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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 22, 2013    

Paul Twohill soared to fame when he participated in Singapore Idol Season 2 as a contestant. He qualified into the top 10 rounds. However, he was eliminated before the top 5 was selected. Upon elimination, Paul Twohill appeared elsewhere on the internet alongside fellow Singaporean, Kay Kay, in a show called "Chick Vs Dick". 


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Very amiable disposition

When I saw Paul Twohill on Singapore Idol, he was recognized in my mind as "the guy with long hair". Well, I mean, hair that length was definitely rather unorthodox to me.

I came to see more of him in his clicknetwork TV series "Chick VS Dick" with Yan Kay Kay. I personally thought he made a much deeper impression on me with that series, and I think both of them hit off really well in the show which garnered much popularity. From what I observe in the episodes of the series I've watched, I find him very genuine, amiable, entertaining and non-pretentious. It becomes really comfortable to watch him have fun in the challenges posed to him and Kay Kay.

He's still the host of the recent series, except the female host has been switched. And that's of course no problem for such an extroverted persona like him, he seem as though he clicks instantly with anyone new he meets.

I wouldn't mind befriending someone like that!

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Gorgeous Hair Trend

His shaggy hair well covered half his face, styled according to the trend that seemed to have overtaken the youth of Singapore. Being the only contestant with the hairstyle considered to be ultimately rebellious and totally cool, I remember a bunch of screaming fans in the audience.

But I also remember wanting hair like his.

Unfortunately, while his hair was dead straight, I had wavy hair, and I could only hope that some day a miracle would happen and my hair would be like his.

Yet, even with his gorgeous hair, he was eliminated, which was no surprise because he couldn't sing well - he only managed to scrape through the rounds because of the numbers of supporters I suppose.

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(Updated: December 15, 2013)


Paul Twohill stood out among the other Singapore Idol finalists firstly, for his distinctive hairstyle: a long, overgrown hair similar to typical US rock/metal band members. (Not forgetting his natural eyeliner/guyliner) Next, his uncommon surname, Twohill, which instantaneously clears viewers' doubts on whether he is mixed or just another wannabe westerner. What an impression.

To be honest, i can't exactly recall much about his singing as well as many other finalists, which might just mean it probably isn't anything more than above average. But I must say his overall style and unique name rings bells even after such a long time.

Being the protagonist (host/participant/actor all-in-one) of Chick VS Dick, he sure did leave an even deeper impression this time. He has a sense of humour, exuding with oooohsome charisma and is (extremely) dirty-minded in a cheeky way. Fortunately for him, it came across as quite a cute combination (not pervy) and his personality might very well be the main highlight of the show.

Assessing Paul as a singer, model or host, i would think he has a greater potential in the local hosting showbiz.

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