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Snow City Building 21 Jurong Town Hall Road Singapore 609433
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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 20, 2012    

Snow City is the first permanent indoor snow centre in Singapore. Being a tropical country, many Singaporeans have never had the opportunity to experience the cold. Now, Singaporeans can escape from the hot and humid weather and experience a 'winter getaway'.

Additional Details:

Weekday Opening Hours:
9.45 am – 5.15 pm
Weekend Opening Hours:
9.45 am – 5.15 pm
Entrance Fees:
2 hours Snow Play time
Adult $27/pax (12 years old and above)
Child $22/pax

Combo Package (1 Hour Snow Play + Science Centre Admission).
Adult $18/pax (12 years old and above)
Child $16/pax

Combo Package (1 Hour Snow Play + Science Centre Admission + 1 Omni-Max Movie).
Adult $26/pax (12 years old and above)
Child $20/pax

For senior citizens, aged 55 years and above, they enjoy $2 Off admission prices at Snow City.
Price Range
  • $10-$20
  • $20-$30
  • $30-$50


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Smelly clothes

It is definitely a good hideout to spend an entire day at, given the scorching heat in Singapore. When I first visited years back with my family, I was so excited to be spending a day in a 'winter wonderland' (or so I termed it as) but..

To be honest, it was just a box; a box of man-made ice. The ice smells and feels weird as it's not naturally produced. That can't be blamed though but what I really disliked, was the condition of complimentary winter gears. It was as if they hadn't wash them in years. They reek from accumulated body odor and makes our own clothes that we wore inside, smell as well.

I know the gears are a bonus as we could well bring our own, but the price of $28 just for 2 hours of playing per person should be enough for them to at least provide us gears with better sanitation?

For those craving the cold and some snowman-building time, I'd say.. a short trip overseas would just be more worth it.

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Once is enough

I had the privilege of coming here when it just opened and everything was still new and in good working order in 2000. I had won free tickets for entry and there was a long queue to get in.

I learnt from the experience that I am not cut out for cold weather. Despite the thick overcoat, my teeth were chattering. I ended up with a nosebleed but my brother seemed to have a lot of fun, not affected by the same afflictions as I was.

Going down the giant slope in the tyre tube was quite fun though with a small measure of thrill. The snow was rather rough and not fine like how I thought it would be for a good reason I believe.

I regret that recent reviews have reported the worn out state of the place, but like I said before, I had the good fortune of experiencing it while it was still new.

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Snow City’s reputation gives it far more than it deserves. There is a LONG list of things I can complain about, which should say something about this place considering that it is supposed to be an ‘attraction’.

Firstly, the renting of the winter coats are done in an inappropriately small room, considering that there are many racks of coats and tons of visitors who are supposed to queue in there. I’ve been there three times and on all three occasions, the queue spilled out of the room, stretching towards the entrance.

Secondly, they are obviously understaffed. There was only about three staff (who looked like students) who was responsible for fetching and putting back the coats, causing the queue to move very slowly. Instructions on renting of the coats and shoes was also given by only one staff member, who was obviously out of her depth when facing the huge crowd. As such, many visitors who had not heard the instructions went to get the coats (smelly, wet and torn) on their own, leading to complete and utter chaos.

Thirdly, the attraction itself was disappointing. A ‘city’ suggests a certain size; as such, if the management were honest, they would have named it ‘Snow Room’ instead. The entire attraction consists of only one activity, which is climbing to the top and then sliding down on a wheel. There is simply nothing else to do in there besides repeatedly sliding down the snow slope.

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

Its no winter wonderland

This place has so much potential in sweltering tropical Singapore where most people have never seen snow in their lives. But it falls flat on its face.

I have only been here once and will never come again. When I approached the building, I already felt my expectations plummeting faster than hail. It was run down and does not look attractive at all. Before entering, the jackets you can rent obviously need washing. They smell of sweat and have a layer of dirt on them. The snow is the ultimate letdown. Its mostly just ice shavings, and what little you can gather are dirty. Forget about having a snowball fight or even making a snowball. A snow pea..maybe.

Snow City ruined my expectations of real snow. Totally destroyed, trampled, and wrecked it. When I finally experienced real snow in USA earlier this year, I truly felt like I was in a winter wonderland. Snow was white and pristine, unlike Snow City's brownish / yellowish disgusting slush. Snow City is more like a sick money grabber's prank on Singaporeans.

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Building looks dilapidated.

The last time I came to Snow City was around 9 years ago. As a small kid back then I did enjoy playing with the snow (which is really just ice) with my family. I was just a tad upset because I could not build a snowman. Well, I know why now. Did I mention how stinky the gloves were? Ew!

I've passed by the building a few times over the years, I must say I would not mind never returning there again. It was appalling to see the building looking dilapidated. I could see signs of algae growing at the banners of Snow City. Guess Snow City needs a huge revamp, or this business would be closing its doors permanently.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

It should be called "snow room" not "snow city"

The name of Snow City seeks to deceive as the place itself is not much larger than a school auditorium. Most of the 'snow' are just ice which doesn't even let you make a small snowball. Although the simulation of cold country is rather real, the place itself is not very spectacular. There is only one main attraction within the whole area which would be the ice slide. You grab a tire, climb to the top of the ice slope, and slide down. Sounds boring, but it is actually really fun but really really freezing as the cold air brushes past your face as you slide down! There is no doubt that the ice slide was really enjoyable for me but having just one fun activity within the entire area is definitely not worth the money.

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Not your icy wonderland, if that's what you're looking for.

The snow is grey, crumbly and a tad smelly. You can't make a snowball, much less a snowman. I had looked forward earnestly to being able to make snow angels and build a snowman the minute I'd heard of Snow venture, especially since you will never get to experience snow in Singapore.

I was thoroughly disappointed. If you'd like to experience snow I say take a trip to a winter country. This was a waste of time and money.

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Meh. Stay at home.

We got to live with this place. It's the only area in Singapore which has snow. A great place to bring your kids there to experience 'snow' (and convince them that it is real snow) rather than paying 100x the price to fly to somewhere with snow.

Well, both are cold and white, very similar. What's more, you have slides to play here with provided coats and winter wear, what's more to complain about?
But once your kids grow up, they'll know.

Smelly wear, small place, ice-like snow, the list goes one. This place is getting more and more run down as the years past. I wonder if people still go there anymore, the place from the outside looks like its closed for good to me everytime I drive past it. no inclination to revisit at all even though I've yet to see real snow. i'd much rather turn on the air conditioning to 18 degrees, wrap up in my quilt with hot cocoa in hand, and turn on some christmas vids.

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Close but no cigar

Snow City opened back when I was a young lad in primary school. It was without a doubt one of the highlights in my life back then. But now upon hindsight, it ought to be nothing more than a disappointing experience.

The snow can be called ice - it's practically solid in some areas - and the quality of it isn't very good. It is sad how upon neglect, something that could be so beautiful can fall into disrepute and disrepair. Upon reading the threads by my fellow reviewers, it seems that no improvement has been made all these years.

Sad, but it could have been so much more.

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Old Skool

Remembering this place was the bomb when i was young! When i was young, Snow city was just magical with "actually" snow in singapore! It really was great when i was younger but if you were to go there now it would really be a disappointment.

With all the unhappy staff standing around providing little assistance, it really blows out your fire. Upon entry, the place has become what some might call it a desolated place. FIlled with neglect. The jackets and coats provided are extremely dirty and smelly due to all the people wiping their snots off onto them. The only thing that is interesting inside Snow City would be their slide which ends very quickly. Really a big disappointment for those who want to relive their childhood dreams!

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