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Listing created by Jelly on April 24, 2013    

A popular figure among local bloggers, Naomi Neo's blog is targeted mainly at teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old. She does advertorials, modelling, and reviews in her blog posts. 


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I tend to compare her with celebrity blogger, Xiaxue. I feel that both their posts are rather similar, and trying to express their own opinion or to prove a certain something/show a certain message. Xiaxue's ones though are much more emotional and stronger. I can forsee Naomi being like her in future but that's purely my opinion though.

Though they get a lot of glitz and glamour, they receive a lot of pressure, stress and hate from the media and people all around them. It's important to be able to take it in their stride and move on, which is something not everyone can do. So, kudos to Naomi for being able to do so, given her young age.

She writes pretty well too, and no less with gorgeous photos.

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A girl with her own mind

Indeed, she has a pretty face and a gorgeous body most girls would die for. (Well, I wouldn't actually) And this is one of the main reason why she is popular amongst the advertisers and teenage girls who treat her as their goddess of idolatry.

I'm not a huge fan nor a ultra hater against Naomi Neo, but as I scrolled through her Instagram pictures and read some of her blog-posts, I formed a few impressions of her:

She's really good with taking selfies. Okay, in all seriousness, I think she is a person with a mind of her own, however, she could come off as rude or nonchalent to the public in airing her views. In some of the brawls she's been caught up with - about exposing her side boobs and overly mature pictures, the wasteful ice bucket challenge- she has made her point clear that she is an individual who need not and will not live by the rules the public imposes upon her.

Great, I'm cool with that but when she litters her rebuttal with vulgarities... I think it really diminished the tone of seriousness in it. It appeared to be more of a childish rebellion against the societal restrictions. And while I can sympathise with her reasons, I think she must also understand that being known and recognized means that your public and private spheres WILL collide and overlap. It's not a new rule.

All that seriousness aside, I'm glad she has matured quite a bit since her teenage days (as she wrote in her blog) and lives life purposefully now. And I must say I'm pretty impressed that she's keeping up with all the pressure well, especially when we're of the same age.

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Generally nice girl

Chased after by a multitude, this young girl has shot to fame with the help of her profession as a blogger. With the large following she yields, she seems to command a somewhat huge influence in the local blogosphere. However, even though she is largely idolised and idealised by many people, having read her blog once in a blue moon, her opinions are hardly relevant to me - her thoughts similar to the things that I pondered about and thought when I was in secondary school.

Perhaps, someday she might look upon her posts and become more mature in her thinking. But for the time being, her thoughts largely appeal to people from the younger generation suffering from typical teenage problems from a broken heart to personal insecurities. At least, on the bright side, her posts are largely inspirational and truly guide those who need her.

Having met her before, she seems like a nice person but generally soft-spoken and keeps to herself - something that struck me as something strange since her life is already propelled into the spotlight of the public gaze.

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Emotional Teen

Even as a 17 year old, Naomi Neo is quite popular amongst the younger generation of Singaporeans. She has a very strong online presence on social media and updates regularly on her Twitter and Instagram. However, she can get a little too emotional at times, but is forgivable given that she is only 17 and probably still not fully in touch or control with her emotions. One cannot fault her though, for being truthful and outright in expressing herself.

Naomi also has a YouTube channel which is primarily beauty-based. Although she does not post videos very regularly, she usually does haul or "What's In My Bag?' type of uploads on the rare occasions that she posts. Honestly speaking, I don't find much quality content in her videos. She always seems quite awkward on camera and she is definitely no beauty guru as compared to other bloggers like Xiaxue. In short, I think she tries a little too hard at times.

Not a bad person to keep up with, but not the most interesting either. Hope to see better of her soon!

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