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Equipped with many sports facilities, the Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre boasts an air-conditioned sports hall, 5 A-sided soccer court, a gym, swimming complex and numerous retail outlets.

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Cheap thrills

My sister and I spent the morning in the gym, which was extremely well-kept and clean (maybe also because it was relatively new). They even had a women-only corner and a bodyweight trainer in their really big and spacious gym. I love the view of the swimming pool especially when one is cycling on the stationary bikes or running on the treadmills.

After gyming, we went to swim. The Olympic sized swimming pool caught our attention for awhile, and we swam a little, but to be honest we were more enticed by the slides! There were different slides of different lengths, and though it was a weekend we didn't really have to queue. It was like a cheaper and of course less diverse version of Wild Wild Wet. But for a couple of dollars, we weren't complaining!

On a different day I've also went to play badminton with my friends in the indoor courts. Once again, it was large and accommodating. I would definitely come back again!

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Something for Everyone

The Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre has something for people aged 8 to 88, and that's not an exaggeration. The pool has multiple slides that will keep your child entertained for hours. Even teenagers would find the pool park extremely addictive, and I can testify to that. The gym is equipped with the latest machines and weights, with the temperature set to the perfect degree celcius.

Not only will the ladies be enticed by the various yoga and aerobic courses available, the men can also join in the fun. There are activities for senior citizens as well, including light exercising equipment like ping pong tables and water therapy in the pool. All I can say is that this place is more than a typical 'SRC', it's a place for family fun, as well as individual conditioning.

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The big yellow slide!

The olympic sized-pool is all well and good and so are the clean showers, but the slides are the best aspect in my opinion! There are several slides here, catering to children and older children. There are usually queues here for the slides, so visit on a weekday afternoon or early evening to avoid huge throngs of people.

The gym has it's fair share of queues, but people don't usually go for the weights, so if you're waiting for the treadmill, pick up some weights in the meantime. Don't forget your towel and sports shoes! The badminton court is much too crowded for my liking, so I don't recommend going there.

Pick up an ice cream at Mcdonald's downstairs after you're done working out and reward yourself!

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A great place to work out and have fun!

The Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre has brought so much convenience to residents in the area, and I’m sure many others will agree with me on this!

I go to the Sports and Recreation Centre mainly to swim, and use the gym. The Olympic-sized pool is great for swimming laps, but the highlight for me is definitely the two-storey high slide. I love ending my swims with a couple of times sliding down the slide, to satisfy the kid in me!

The gym there is an awesome facility as well. I especially like the fact that it has a particular area for women to work out, because of the privacy it provides. I also love the showers in the gym, because they’re rain showers! Great way to relax after a few gruelling hours at the gym! Definitely worth a visit ;)

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A fun and exciting place for all ages.

The newly opened Pasir Ris Sports and Recreation Centre has certainly impressed me a lot. It provides all sorts of facilities for every single sports enthusiast. A pool, table tennis court, badminton and tennis court, futsal court and a ClubFITT gym all in one convenient location. It is only a mere 5 minute walk away from Pasir Ris interchange and accessibility is definitely not a problem at all.

The interior of the complex is really beautifully done. The stone floors and colourful walls really give the place a more vibrant and modern outlook. The toilets are also very clean and spacious. Water coolers are placed in strategic locations in the complex and getting hydrated is not an issue at all. There are also 8 massage chairs in the main area and for $1, you can enjoy a nice soothing massage after your sport for 16 minutes. Very reasonable.

Pasir Ris SRC is definitely a place worth visiting and I can definitely promise a good time for people of all ages.

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Small but nice

Pasir Ris SRC is like an oasis situated right in the heartlands of Pasir Ris. Whenever I want to swim, I would head over there. The design of the swimming complex is so inclusive that when I arrive, I can take in the sight of the whole place at once, and because it caters to different age groups, there is also homely feel to the area.
I came with my boyfriend once, and we swam laps in the adult pool, played in the playground which could still accommodate our sizes, and used the Jacuzzi! It was like an all-in-one package where you get to exercise, play and relax all at the same time!
On the flip side, most of their facilities are housed upstairs, which seems to me as though the complex is rather empty. It would be nice if they provide more activities on the first level instead of just the tennis table and the massage chairs. After all, that is where all visitors will pass through…

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Was so elated for the erection of this sports and recreation centre in Pasir Ris. The facilities so far are satisfactory and it is spacious.

The badminton courts are all inside a large sports hall which can get very stuffy in the afternoon with what seemed to me as insufficient ventilation. The ClubFitt gym is small, but nothing to complain about. You can even have full view of the swimming pool and the playpool below while running on the treadmill!

I have yet to try the playpool but it always looks like so much fun from the gym!

The location is convenient, with it being a walkable distance from Pasir Ris Mrt (though no shelter).

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Clean and good with lots of facilities!

I visit this place on a weekly basis, for badminton games, gym and the swimming pool!

This place is relatively new, other than having sports facilities the place also have restaurants like Pastamania and Mcdonalds. There's also a Cheers outlet located there,so it's pretty convenient to get yourself some drinks after a workout!

The badminton courts for weekends are usually booked 12-14 days in advance, so you've to book it fast!

The pool has a 'shelter' above the 3 or 4 of their lanes, too bad it's kinda small. The jacuzzi looks good though!

The sports and recreation centre even hold classes such as aerobics and kickboxing!

The best thing is, it's located just 5mins walk away from Pasir Ris MRT station and Downtown East. So you can have a healthy meal at Subway (in downtown east) after exercising!

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Loved the slides!

I think I paid $2 to try out their pool. I loved the slides, especially the higher one - it was thrilling but not too scary. The pool was nothing like something you can find in the neighbourhood. It was new, there was a jacuzzi, a deep pool and a children's pool (complete with fun bucket looking water activity stuff)! The changing rooms were also clean - I guess that's because it's new.

One bad thing was that it was crowded and I suggest that people try it out on weekdays instead.

Apart from the pool there are a few other shops/restaurants. Pasta Mania had a seating area that was near the pool itself so parents can sit there for a quick meal while their children attend swimming lessons.

There's also a Macs there for a quick snack. They have live EPL there ! (At such a cheap price, pasir ris residents should totally go there for matches)

Overall, a 4.5 for a neighbourhood establishment that exceeds expectations.
(It's easily accessible- Just opposite Pasir Ris MRT)

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(Updated: October 04, 2012)

A good rest stop.

Located conveniently just beside Pasir Ris station, it caters to not only residents there, residents from Tampines and simei visit the centre as well. Well, I am one of them.

I initially thought that alot of residents will flock there since that is the only sports hub available there, but I was wrong. It was pretty quiet and peaceful. I attribute that to catch the right timing visiting there and also the rise of Condominiums which already has their own sports facilities.

Equipped with many sports facilities, it gave me a good chance to unwind and also look around at the latest swimming and badminton equipments with the shops there. Furthermore, it provide free table tennis courts for the public use if no booking is done.

The hub has fastfood to catered the residents and sports goers. I was quite upset when I realise no healthier choice of food can be found, unless some dishes in Pasta Mania is counted. For sports person or even regualr public who wants to opt for healthier food and of course a quiet place to dine in after their exercise routine, it may be a point for them to opt to other places.
Nonetheless, it is still a good place to rest.

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