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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 21, 2012    

Rosalyn Lee, popularly known as Rozz, is a DJ at 987FM. She co-hosts the morning show on the station, The Rude Awakening, from 6am to 10am on weekdays.


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Rosalyn Lee has a voice that frequently resonates around our car via the stereo systems. Unfortunately, I usually do not pay much attention as to what she’s rambling about on air. However, I began noticing her talent for fluent articulations and interesting content when they began broadcasting several clips of 98.7FM on TV. Her comments towards the guests were humorous. She seemed to have the knack of making fellow guests be comfortable on set. I’ve seen several radio shows from Korea and America whereby the DJs made their guests uncomfortable. Their answers would be much more curt. Their faces would transform into a more taut expression too.

That wasn’t the case when it comes to Roasalyn Lee’s show. The guests seemed to grow more comfortable vice versa. Anyone who just flicked on to that channel will certainly be taken aback to discover that it was the first time those guests were there. Like Jeannie Mai. Unfortunately, Rosalyn Lee migrated to another channel; Lush FM. I’m teeming with curiosity as to who will replace her slot on 98.7FM TV and whether this person who replaces her has a similar ability to make fellow guests on air loosen up.

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Stage Confident

She is quite a well-known voice talent in the Media Industry having hosted many programmes for Mediacorp. While her name is familiar to me, I had never once saw her face - or rather, even if I had seen posters of her, none of them left a very lasting impression.

Just recently, however, I had the chance to view her on stage life. I was surprised by her sense of style that was aligned with the trend in style - she was wearing a muscle tank with very nice leggings and her hair tied up in a fashionable way. When she started speaking however, I was even more surprised by her ability to host an event in real life. Her confidence on stage and in front of an audience was inspiring.

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I started listening to her while she was still on the Shan&Rozz show. She's entertaining, not afraid to speak her mind (yet knows her limits), and makes the wittiest comments. For me, Shan and Rozz had one of the greatest radio partnerships ever. Sadly, Shan left to pursue business ventures in Bali after a while.

I never really liked her pairing with Bobby Tonelli. However, I still enjoyed reading her Facebook updates. She shares snippets of her life, interesting articles and also inputs her own opinions. I love that she accepts that she has haters, yet she never lets them get to her. A worthy lesson to learn for us all.

Right now, she's DJ-ing at Lush 99.5fm. She's not afraid to take on new challenges, even in moving to a completely new radio station with a different genre. I wish her all the best in her new job!

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Amazing DJ with spunk

I used to listen to her afternoon show laboriously on a daily basis. Back then, Shan was still with 987FM, and the witty conversations that they shared definitely served to amuse me. What I like about Rozz is that she manages to hold her own, and stick by what she believes in. Even when men tease or insult her, she does not giggle and shy away like many female artistes do, but instead she holds her own and offers a witty punchline of her own.

As a DJ, she is a very glib one - no mutters, stammers, or any of that awkward silences that happen so often with newbies; her speaking is simply fluid and natural, and even when she voices her opinions about stuff, you find yourself believing in what she believes in because she is that powerful a speaker.

Wittiness aside, Rozz is definitely not bad on the eyes either. She exudes a cool charm, both with her dressing and looks, not to mention, her attitude. If feminists ever need a female speaker to represent them, Rozz would definitely be the best choice, because everything about her screams independence.

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A cool rock chick!

I've just watched a whole series of her show on and I must say she is one cool lass. She speaks really well, and is witty, straight forward and so darn humorous.

Being a DJ with 98.7FM, it is no doubt she has to possess such qualities. On the show with Shan Lee, they both have really great hosting techniques and witty humor. Even though Shan is always being sarcastic with her, she is not petty and throw hissy fits on live camera which some other celebs may do.

Her candidness definitely is what draws her her fans.

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