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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on November 03, 2012    

Yun Nam Hair Care was established in 1984 and is known for its belief in using natural herbs to improve hair health.

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Spend money on this only if it is worth

I went for a free trial due to my obvious hairline which all thin hair people would fret about. Worried that I might be balding, I proceeded to give it a try. Unlike the reviews I read, I did not wait for very long. Almost immediately, they brought me in for consultation. I was aware that this might not even be effective but one tip is to never purchase their products. I got a shampoo, conditioner and a scalp spray together with the free trial when u read that people have bought the shampoo alone for $19...I ended up signing for a package worth 430 for 10 sessions. In comparison mine was 42 per treatment which was reasonable and even cheaper than hair salons as compared to 100 or higher that other customers have gotten. Probably because I am a student.

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Definitely not the place to treat your hair problems

Yun Nam is famous for being the no.1 salon that comes to mind, especially if you face hair related problems. However, behind the flashy commercials and the 'miracles' performed per second, lies hard selling and bad service.

I went there for a trial treatment recommended through an online webstore. Since I tend to have a slightly oily scalp, I thought it would be time to try Yun nam.

During the appointment, the personnel would contact you through phone call. She sounded really friendly and helpful over the phone, thus boosting my confidence about the company.

During consultation day, I arrived on time but was made to wait for 20 min before anyone attended to me. All the consultants were either attending to other customers, or just standing behind the reception chatting loudly (there were 5 of them there!). #Unprofessional

After which I was brought into the consultation room for my scalp scan. My consultant begin the scan but the areas she selected were very selective. Mainly pointing out that I have oily clogs and that my pores were far apart from one another. Mind you, but my hair is so god dame thick, I swear I have to take 4 h to fully dry them without a hair dryer.

During the consultation, she insists on hard selling me the packages and told me that my hair might eventually face MAJOR hair loss if I do not start saving it not. Thinking that I am an inexperienced young teen (I am in my twenties), she dropped a serious tone and look dead straight at me asking if I "want to make a change" to my situation. When I gently refuse, she still push forward to the products, even after I claim to be just a student working part time. Note that all this happen BEFORE the trial; what a mentally abusive consultation it was.

The 'consultation' ended after a good 30min (a total of 50 min wasted). My appointment was supposed to begin at 12 noon but it ended at 3pm. 3 hours at the center, with majority of the time spent waiting!

Even during the treatment sessions, I was made to wait for a long time before they rinse my hair or remove the hot steamer which made my scalp sting a little from the heat. Worse of all, my personal consultant was no where to be found 30 min into my treatment. In the end, one of the others help to rinse my hair off and help me with another scan. By then, the herbal material applied on my hair was hardened and majority was stuck to my hair. The poor lady had to rinse off twice to clean it fully.

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Ineffective treatment

My aunty, having realised that she had hair fall problems, decided to come to Yun Nam Hair care to see if they were really as good as they say they are. With the flashy advertisements that they pay for on prime television time, they sure must be making a lot of money to afford that.

Unfortunately for her, it didn't work so well. Turns out that during the period that she was having treatment, although her hair did stop falling for a bit, the treatment did not help her to grow back any hair or cure her condition. In any case, with the other reviews below, it seems that the treatment works in varying degrees, depending on the type of problem you have - maybe there really isn't such a thing as a one fit cures all medicine or treatment that they advertise it to be.

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Solely Commercially Impressive

Yun Nam Hair Care seems to thrive when it comes to the advertizing sector. It was dominating the television sets. Posters of it were plastered practically everywhere. Hence, whenever I saw someone who has a receding hairline, the first phrase that comes to mind would usually be ‘Go Yun Nam’. However, I didn’t know whether its really as good as it claimed to be. Thus, I experimented the effectiveness of the products and treatments provided via my teacher, who was balding after screaming his head off frequently towards notorious students.

The treatment was rather pricey. The products seemed ordinary. The hair grew a little albeit snail paced. I wasn’t that impressed. Another new product called ‘Caboki Hair Loss Concealer’ seemed to produce a much more satisfying outcome.

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Seems ineffective

I don't have any hair loss problems. This review is based on an observation of an acquaintance who has balding issues. He is 20+ but he looks like 30+ due to serious balding problems. He is very concerned about this issue and he had tried countless products and I think Yun Nam was the last method he tried.

