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A blogger who also has her own show "Budget Barbie" on

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Cute and Pretty, but real

I first discovered Qiuqiu through Xiaxue as they are good friends. What made me like Qiuqiu was her way of speaking - simple, straight to the point and although her proficiency in Singlish is often not appreciated, I find it bearable as I can still understand her posts and videos.

Another thing I like about her is how she interacts on social media. She deals with hate in a mature manner and she is always giving fans opportunities to meet her (and in some cases, personally do their makeup/dressing). Her blog posts are always well-detailed and the photos posted are of good quality too. I like her integrity - going under the knife for plastic surgery had drawn some flak but she was honest about her feelings and insecurities.

Just like Xiaxue, she does not sugarcoat things and that's why I have become a fan of them both.

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(Updated: February 25, 2013)


When I first watched her show Budget Barbie just to see what the whole hype was all about, I absolutely did not understand what made her so famous. I was not only unimpressed with her fashion picks but also rather annoyed at the lack of use of proper grammar. It was rather hard to understand what she was saying half the time but I would give it to her that she is one happy bubbly girl.

Her finds are usually really not that amazing, besides the point that it is cheap. And although her show is not the best out there at least it is entertaining enough to keep me sitting though the entire thing just to see what she has in store. I would say that she is rather pretty and her lengthy structure gives her an edge to pull off many of her cheap buys. Furthermore, the column that she usually posts at the end to give away her finds, really entertains be quite abit as she would pick out comments from viewers. I give it to her that her popularity is earned and I might not be a hater but I am neither a fan.

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Happiest girl alive!

When I first saw the Budget Barbie show, I thought it would be a sure flop. To put it nicely, she is very fluent in Singlish, and I didn’t see how any would stand watching the show. In fact, I thought it would be a big joke. However, I don’t know what came over me, but I saw myself watching episode after episode and now I must admit that I quite like her.

I think she really appeals to people because her positivity is very enduring. Cute and happy at the same time, all the time. On the show it feels like it’s your cousin having a chat with you and I like how she has stayed true to herself. I have read her blog before, and the way she writes just screams Qiu Qiu. Sadly, her past few Budget Barbie episodes make me feel like she has lost her enthusiasm, but I still would continue watching the show!

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I got to know her through the famous blogger Xiaxue, though she is not as popular as Xiaxue, she is also gaining popularity pretty fast.

I actually wonder what and how she became popular, as i've read her blog and i find that her posts are just normal, that of the types we see in the other normal blogs. That's if im comparing with Xiaxue and other more popular icons' blogs. However, no matter what, from her tone in the blog and how she connects with her readers i can see is indeed earnest, honest and true to her viewers and doesn't put on a false front or anything. She is very, real. Which is what makes me drawn to her.

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QQ the Budget Barbie!

I knew her blog from xiaxue, and i'm glad i clicked on her link! QQ seems like this really easy going, friendly person through her blogposts. I've never seen her in real life, but she looks really thin - the model kind of thin though. Love how she is able to rock almost any outfits she get.

She also hosts BudgetBarbie, where she goes around Singapore hunting for good deals within the price range of $100. And usually, she comes back with really cheap deals. But her choice of clothing seems to be more suitable for her, haha. Only she can pull off the clothes she bought. In the recent few episodes, her giveaways have been really generous as well.

She blogs really frequently, and her blog reflects her personality well (i think). Not too many personal, personal posts, but her advertorials have this 'QQ style' that is pretty distinct and consistent in her posts. It makes a boring advertorial interesting, and funny at the same time!

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I wasn't the biggest fan of Qiu Qiu at the start - she'd seemed like yet another one of Xiaxue's mindless followers, who was only too eager to please the crowd. Then I watched her Budget Barbie episodes, and I suppose it suffices to say that my opinion of her has been changed.

I have to say, even though Qiu Qiu does not nearly stand out as much as Xiaxue, there is a certain earnestness about her that adds to her charm. She isn't afraid of making a fool out of herself, and doing silly things or making silly comments, as long as she believes in them.

On a few of her Budget Barbie episodes, I have seen a few horrendous looking purchases being fished out of her shopping bag, and although I was originally aghast at how any one could even find it within themselves to purchase such hideous clothing, Qiu Qiu was adamant that they could look good, and even proceeded to try the clothing on. I suppose such faith in her beliefs takes a good deal of courage, so in that aspect, she is someone worthy of respect.

However, I feel that she could do with a little more research in the brands that she endorses. She recently went to a Japanese fashion event, and her comments and posts on the event made her seem a little too ignorant, and although she looked good in the brand's clothing, I felt that such ignorance merely cheapened the brand.

That aside, she's quite a remarkable blogger in the current Singapore blogging scene, and her Budget Barbie series is quite the humorous watch.

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Pretty girl!

Qiu Qiu really looks jovial and sweet online. She takes the best shots at Instagram too, be it camwhore pictures or just supper with her blogger friends. I enjoy her fashion tips on her blog and "Budget Barbie" and I try my best to follow closely to them. Most of the time it turns out well!

I wished her blog has more personal posts too. I enjoy reading her advertorials and such but I can't help but wish there's more to her life than just fashion. Like her wedding with Josh! They look so great together and Qiu Qiu seems to post alot about it, which I love to read about. She should do more of these posts. I wish them the best for their future.

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Budget Barbie!

Qiu Qiu is mostly known for hosting the series Budget Barbie which features her scouting for bargain buys. I really love the show as it gives me a wider range of budget shopping choices. I also enjoy watching Qiu Qiu try on the different outfits she bought. Some seem really horrendous at first glance but some how she seems to pull them off so well! (But some of the clothes still look horrendous to me)

I also spend a good amount of time laughing at her amusing comments on the clothes she bought. There was even an episode where she brought a long a list of words to replace the word "chio", which means pretty. It was hilarious listening to her try to fit the words into her sentences!

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I am a fan of Budget Barbie which is hosted by Qiu Qiu and other than able to know where to source for affordable yet nice looking clothes, the little comments made by Qiu Qiu shows how easy going she is and it makes watching her show more enjoyable.

She seems to be willing to share where she gets her nice and affordable clothes and this makes her seems generous. She takes the comments that people left for her to improve herself and this can been seen at the earlier episodes of Barbie Barbie, and this is what makes me like her more.

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Funny, unique

I think she is an adorable host and I love her 'Budget Barbie' programme on! First of all, the host of a shopping programme should be stylish - which she is. However, the special trait that separates her from other fashionistas is her ability to pick out the best bargains. I think that in itself is a fantastic skill to have.

It's also not just the fact that her show is informative, but the fact that her personality is great and amicable as well. She also evidently seeks to improve herself, with her many attempts to speak better English and reduce her usage of colloquial terms like 'chio'. Really enjoy watching 'Budget Barbie' with her hosting.

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