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2Degree Ice Art

2Degree Ice Art

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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 04, 2014    

2Degree Ice Art is an event that are held in specially prepared venues. These venues are under 2 Degrees celcius in temperature, hence it's name. The ice are stored within these venues. They're sculpted to iconic figures and landmarks. It also contains an ice bar. This ice bar is stored in the venue that has a temperature of -15 degrees celcius.

2Degree Ice Art aims to showcase the ice sculpting tradition in China to an international audience. It was founded in 2013 by Century Ice Wonderland Pte. Ltd. 

2Degree Ice Art also provides additional winterwear and gloves for those who woud like to equip themselves in the battle against those freezing temperatures at that venue.


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Hot & Cold

2 Degrees was so fun! I grabbed the offer that was on Groupon and was extremely happy about it.

I went on one of the Sundays and I was totally kept in awe upon entering the exhibition hall. Although I have visited a similar exhibition in Bei Jing 7 years ago, the feeling and excitement was totally different this time as it just felt really amazing to be able to have such fun and exhibition in Singapore.

Other than being able to have fun with all the slides, the unique setting of an ice bar in the exhibition hall made me want to stay till its closing hours. Imagine drinking a glass of coke in 2 degree celsius in Singapore? That's unbelievable. I was so thrilled and really hope to go again with my friends before this amazing exhibition ends.

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