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A Japanese beauty salon that provides services to help achieve flawless, radiant skin.


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Agree with siewmai966's review. I went to the Kovan outlet hoping that they could lighten my pigmentation. But no. They made my condition worse and developed more dark spots as a result of acne. I suspect that their needles are not clean. They don't use disposable needles. Also, they try to sell you things while you are lying on the bed and they are doing the extraction for you. It's not relaxing or pleasant at all. Staff use hardsell tactics and put other establishments down. Really unprofessional.

Will definitely not reccomend.

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Staffs were outright rude, NO differences after 1 trial

I refer to my trial with Shakura on 16th January 2016 at 12pm. 

Despite it's many poor reviews online, my friend had recommended me here because the staffs were not pushy, and they managed to get gunk out during the extraction. That was exciting news for me because other facials we've been to usually could not get anything out from our faces. Well it would seem that she definitely did not visit the branch at JCube!

I had encountered pushy staffs before, both when I've paid and as well as my first and last free trial. But never have I experienced such poor service. To call it a service is laughable. 
Receptionist was unsmiling, cold, and I was more friendly to her than she was to me, first sign of the poor unregulated quality of service here. 

Second, if the company is against students receiving trials, then i advice that they set an age limit (i.e. 23 years and above) instead of wasting your consultant's "efforts" and the time of customers. Indeed it was a waste of my precious 2 hours, I literally wouldn't go again if it's free. Get a grip, a company that earns profits by providing good services isn't going to last further with absolutely crap services. 

The moment she stepped in, the consultant asked in chinese "Tell me first, 那个package你要买的吗?" Is this a coffee shop? Despite my numerous replies in English, she refused to engage me in English until i prompted her to. Subtle things like customer's choice of language was dismissed. I was tempted to walk out if she continued speaking in mandarin because i couldn't understand her very well! (Which she knew, from my broken replies in Mandarin, and which she chose to rudely dismiss). In summary, staff had poor command of English, and couldn't speak politely, perhaps due to poor management from the company. Suggestion: Hire professional staffs if you want to charge $100 for the most basic facial

I replied that I would decide after the trial, because there was supposedly a difference after just one time? Her following replies after was unacceptable.
"You student, no money one I KNOW" 

"Do you always go for free stuffs?"

"YA YA YA YA, you listen to me, see you talk talk talk taalk so much then i cannot explain, you understand anot?" (Goes on to NOT answer my question on its effectiveness)

"you DONT need to worry, it's free okay, you DONT need to pay anything" (Smile vanishes immediately and she starts frowning and clenching her jaw) (****I did not ask anything about paying! I was ready to walk out by then, who would pay money to receive service from such an undeserving rude scum?! If you think bullying and mud-slinging customers is a way to get money from us, you need to change your mindset)

After she effectively dismissed all my concerns by cutting me off and continued on her monologue (See above), I asked how long she had been in the service, as a form of conversation filler, as i would likewise ask a hair stylist or dentist. And she went all passive aggressive on me, claiming that i thought she was inexperienced and angrily asked if i want another staff to speak to me. Her unprofessional demeanor really belies the fact that she has worked there for 23 years (I say you sack her, I know I would)

As beauticians, they face a panoply of customers everyday, and it is their responsibility to always put on a fresh smiling face and their best foot forward for every customer. I made a 45 minutes journey to this place, and I was very, very, very disappointed. 

To be fair, she was more pleasant during the actual facial itself, and there was no hard-selling at all after, and she did manage to get gunk out during the extraction. However, she did not explain what she was putting on my face until i asked, which I find slightly rude too. One of their weird essences stung my face like crazy, which is NOT GOOD, no matter how the company tries to convince you that its wiping the "toxins" out, it was probably some substandard beauty product. 

In fact, she did not bother to scan my face or show me a before & after photo. What she did was to push a mirror to me "Got difference, right?" And no, there was no difference. What a waste of my 3 hours (+ transport time). I also note that she skipped all the massages on the shoulder/face that the reviews said there was. 

Judging from the deluge of negative comments online about Shakura, and the way it has refused to change even in Singapore, I'm guessing that they probably won't care about my feedback. But I will post this review anyway, to save someone else from losing 3 hours and a portion of their dignity. 

Heck, from their service, they probably don' even pay your staffs well, I'm doubting if they even have a department in charge of responding to feedbacks (Indeed, there are no  apologies for the numerous 1 star review on their Facebook page)

Tldr: There are better trials out there, the staffs might be pushy, but not rude. Well at least that was my impression after visiting a certain salon for a free hair treatment (Yes Shakura, you were my second free trial, i do not go around hunting to free stuffs because my time is precious and i'm a busy woman, and i would not ever come back)

Also, a $20 facial elsewhere has much much better services than you. Be very ashamed, you charge $100 for the most basic facial. 

What Nielson survey said that 7/10 of 802 customers would recommend to a friend? I guess 3/10 of them went to jcube! **I went to google for this survey but i couldn't find it, can we sue them for misrepresentation? 

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