He went for Yun Nam treatments for a few months but there wasn't any improvements at all. Guess what? He has since shaved his head bald. He has accepted his balding problems and thinks he looks better fully bald than half bald. Sorry but I think this kind of treatment is just like the slimming center scams.

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Different Products; Same Ingredients

I visited Yun Nam recently to claim a free treatment and sample package from doing a survey sent by the samplestore. I had actually went with the determination not to buy anything from them apart from claim the free treatment but I relented eventually because of the hard-selling. As other reviewers have mentioned, they love to use the scare tactics telling you your hair will fall off if you don’t buy etc etc… In the end I just purchased a small bottle of shampoo costing me $19+. Luckily for me, I managed to dodge the big bullets.

However, my friend who went for the free trial got convinced into buying their products for $300+. When we compared our items, we realized that they gave us the same items! Customized, like real! Our hair problems are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Also, my friend realized that all the items contain practically the same ingredients. Just that they have shampoo, conditioner, lotion, treatment etc etc. Not worth the money!!

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Not my place for hair care

My first impression upon visiting their Plaza Singapura outlet was: “Omg.. this place smells nasty.”

It reeked of the herbs they use, so much so it’s suffocating, for a person like me(who don’t really fancy Chinese medicine). My consultant was friendly, and her service was proper but I think she tried too hard to sell me one of their packages. She used the scare tactic to maneuver me into signing by telling me how I’d look like if I were to not, how bad it’ll get etc.

Not to mention that they bounced me about 3 of their outlets before finally assigning me to PS, each time saying that their outlets were fully booked. Shouldn’t they check before confirming the appointment? Also, the packages that they’re offering are I think, way too expensive for a student like me. 6 sessions for a thousand? Even with installments, probably not.

The session also took longer than the time they’ve given to me as an estimate, which made my date wait outside for another 45 minutes.

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(Updated: September 18, 2013)


My first encounter with Yun Nam Hair Care was to redeem a $10 voucher for 2 hair treatments and some hair care products.

I had called the Jurong Point branch to make an appointment and was assigned a consultant. After diagnosing my hair/scalp problems, the consultant proposed a package for me at a "heavily discounted" price, about $4,000, meant only for customers on their first visit. I politely declined and informed her that I only wanted to redeem the $10 voucher. After a few proposals followed by declines, the consultant finally asked me for my budget, which I felt she should have asked for at the beginning. After some more declines to her proposals, she finally lowered her price further and I ended up purchasing a $1,000 package from her. A friend of mine who is also a Yun Nam customer told me that I had a very good rate from them.

The problem with Yun Nam was that it didn't stop there. When I next visited the place for the second treatment, the consultant tried to get me to sign up for another package costing about $4,000. I refused and reminded her that I had already bought a package from her during my first visit and the price had already exceeded my budget. The consultant then said that I could pay for the package by 36-month 0%-interest installments, which costs only about $100 per month. I informed her that whether the money was paid upfront or by installment, I would still be spending $4,000 and I refused to do that.

That consultant didn't give up. The third time I visited them, the consultant again tried to sell me another package, this time costing about $8,000. Again I said no. It was over my budget, and furthermore, I would not buy another package when I have not yet fully redeemed my first package. The consultant then requested that I visit them every week (to quickly complete my first package).

After *that* treatment, I requested for a transfer to another branch which my friend patronises. Luckily her consultant understood the situation and did not try to sell me any products.

Yun Nam is known for their hard-selling tactics but to pressure me into buying expensive packages at every single visit and disregarding my budget concerns really goes beyond the pale. My recommendation for this company is--AVOID!

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Jurong Point
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Expensive hair care with hard selling staffs

I think Yun Nam Hair Care, London Weight Management and New York Skin solutions all belong under the same enterprise roof for they all have one thing in common - the hard-selling techniques adopted by the staff.

I'm one who has natural grey hair since young (poor me) and had to resort to trying out Yun Nam's services for their grey hair remedy. Didn't purchase those packages but rather, got the trial for the first time at a minimal cost instead.

I've to say the staff do know their stuff well, having explained many hair problems and causes to me after doing the hair analysis using the microscopic equipment on my scalp. However, they are too eager to promote their (expensive) packages and hair products, making me feel rather uncomfortable throughout the trial session. Scared off by their hard selling strategies, I didn't even consider signing up for any packages.

Similar to the sister companies, I do believe that Yun Nam does solves the hair problems over time but you've to first invest a really hefty sum of money and be consistent with the treatment to see the results.

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