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The SuperBowl Group manages a wide range of entertainment services and facilities islandwide for wholesome family recreation, from bowling to snooker. Whatever the activity and wherever the locations, SuperBowl aims to provide products and services of the highest quality and continue to be every family's first choice for active recreation.

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Wonderful memories here!

I studied at a school in Hougang, so whenever we needed to escape the heavy pressure of schoolwork, or simply wanted to lepak, we'd head over to SuperBowl at Kovan. It was usually packed with Montfort boys and sometimes we needed to wait to get to bowl, but the waiting was tolerable.

It's also affordable to have fun here. You could come prepared with $10 and stay for a pretty long period of time. A less affordable but more fun activity would be to play pool upstairs. It was so nice to just chill there and laugh at friends who couldn't "poke ball" properly. If I'm not wrong you've got to be at least 16 to enter though.

Had so many good memories at this place and I'd love to go back soon.

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Super fun times

I've been going Superbowl which is near kovan station for the past 8 years. The price used to be about $2 for students but now it has increased to about $3 per game. Although the place is old, the inside doesn't feel so. They sell finger food and drinks to munch on whiles bowling.

I had alot of fond memories there having been there with my family and friends. I experienced one of my most embarrassing moments when I bowled and slipped and ended up failing into the alley together with the ball. It proves that they waxed the lane often as the lanes were extremely slippery. At night, the place was occupied with mainly uncles who love bowling and there are more professional bowlers as you can tell from they brought their own shiny bowling ball and are geared in their own bowling shoes and leather gloves.

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Late night bowling

I love late night bowling for the lack of crowds (and thus, the less the embarrassment). It is also very affordable which makes for good value. The bowling balls do get super oily, though! They do have servers coming around taking orders for tidbits and drinks — super convenient!

The only negative part is if you get the lanes beside professional bowlers and will then be informed not to “disturb” them i.e. by letting them go first if they are on your left. It gets oddly stressful and you can easily forget about that if you are too caught up having fun with your friends.

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Super Fun!!!

Superbowl is synonymous to bowling in Singapore. Whenever I feel like bowling, I head to superbowl. Its branches are located in accessible areas too. The place is usually kept clean and enjoyable. The bowling alleys are well maintained and the toilets are hygienic. Bowling shoes look sanitary though some are old. Other areas like that for billiards, snooker and arcade games are just as clean. The crowd especially at Superbowl Hougang is equally nice too.

They offer a wide selection of menu. For picky eaters, this is no sweat either. Superbowls are mostly located in areas where there are a variety of foods to choose from. The one in Hougang is in fact beside a hawker center.

Prices are also reasonable and affordable. This is such a nice place for recreation and family bonding. Parents and teens can go for either billiards or bowling and the young ones can enjoy the arcade games to their heart’s content.

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Very reasonable prices.

This is definitely the best place to bowl in. Each bowling session is unbelievably cheap, at just $4. For bowling shoes and socks, simply just throw in an extra dollar!

The bowling alley itself is also very quick to show each individual scores. Plus, some of the animated scenes when you hit a specific number of bowling pins (or none) can be quite funny too! I always have a great time bowling whenever I'm here. The only issue is that there are way more heavier bowling balls than lighter ones. More 6-8kg bowling balls please.

Besides bowling, other activites like snooker are offered too. I've played there a few times and it was okay. As for the price, I'm not too sure. Nonetheless, it's still worth trying when you're there. There's also quite a lot of food items to choose from.

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Whenever I think of bowling, I automatically think of Superbowl. It's almost a monopoly of sorts - I challenge you to name 3 other brands that aren't located in country clubs.

When I was in secondary school, we would often go over to the one located near Kovan for a gaming marathon. Pool, arcade games, and bowling. If we were bored with one, we would switch to the other. Hundreds of hours were spent in my adolescence at that place, and strangely enough, I didn't exactly burn my wallet.

Prices at Superbowl are rather affordable - probably part of their marketing campaign - allowing students and those on a budget to enjoy their facilities as well. Truly value-for-money.

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Bowling + Pool = Lots of Fun!

Whenever I am in the mood to bowl or play pool, SuperBowl would be the place that I go to for these activities, be it to play either one or both. I love that SuperBowl is so near to where I stay. I can literally walk there!

What I like about SuperBowl is their cheap student rates for bowling, going at under $4 for students before evening, if I am not wrong. After paying for shoe rental, two games cost only $6 to $7 odd per person. The con of SuperBowl's bowling system is that sometimes, after you throw a ball, the system doesn't respond, but there are ways simple enough to solve this problem, and beginners can always take it as a chance to 'further practice' their bowling skills I guess, hehehe.

For pool, for some reason, the rates are NOT cheap. One time, a friend and I went to play pool for an hour odd, and each of us had to pay close to $10, which was insane for just an hour plus of pool! At Hougang Plaza, I only pay about $6 for two hours, which is so much cheaper! I tend to avoid playing pool here at SuperBowl. The drinks and snacks at SuperBowl are also pretty costly, and you're better off buying your own bottled drinks before coming to play...

In summary, at SuperBowl, bowling? Yay (especially if you are a student or SAFRA member). Pool/snooker? Nay, unless you are very sure you cannot find anywhere cheaper, or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I just went on a special occasion, thus the costlier rates, who knows?

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