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Ris Low was crowned Miss Singapore World 2009 on 31 July 2009 but she subsequently stepped down on 29 September 2009 after her previous credit fraud case was revealed. Also known as Ris "Boomz" Low, after her video interview went viral.


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Give her a break!

To be honest, I actually sympathise with this poor lady who has been a victim of ridicule and mockery for so long now, and for all the wrong reasons.

Of course, it started out with an innocent interview and her replies to the questions posed to her. Her inability to articulate the answers as suavely as the public would have expected of Miss Singapore has been the trigger of the following series of insults and harsh criticisms. But let's be fair here; clear enunciation was not a strict requirement in the beauty pageant was it? She could be really nervous after all.

I had a good laugh over all the parodies of the interview though. It was hilarious.

Well, but the credit card fraud incident had inevitably tarnished her image. Even I can't find a word of defense for that - she needs to be responsible for her own actions. This would serve as a reminder that behind the glitz and glamour of these pageant girls, they have dark secrets too.

She has recently returned with a short film, and I hope that she's doing what she finds joy and fulfilment in. And everyone, let's just appreciate her rather than mocking her for her 'boomz's.

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Pretty face, empty words

While she had managed to bag the title of Miss Singapore, Miss Ris Low sure didn't manage to keep it for long with her credit card fraud business. Yet, among the contestants, she was crowned the winner because it seemed like she was the best out of the rest.

Her winning of the title really made me think about the whole contest and how it seemed to be unfair and misrepresentative of Singapore. It made me think about how such a silly girl could even be crowned Miss Singapore - was it because of her looks? So then, are looks now more important than knowledge and common sense that Singapore tries to pride itself on? I say no, I feel that the girl who gets crown Miss Singapore shouldn't be one that is shameful and allows others to laugh at her at her expense - she should be smart, charming, and pretty at the same time. While one might contend that it might be difficult to find someone like that, I'm sure that Singapore has girls like this. Are you telling me that Singapore has no girls, that are actually an apt representation of SIngapore, willing to step up and even try to go for Miss Singapore?

With Miss Ris Low being featured in stomp videos showing her talking about a molest and her other outrageous acts of 'boldness', I'm sure she has garnered a considerable following - definitely not people who respect her but want to laugh at her poor english that had been cruelly made into remix videos that went viral online.

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(Updated: March 26, 2013)


I was largely apathetic during the Ris Low saga because I find laughing at hapless people pretty distasteful. I'm fine if the person who is being laughed at intended it that way, not so if the guy or gal is just trying their best and end up being ridiculed for it. And so I wasn't particularly impressed when I was shown a video of that famous interview. Granted she isn't fit to be Miss Singapore, but does she have to be attacked so mercilessly for trying? Pointed insults and criticisms may have become accepted as legit jokes in the mainstream media, but I was still abit shocked to hear radio DJs laughing about the interview on air without a hint of remorse.

The twist came when I suddenly heard that Ris Low herself had endorsed her famous 'Boomz'. Oh, umm, so she's riding on the popularity of her own shame now? You go, girl. Why let others laugh at you when you can laugh at yourself, right? Makes perfect sense.

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(Updated: March 16, 2013)


I didn't watch her infamous crowning moment which lit the media ablaze with criticisms. However, I was finally intrigued by this tale when my General Paper began quoting her martian languages and even stapled a gigantic article of her across the notice board. Where did she plop from? Oh, I also realised that 'Miss Singapore World' is no longer aired live across local television sets unlike previous years. Was it not aired any longer due to Ris Low? I recalled enduring several hours of strutting heels on runways via Channel 5 to catch Taufik Batisah's performance. Definitely the only highlight of the show.

Recently, I saw her featured in Alvin Tan's infamous Alvivi blog. The merging of infamous icons at a single venue were indeed a rare sight to behold. Ris Low seemed to have improved slightly though. This time, she succeeded in vocalising her personal stand regarding several issues albeit it being slightly vague. Unfortunately, she seemed to be in a state of continual confusion. Suggest her to do anything and Ris Low shall consent them all no matter the person. Literally.Even kissing the same gender. Umm. Ew.

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Nails on a chalkboard

Without the controversy over her outrageous English (even to Singlish standards), Ris Low would have faded into oblivion a long time ago. How she ever got crowned Miss Singapore in the first place is beyond me and has cost the Miss Singapore pageant much creditably. So a girl who cannot speak proper English, carries herself without class, and has a questionable presence of IQ is chosen as the pinnacle of Singaporean girls? Even in the looks department, she is not exactly meteoric. I daresay that any girl on the street would be a far better choice for Miss Singapore.

There were some unsavory allegations of how she attained her title circulating around not long after she was crowned. Most have been swept under the carpet or hushed as allegations from jealous contestants. However, with her standard of presenting herself, I really wonder how much of those allegations were truths.

Seriously, watching or hearing her speak is akin to nails on a chalkboard. What a disgrace to Singapore..

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High EQ or low IQ

Ris Low must have a very high EQ or low IQ. Even after being ridiculed by the media, she did not shun the media and still faced the media as per normal. A person with lower EQ would have gone into hiding and not take any further interviews.

If you understand Hokkien, there is a saying "Gong Gong Jat Ti Gong". My translation of this is someone not so smart winning over fate. I think Ris Low is trying to make this statement come true. I still cannot decide whether she is truly not smart or just pretending to be not smart. Anyhow, she was noticed by the public by some of the not so smart things that she said. So if she suddenly become smart, the public may not be able to recognise her.

If she is able to make use of her publicity and get some success, then I will decide that she is smarter than a lot of us.

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