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Climb Asia is a group of professional rock climbers. Since its inception in 2002, Climb Asia has been committed to develop the sport and seek new grounds in Singapore and the region. Unlike other companies in this business, Climb Asia comprises professional climbers who not only actively use climbing walls but also own a climbing training facility at 60 Tessensohn Road .

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Weekday Opening Hours:
12nn - 11pm
Weekend Opening Hours:
10am - 9pm
Entrance Fees:
$7 - $14 (depending on membership and time)
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Perfect for Amateurs and Advance Climbers

As an experienced climber who has been climbing for the past 5 years, climbasia has been my home for training.

Climbasia ranks highly on safety and professionalism. For safety reasons, make sure you have a level 1 certificate before you can belay others, and a level 2 certificate if you were to work on the outdoor wall. Any help you need with the equipments (which they rent out at a cost), feel free to ask those manning the counters. They will be glad to help. They pride themselves in being the climbing professionals and having trained at Climbasia for the past five years I don't see any reason to doubt this, both in terms of professionalism and safety wise. 

Climbasia has facilities both for amateur and advanced climbers. Their indoor climbing gym has two floors, the top consists of mostly non-inclined walls for beginners and the first floor consists of inclined walls at varying degrees as well as a roof.

A must go to if you are geared up towards embarking on a new, adrenaline-packed adventure.

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Not the most luxurious, but the most homely

Climb Asia is the place I've been training at for 4 years, and it is definitely special to me.

The service there is beyond excellent - the counter staff who chat with you, the staff who always ensure your safety and who are polite and helpful. The more you visit Climb Asia, the more homely and community-like you will find it to be. Of course, things might be different if you visit Climb Asia alone and on a weekday afternoon, where things are usually quieter. Evenings and nights are usually more crowded.

It might be less sparkling and its toilet less clean than other gyms, but these are small issues. Climb Asia more than makes up for it with its variety of boulder walls, outdoor lead walls and indoor top-rope climbing. There are easy routes, children routes, tough, psych-inducing routes for the experienced climbers, intermediate routes - there's certainly something for everyone, regardless of age or experience level.

There have also been many upgrades to the gym, with new fans installed at both levels to improve ventilation, and colour co-ordinated routes with different grades, so that you can climb alone if you wanted to. You could also meet Dusty and Grumpy, two cats who have become part of the Climb Asia family.

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In two minds!

Climbasia is the first climbing gym I went to, and will always have a home in my heart. Its interior is run down and there is a homely feel to it, which the newer gyms do not yet have. However, whenever I went there alone, I would feel slightly depressed if I were bouldering on the second level as the lighting there is weak, and there is little ventilation.

Having said that, it is also the place with the most friendly staff and climbers, while being exclusive at times, they are always quick to provide a helping hand and some helpful tips on climbing when asked! The top rope there is limited but good as they make the effort to change their routes regularly so things do not get boring.

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Not beginner friendly but still challenging

I had been to Climb Asia a couple of times since I started climbing competitively 5 years ago. Yes, I am a rock climber! Message me if you’re one too! But if you are a beginner in rock climbing, I would really discourage you from heading to Climb Asia.

Back when I first step foot into Climb Asia, the entrance fee was really frightening for a student for me back then. Luckily, I was under the school’s subsidies so it lessened for me. Nonetheless, I really detest the wall and the environment. The bouldering wall inside is rough which is a good thing but it’s very stuffy and ventilation is very bad even with fans blowing strongly. They have a second storey for the bouldering gym but that does not make the environment any better.

Moving on to the outside, there are 2 high walls that belong to the gym. One high wall of 20-25m is not sheltered and is beside the entrance to the carpark. Another is situated just outside the gym facing the badminton court. The walls have many routes that are not favourable to beginners and sometimes they don’t change the routes for months.

I do not dare to call myself a veteran but as a season climber, I try my very best to avoid this gym as much as possible.

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Not value for money, whether rookie or veteran

Climb Asia is one of the earliest climbing gyms in Singapore. Sadly, little at its current location attests to this credential. Different aspects of the gym culminate in leaving me the impression that climbing there is not worth my money.

Before even discussing the price, consider the low quality of the walls: the walls in the sports hall area are very smooth and very hard to "smear" with your shoes. The pieces on the walls are also fairly smooth compared to those in other gyms. This means that if you have sweaty palms and no chalk, well, good luck trying to hang on.

The service is initially rather tepid, but to my surprise one of the staff was later very helpful in picking out climbing shoes for me to try and buy. I guess service isn't an important part of their work, but they are passionate about what they do - climbing.

Unfortunately, the expensive entrance fee is enough to turn me away from Climb Asia in the future. The non-member fees are extremely steep, at $14 for entrance only. When you throw in your harness, belay devices, and chalk (the holds are smooth, remember?), that easily adds up to $20. Moreover, I wouldn't want to become a member given the kind of walls and holds I get here.

This gym is certainly not for newbies to sport climbing, but I'm not sure if it is even among the best for veterans.

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(Updated: August 09, 2012)

Not as beginner friendly as the other climbing gyms!

Being the first climbing gym & still in operatin til now, i would say that climb Asia has somewhat gotten complacent over the recent years. Their day entry pass prices are not even close to competitive compared to other boulder gyms around. Non-members have to pay an exorbitant $14 for entry itself. I will definitely not bring my friends here for their first bouldering experience (member entry fee costs $7).

Climb asia's entry fee is not friendly, so are their staffs & indoor bouldering walls!
Their staffs never fail to make me feel unwelcome each time I step into their premises. They do not greet customers & the atmosphere is always gloomy.

Their bouldering walls lack boulder routes & even if there are any, it will always be less than 5 for beginners at least. It is the prefect place for people who wish to be left alone & be treated as 'invisible' because none of their staffs will ever approach you.

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2levels of bouldering
Farrer park mrt
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