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Flutters Lash & Nail Parlour

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#03-17/OUE Downtown Gallery 2 6A Shenton Way Singapore 068815
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Pailin Boonlong
Listing created by Pailin Boonlong on January 16, 2018    

Flutters is a vintage-themed lash parlour for eyelash extensions that also offers nail treatments. 

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Greedy Company with unfair policies

I have been to Flutters twice and these experiences were quite positive at first, I even went out of my way to give them a positive review on my social media. However I recently wanted to get a eyelash refill (after it only lasted two weeks)
They refused to schedule another refill appointment unless I paid the full price for a whole new set. I checked their website many times and NO WHERE does it say that their policy is to charge the full amount after only one refill.

The customer service and handling of this has been very poor. I have looked through the entire website and store and there is absolutely no mention of this even after I emailed them. If I knew this upfront I would never have come here in the first place as it’s unfair to not only charge the price for a full set every other appointment but to ALSO charge an extra $10 each time for the removal of their own eyelashes.

I have been getting my eyelashes done for 4 years now so I was willing to pay a little more than the average salon for better quality, but didn’t expect this deceptive practice. If it was at least explained or the information available upfront so that people are aware. I can’t be the only one to have had this problem.

My conclusion is don’t come here unless you’re willing to pay for a full set every other appointment which by the way is much more expensive than most salons in Singapore. The quality and service are their eyelashes seemed to be good but I’ve had better quality before that lasted for much longer than 3 weeks unlike Flutters that only lasted for 2 weeks.

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My go-to place for flutter lashes

I've grown so used to having lash extensions that I've almost forgotten what it's like to be lash-free. Although I've tried a variety of different lash specialists, Flutters Lash & Nail Parlour is the one I always go back to. Their parlour is styled according to a glamour pin-up girl theme so you can expect pink and retro fixtures, but besides the pretty décor, I always leave with lashes that I'm pleased with.

Each session is completely painless. All I ever do is lie back in a mattress, accompanied with a cosy blanket, and wait for the lash therapist to do her magic. Sometimes, I'll be clenching my eyes as tightly as possible since I'm scared of the eyelash glue seeping into my eye - but it never does.

The only downside of this place is its price, which can be considered pricey in comparison to other lash parlours.

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