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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 19, 2014    

Electric Run is another night marathon that involves luminousity. This run encourages innovativeness in terms of costumes or any other form of outfits. Electric Run provides glow in the dark merchandises. It also features several surrealistic glowing settings scattered within the vicinity. The unique settings includes lighted up rainbow tunnels, luminous trees that could switch colours depending on the blasted music, fountains that spurts neon water in sync with the beats and many more. 

Additionally, the aftermath of the run is a performance provided by renown DJ; NeffMau5.


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Fun Run

I went for the electric run in 2014 and had the time of my life. The whole experience felt more like a party than a run, with flashing bright lights every where, people dressed in multi-coloured tutus and glow-in-the-dark outfits.

The route was very prettily decorated with light displays such as the Electro Rainforest and Rainbow Road. Most people weren’t running seriously, but jogging slowly while taking in the sights, so even if you’re not a very serious runner, you don’t have to worry about lagging behind.

At the end of the run, there was even a concert! One thing I noted was that the area was disappointingly littered with tissue paper and water bottles left behind by runners.

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Running with light

Electric Run is night marathon (starts at 7+ usually) that involves luminousity. This run encourages innovativeness in terms of costumes or any other kinds of accessories. For instance, some of the merchandises sold include glow in the dark tu-tus, hairbands and sunglasses. The run has a unique setting which includes rainbow tunnels, luminous trees, fountains that spray luminous water as well as an interactive luminous wall.

However, the run was more of a walk for most of the participants as there were to many picturesque attractions set up by the organizers that it’d be a waste not to stop and snap a picture. Also, the running track was strewn with litter after the race was over as there were few rubbish bins in sight.

There was an after party for Electric Run and it basically involved people raving and jumping to the music that was controlled by a DJ. A word of caution - the party is held pretty late into the night and girls should be accompanied by their trustworthy male friends. Overall, the experience was rather underwhelming for the price you pay - $75.

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Slightly Disappointing but still Fun

I'm a huge fun run fan mainly because I'm too lazy to get serious about running. So with the hype over runs like colour run, foam run etc, I had to sign up for the electric run. Of course, paying $75 to run seemed ridiculous but to me, it feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn't give that up.

On hindsight, Electric Run was kinda disappointing. I went for the run on Saturday and it was just super crowded. It was too difficult to run because almost everyone was walking and they hogged up the road like it belonged to them. This was despite the fact that the organisers encouraged walkers to stick to the left. I was quite annoyed also because at the different lands, there were just too many people hanging around, stopping in the middle of nowhere which made it a less pleasant experience.

Of course the music and the 'party' feel was up to par but most of the time, I wanted to get out of the nasty throng of smelly people. Perhaps going on a Friday may be better but I'm not too sure. I heard the after-party at Zouk got cancelled too on Saturday because there were too many people. While I wish everyone could experience Electric Run, I do hope they could put a smaller cap on it next time.

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Expensive walk

I love marathons. So, when a friend introduced me to the electric run, how could I possibly say no? Plus with all the hype over “color run”, “zombie run”, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of trying at least one fun run in my life.

So I took part in the Electric run on Saturday! It was the first fun run of my life, and probably the last.

Money aside, it was not possible to run at all. Everyone was walking and there were just too many participants. Not anyone’s fault since I’m sure many people were there to enjoy the electric light shows and set ups. That being said, there were still quite a few participants who got injured during the “run”. In addition, after I have finished walking through the marathon, I noticed that there were still many participants waiting to start their run.

Next, there was this “smoky” light show area that smelt like a major pollution site which I felt was not appropriate for a run. And finally, not unusual for marathons and major outdoor events, the whole place was full of cans, plastic and light sticks after the event.

Of course, there are many merits of the run. I saw friends having fun, kind people offering me free light sticks and spontaneous people dressing up for the event! Of course, the whole idea was really creative and the light shows were superbly done that I also took a few selfies like others too.

Electric Run is definitely a different run as compared to other traditional marathons. I do believe it creates meaning for the society, where people of different origins get together with the common goal of having fun. But, just a warning to those who are looking for a serious work-out!

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