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Sim Wong Hoo (沈望傅) is the founder and CEO of Creative Technology. a company famous for its SoundBlaster audio card and range of audio and media products. At age of 45, he became the youngest billionaire in Singapore.


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I bought my first computer in 1992 and it was a 386. Computers before that I remembered to be able to make only beeping sounds. My computer came with a soundblaster soundcard installed. That card made it possible for me to enjoy proper sounds from games and listen to music from CDs on my computer.

I never knew that Creative was a Singaporean company till much later and the founder a Singaporean. Subsequent purchases saw me upgrading to better soundcards with greater capabilities. Recent developments have seen sound cards being relegated to the sidelines.

I hope SWH would develop a gamechanger soon. I'd love to see him succeed again, from one Singaporean to another.

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His vision transformed the industry.

The one thing i can say about Sim Wong Hoo is that his vision and determination to succeed completely transformed the technological audio industry.

Fromhis humble beginnings at a computer repairs shop in Pearl's Centre to his founding of Creative Technology, he has worked hard along the way and has displayed a knack for innovation. With Soundblaster, he brought the first dedicated audio processing cards to made available to the public.

And of course, the Zen range of products. Wow!! I rate the Zen even more highly than the iPod based on quality and sound clarity alone! One of Singapore's finest sons, indeed.

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(Updated: November 14, 2013)

Sim Wong Hoo, a significant figure in the IT industry.

What will we do without Creative? No wait, what will we do without the SoundBlaster audio card and the Creative ZEN range of audio and media products? Scratch that. What will we do without Mr Sim Wong Hoo?

Having won Singapore’s Public Star Medal Bintang Bakti Masyarakat in 2001 for his outstanding achievements in the business field; being named in second spot as Asia’s Businessman of the Year in January 2001 by Fortune Magazine, the list is endless.

In 1999, he even released a book in entitled, 'Chaotic Thoughts From The Old Millennium'. Talk about being versatile and multi tasking.

In 1975, he graduated from the Electrical & Electronic Engineering faculty of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Barely six years after he graduated from the local polytechnic, he built the Creative Music System. Without a doubt, Sim Wong Hoo has made an important contribution to the IT industry.

Creative, smart and his aims are noble. No wonder he became the youngest billionaire in Singapore at the age of 45.

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