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#05-13 / Enterprise Hub 48 Toh Guan Road East 608586
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Listing created by xinty on August 06, 2012    

Standing at 8 metres high, 15 metres long and 7 metres wide, a total of 28 climbing lanes (routes changed frequently) await you at Climbers Laboratory. Using the latest technology from T-Wall, this gym was built from scratch using the Triax system. This is also the greatest highlight of Climbers Laboratory.

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(Updated: December 16, 2012)

Not for the faint-heart!

I spent my past two semesters climbing regularly at climbers’ lab and the routes there are slightly more challenging than the other gyms. It is also set in a different style compared to other gyms. Although I enjoyed climbing there, I got slightly bored this semester as they did not seem to have changed their routes. Some routes have stayed up there for more than three months!

For lack of nearby climbing gyms, it became up to my friends and me to device our own routes and games to motivate us in our climbing sessions. It is also situated in a hard-to-find and well-hidden shop on the fifth level, my friend and me did not know that there was a lift and we literally walked up 5 flights of stairs, only to be greeted by the lift when we arrived on the fifth level!

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Dilemma: bouldering or top-rope

Climbers Lab has two different outlets, one dedicated to top-rope (Toh Guan) and the other to bouldering (Kallang). This is an unfortunate dilemma presented to climbers because they are forced to choose between the two. It would be nice to have the option!

Otherwise, Climbers Lab 1 - the Toh Guan branch - is a great place to climb. Although it is slightly difficult to access, with only one bus that goes to its doorstep, the gym's location makes it a quieter, cosier place to climb, even on weekends.

There are plenty of routes to climb there, despite the limited floor space and ceiling height. There are varying levels of difficulty, training and stamina routes, as well as the obligatory overhangs.

Perhaps the only issues one might have with the physical premises are the ridiculously small toilet and shower areas. There is only space for one person in each and some - like yours truly - might feel queasy about going in with bare feet when the floor is wet. Otherwise, Climbers Lab at Toh Guan makes for a wonderful climbing workout.

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Toh Guan
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