her when she is on the job, do not call her by name, offer food, or pet her.

Lastly, it is advised you let her and her master into ice cream stores or the full wrath of social media will be unleashed upon you.

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More of them please

I think that generally a segment of Singaporeans lack the capacity to think. If I were to see a visually-handicapped person with a dog, I would immediately figure out that the dog must have some higher purpose other than being a pet. Just because this isn't taught in schools doesn't mean that you couldn't use some common sense.

At the same time empathy is also sorely lacking. I don't know what is the problem but I notice that when a visually-handicapped person walks past, a crowd would literally part like how Moses parted the Red Sea and then giving the person a wide berth. As if that would help the person. At least with a guide dog, the person would be rightly guided around instead of feeling around with a stick and hoping that he or she would have taken the right step forward. I have a very unsettling sense of fear especially if they are trying to cross the road and I am on a bus and could do nothing but watch helplessly.

All that could be mitigated to a large degree by having a guide dog. Esme and her colleague are no mutts. They aren't fashion accessories. They are specially trained dogs whose calling are to help humans in need.

If these dogs are doing their darnest to help a human, then at least fellow humans running a business, please don't make it difficult for these dogs to discharge their duties if you are not going to help your own fellow human.

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I love you Esme!

Esme you play an amazing role and you look so adorable. You also have raised awareness for a very important issue so you make the perfect ambassador. Its impossible not to love you!

Like most Singaporeans I only heard of Esme after the Häagen-Dazs fiasco. I don't think they are entirely at fault though, because most Singaporeans aren't educated about this, myself included. But boy are we quick to point fingers!

I remember while I was in Australia queuing up at a supermarket I committed the most cardinal of guide dog sins. I saw a super cute guide dog and I didn't know any better. I instinctively reached out to pet it. And a random shopper shouted at me and gave me a good yelling. Oh dear, most embarrassing moment of my adult life but I so deserved it!

A guide dog is not a pet!

Anyway I wonder who manages Esme's facebook page!

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