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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 07, 2013    

Einstein Kristiansen rocketed to fame after hosting his own show; Art Factory. Art Factory had a total sum of 3 seasons. He is a Norway artist. He was stuck in Singapore after running low monetarily during his backpacking trip around SouthEast Asia. Hence, he began to draw his trademark cartoons at Clark Quay. These drawings succeeded in luring attention and he began to have an expanding pool of avid fans for him here. He was featured on The Straits Times. He emerged onscreen in the mid-1990s. Einstein Kristiansen's name was also caught up in a controversial situation when there were claims that he was snatching Albert Einstein's identity. Thus, Einstein Kristiansen reverted to his original name; Oinstein Kristiansen.


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The Einstein in the Arts field

Now now now, how can I forget that gleaming bald head and cheeky grin?

I have watched the 3 seasons of Art Factory when I was much younger as a child, and I was always intrigued by the way Kristiensten was able to make such simple objects so creatively into beautiful artworks.

If I even had any creative vibes/cells, it must be inspired by this fabulous host. As a child, I have always been amazed by visual arts - I still am - though I am never really good at it. Watching episodes from Art Factory never falls to make me smile in awe at the brilliance of creativity and the arts.

It is sad that I no longer see him around in children show because he is not only a great host and artist, he has a amiable disposition and friendly face that kids won't mistake as a paedophile.

Fun Fact: I had always thought Einstein, the one who created light bulb, was him - until my brother told me otherwise when I was 10.

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Engaging art Teacher

This used to be the show that I would follow almost every day. While watching him on television, I would make a mental note of all the materials that I would need in order to do the art and craft item of the day. Although I might not have succeeded in many of the artworks that he created, I was happy to be have a show that would allow me to let my creative juices flow and create my personalised art item for the day.

This show was the show that made me fall in love with hands-on activity and arts and crafts which later fuelled my interest in art. Although I no longer follow the series - and perhaps it may have stopped - I will never forget the engaging way Einstein Kristiansten taught art.

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Childhood inspiration

I've been watching programs done by him since I was young, and I can say that he has contributed in a way, to the artist I am today. He has a way with children, in that he's able to reach down to their level, and make art a fun and interesting thing to do. He has a whimsical personality, and isn't afraid of letting loose and making a joke of himself. I've always admired how he's able to go up to strangers and ask them questions concerning art. His large scale art works amazed me as a child, and they still do!

I once saw him in a hotel when I was younger, but I was too shy to say hi. I did laugh at him though, because I've always associated him with "funny man on tv", and seeing him in real life made things funnier!

Although his programs do not really interest me anymore at the age I'm at, I'm glad I had the chance to watch him when I was younger.

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(Updated: April 11, 2013)

Creative man from my childhood days

I believe that Einstein's art style is such that it appeals to the younger audience, and Art Factory was one of the shows that I was drawn to as a kid (no pun intended). I was always in awe when I watch him do his thing as a kid.

I got to meet Einstein in real life years ago when I was at Club Med Bintan during the SARS period. He was there to give an art workshop. I sort of got to get close to him, but I was a kid and I wasn't really aware of what I was doing. Plus, I 'joined' the workshop late so I missed pretty much almost everything other than the end.

I feel that Einstein can really connect with children, be it on the television or in real life. He knows how to behave around them and he knows what he's doing. He's really friendly and fun to be with, and I guess that's why Art Factory was/is such a hit to kids, especially the art-loving ones, maybe!

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