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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on August 30, 2013    

Kong Hee is the founder of City Harvest Church. He is very charismatic and influential, having a following of over 76,000 on his facebook page and building up CHC to massive statue in a relatively short time.

In recent times, Kong Hee and other CHC leaders were brought under trial for misappropriation of CHC building funds. The trial is still going on today.


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Hard to Judge

With the Hooha that is surrounding this man, it is difficult not to have a stand about his actions. While the fact may be that he had misused the public funds in order to expand his wife's music career, it would be unfair to place any premature judgement on him and label him as a "criminal" or someone "bad" without the ruling of the law.

While it may seem that many of the people from the public are prosecuting him for his misdemeanour and lack of good conduct that they expect from a Christian, "to err is human". While I do not condone his actions, his mistakes are not for us to judge - let God judge the man. Although I am not a member of his church, I have always thought that he was a man of God and would lead the sheep that he has saved to God - but with this business, he has not represented God accurately. My only concern is for those who might think that his actions are right when they are actually the fallen error of all mankind.

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(Updated: September 17, 2013)


I have never encountered Kong Hee, never met him face to face. He doesn't know me, and I don't know him. Hence, it would not be fair for me to judge him based on what the news and media reported about him. My assessment of him here is based on his two DVD sermons which I bought.

I don't buy DVD sermons, but his DVDs had a very interesting title; it's called "God in Ancient China". I was curious and wanted to know more, so I bought them. That was the first time I heard Kong Hee speak. I had heard of City Harvest Church (CHC) before--many years ago I heard from the grapevine that some of my friends had left their conservative Methodist church to join the more dynamic CHC. About 2 years ago, a Christian friend of mine criticised CHC and another church which I shall not name, on their doctrines preached and how the church funds were used. But watching the DVDs was my first time "encountering" Kong Hee and these are also his only sermons I have listened to.

He was a very good speaker, and his sermons were very interesting. He talked about how the emperors in the Shang dynasty onwards had worshipped a God called Shang Di (上帝) and performed sacrificial rituals to him twice a year, once in Summer Solstice and once in Winter Solstice. The rituals were very similar to the Jews' rituals to their God Jehovah. The emperors of China had continued these rituals throughout all the dynasties in China, with the exception of the Qin dynasty. He talked about the significance of blood covenants to the Jews and the Chinese. He also talked about some Chinese characters (in the writing system), which evolved based on the stories of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the Great Flood in the time of Noah. He talked about the records maintained by the Chinese imperial astronomers during the Han dynasty, of the comet which lasted for 70 days, the solar eclipse and a rainbow around the sun, which coincided with the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ respectively. He talked about Matteo Ricci the immensely talented Jesuit priest who first introduced Roman Catholicism to China and the Christian poems written by the Qing dynasty Emperor Kang Xi who became a Christian. He also talked about the Rites Controversy which caused Kang Xi to ban Christianity in China. He quoted passages from various ancient Chinese texts to prove his points.

In his two sermons I noticed something--that Kong Hee is a very Westernised person. He is not fluent in Chinese. He was dressed in a Western suit (I believe I can safely assume it's branded) unlike his Mandarin interpreter who dressed in Chinese style. He does not strike me as a person who is interested in Chinese culture. Yet, it is obvious that a tremendous amount of research had been done on these two sermons. I didn't think much about this at first but I was interested to know more.

I began buying books relating to God and the ancient Chinese and surprisingly I found a few books that dealt on this subject matter. The truth about these two sermons was revealed when I bought the last book from Kinokuniya, titled "Faith of Our Fathers: Finding God in Ancient China" by Chan Kei Thong--Kong Hee had plagiarised his two sermons from this book! Most of the photos he showed in his slides during the sermons were from this book too. He made no mention or acknowledgement to the author for the materials he had so blatantly copied from. To make things worse, he had the audacity to sell these two sermons in DVDs, with the DVD cover showing the copyright notice to a company called Attributes Pte Ltd, which is sited at CHC, 1 Jurong West Street 91!

While I am thankful that Kong Hee had introduced this interesting topic for me to research on (I am in the midst of researching on Chinese culture), I am not able to respect him for this plagiarism. As for the ongoing corruption trial against him, I shall leave it to the judge to decide how he should be dealt with.

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I attended his sermon once at City Harvest and left feeling very very sad. Sad for the church members who obviously believe and trust in him, lapping up his every word. It is impossible to have a civil discussion with a CHC member about the possibility of their pastor being wrong. Believe me, I tried, and that conversation escalated quickly.

Sad because he speaks with such conviction that I begin to think he has started believing his own pitch. I am sure that the circumstances of his life has led him to really believe that what he is doing is right. He probably feels entirely justified spending millions of the church money on his wife's career and their lavish lifestyle.

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(Updated: August 31, 2013)

False prophet

I think I may offend some people but I really don't like Pentecostal churches. They always claim that they can do so many miracles including healing, but I've never seen them heal anyone. People who claim to be healed are people who have headaches etc, ie healings that can be faked easily. When you aren't healed despite having the pastor pray for you, you will be blamed instead of the pastor (lol!!) for having lack of faith.

What Kong Hee did was so typical of Pentecostal leaders. It is ALWAYS the Pentecostals that have this kind of money conning issues whereas Catholic leaders are always committing sexual offenses. The Kong Hee incident just makes me despise those fanatics (yes, Pentecostals are extremists) so much more.

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(Updated: September 09, 2013)

Kong Simi? Wa cult leader? Chun Boh?

Cult leaders must be charismatic. Cult leaders must be a collection of contradictions. Cult leaders must have a large following. Cult leaders must have a talent for warping what is largely accepted as the "truth".

Looking at Kong Hee and the City Harvest Church, he seems to have all those criteria checked. He has a huge following, he preaches religion but here's the pickle. How would having a wife who behaves like a slutty skank in a music video reflect on you? Big contradiction. He says one thing but behaves another way.

One thing is, I don't trust preachers whatever the religion is, they end up screwing you. Better you screw yourself than to be screwed by another in the Name of God.

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