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The Singaporean YouTube sensation that made headlines when they posted videos of themselves doing silly, outrageous dares on fellow Singaporeans. Recently, they have moved on to making parodies of happenings in Singapore, that not only make us laugh but helps us in reflecting about our role as a citizen.


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Tipping over the line

We all need a little bit of entertainment in our dry, dry lives.

And that's when local entertainers play their part, brightening up our (unimaginably) dull lives as we smile discreetly at our luminous phone screens on the jam pack MRT cabins. Munah and Hirzi are two of the many local Youtubers we have and I've watched some of their videos including their song parodies and very daring dares.

While I found some of their videos entertaining, I thought quite a few were actually too... intrusive. (and maybe disturbing) When they take it to the streets and find strangers to play their dares on, I personally thought it had crossed the invisible thin line of being friendly and being rude.

Including strangers into the video without their consents and doing strange acts to them may easily come off as harassment and I'm sorry I cannot appreciate such humour which intrudes into others' private spaces. I can understand that they must too, endure humiliation and perhaps even aggression from these strangers but I'd prefer something less daring.

However, that said, I do give them my due respect for their courage in continuing in this industry despite disapproval from their communities and trollers on the internet.

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(Updated: April 09, 2014)

Funny but a little overboard

I think Hirzi (the man) can be quite rude at times towards Munah (the lady), as if he shows no respect and is belittling her at times. It kind of hurts to see Hirzi having to take the insults for entertainment's sake, because it is not worth it all - I do not find it in the least funny at all.

Nevertheless, they make a compatible duo dishing out witty remarks and local jokes targeted at the Singaporean population and culture. They were former students of Temasek Polytechnic, and I must say they have come a super long way and are pretty successful. They are truly the pride of TP!

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Glam Queens

Oh my god, Munah and Hirzi are the glam queens of the local Youtube scene. Their videos never fail to make me laugh and my friends adore them as well! In school, they would always mimic Munah and Hirzi's auntie accent; we'd just end up laughing in the middle of class. We also watched their videos together during lecture before oops...

They are the voices of Singapore's Gen Y, touching upon issues that may be too controversial at times. But you know what, they somehow manage to convey most of my thoughts towards a particular issue all the time.

However, I didn't like their show on Suria (Munah & Hirzi: Action!). I felt that they weren't able to truly express their personalities on that show and would have loved it if they just concentrated on making more awesome Youtube videos! They're making a comeback in April this year so I can't wait for that!

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Singapore Prince and Princess of YouTube

Gave Munah and Hirzi perfect scores because they really deserve it. I didn't know about them until I accidentally stumbled upon their YouTube channel and have never regretted it. One might mistake them to be a couple but in reality, they are just really close and bosom friends who also happen to be attractive people with a wicked sense of humour. I love watching their videos because they showcase how fearless they are in approaching and annoying random strangers on the street. They show their versatility by role-playing different characters in their videos that each have a unique personality. They even went overseas to shoot a couple of videos in a popular series which really made me sit up and take them even more seriously.

They are so good that they do not even have to rely on fancy shooting and editing skills to make their videos such a joy to watch. Their YouTube channel describes them as being the founding prince and princess of Singapore's YouTube scene which I initially thought to be super egoistical a statement to make so boldly. However, after watching many of their videos, I am very much inclined to agree with them.

Looking forward to more of their video productions and collaborations and I hope to see them go far! Definitely a recommended YouTube personality star to follow.

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(Updated: February 22, 2013)

Absolutely far from the norms!

I was instantly glued to their gazillion videos on Youtube. Their video dripped with the contents related to several issues that plagued Singapore. It triggered viewers to roar with laughter incessantly. I for one was tickled by their humour too. It was this comedic element embedded within their videos that made their uploads an addictive situation. The addictive situation that spread like wild bushfire igniting an impressive amount of viewers!

I was taken aback when they appeared across my television screen. It was a show on Suria. I adored how they broke apart from the usual malay dramas structures. I was captivated how the show was akin to inhaling a breath of fresh air. It had a Lizzie Mcguire vibe! The old show which I used to watch religiously that narrates the characters thoughts. Unfortunately, it was said to be controversial for reasons too vague for mankind. There was a petition for the show to be banned from airing on Suria! The show has yet to launch itself onscreen when that petition was implanted! Do the batch of people yearning for the show to be banned even know why or what they are protesting against?

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I adore MunahHirzi. Well especially Hirizi. The pair are so naturally entertaining, good looking, charismatic and have absolute balls of steel. No boundaries whatsoever! I recall watching his "celebrity dares" face off with Chua En Lai (who is damn talented in his own right) from the Noose. And well Hirizi just owned it! You could even see the immense respect En Lai had for Hirzi and he was such a great sport about it.

Yes they got their own TV show, fame would find people like them sooner or later. And I am glad their channel is helping elevate them further. Bringing them overseas like to USA, Malaysia, etc. They describe themselves on their channel as "The founding prince and princess of Singapore's Youtube scene!" and I could not agree more. An inspiration to all Singapore youtubers.

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One of the successful ones

Among most Singaporean youtubers, I would have to say that MunahHirziOfficial is one of the most popular ones. They stop at nothing to entertain Singaporeans, by performing pranks and silly challenges around the island, sometimes even at the cost of embarrassing themselves.

I find them hilarious, original and they have taken Singaporean youtubing to a whole new level. Recently, they've taken the channel overseas, and this has helped them to garner more global recognition. I feel a sense of pride, as more and more people around the world come to know of this channel, because Singaporean Youtubers hardly get any. I see a bright future for them and it excites me!

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Rising Stars!

I think what makes them so fun to watch is because the two of them look like they are having so much fun themselves! What I love most about them is the fact that they are able to make fun of themselves. Definitely not for the easily offended.

I also like it when they do the 10 dares, livening up the mood in this very stifled Singapore (many people look so amused by them in the videos!). Furthermore, the both of them are very good singers, and I always hope to see them belt out an impromptu song. They have recently starred in a theatre production, and I can see them going very far!

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I'd have to admit - I'm not a fan at first. I kept hearing about Munah and Hirzi and how funny they are, but I couldn't be bothered to check them out. But when they started appearing on TV screens, I thought, "wow they must be pretty good", and so I searched for their videos on Youtube and never looked back since (that was about more than 6 months ago).

It takes a certain kind of gut to do the stuff they do - like the "10 dares" series. Nearly all of their videos had me laughing so hard I get stitches, but amidst all that laughter, there's this admiration for them.. I'll never be able to do even one of their dares, probably.

I've met them a couple of times, and it was a bit surreal the first few times, but they're nice people. Munah is as gorgeous, and a total darling, and so is Hirzi.

Oh, and a word of reminder - if you are easily offended, don't watch them. I've got a few friends who hates them and say they're a disgrace to the Malay and Muslim community, which is total bullshit in my opinion.

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Rip-roaring laughter

Munah and Hirzi are hilarious and versatile. I especially like their 10 dares series, because it involves their daring to go up to random people in Singapore of different races and nationalities in a lighthearted, comedic way. Their dares are normally tongue-in-cheek and they have had a successful collaboration with the Good in Bed campaign that shows that they're more than just entertainment.

More importantly, their Sex Appeal and Jokes series attempts to tackle important issues in Singapore such as off day for maids, racist comments, the Singapore General Elections and MRT breakdowns in a way that is easily digestible and simultaneously cheeky. As a team, they certainly help to lighten up Singaporeans up. Brilliant.

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