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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on July 22, 2013    

The Color Run is a five-kilometre, un-timed race where thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometre. The fun continues at the finish line with a gigantic “Color Festival”, using more colored powder to create happiness and lasting memories.

Since its debut event in January 2012, it will grow to over 100 events and over a million participants in 2013.


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The most colourful you’ll ever be

The Colour Run is a 5km race where participants are splashed in coloured powder from head to toe. It is dubbed the “Happiest 5km” as almost everyone was screaming and laughing while getting splashed in colour. The post-Colour-run-you is also very Instagrammable as the different colours make pictures a lot more vibrant.

However, the race was EXTREMELY crowded when I went. I found myself walking at certain parts of the race while waiting for the bottleneck to clear. Also, the race track became rather filthy after awhile as it was filled with powder and dirty muddy shoe marks. I also had a hard time removing the powder on my body.

Overall, everyone should experience the Colour Run at least once in his/her life as it is definitely an unforgettable experience. Grab a friend along!

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Best Run I Ever Did

Think the Holi Festival, but you gotta run for it.

The Colour Run is the Happiest 5K indeed. Not one for sports, this was a marathon where I felt sporty without the panting, and emerged as happy as a rainbow - literally.

I was a participant at the inaugural Colour Run hosted at sunny Sentosa. The vibe was pumped up, putting everyone in high spirits. Placed at strategic intervals, the tossing of coloured powder heightened in intensity as we followed the route, from running into powder blasts to rolling over rainbow-coloured jogging paths. To sum it all up, the Colour Run after-party was a perfect beach party doused in beer, colour, smiles, and new friends.

If you've never been on the happiest run in the planet, then next year is your cue. And for those who have already been, there's no rule saying you can't go again.

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(Updated: July 22, 2014)

Truly the Happiest 5K!

The Color Run is widely advertised as the "Happiest 5K on the planet" and it truly was an incredibly fun experience for me and all the friends I went with. I went for the inaugural event in 2013, and it left me wanting more. To call it a 5 kilometer run, however, is a little bit of a misnomer, considering a large population of "runners" (myself included) were walking and, at certain points, waiting for bottlenecks to clear.

Regardless, the event was a roaring success, with many opportunities to photobomb random unsuspecting passersby, to create color angels (similar to snow angels, but with color powder on the ground), and basically just be silly and not get judged. A group of runners started to spontaneously burst into Majulah Singapura, causing a chain effect with other national day songs following.

The Color Run is truly a fun run in every sense of the word, and it was silly fun waving to random strangers after the event, recognizable through the stains they'd have on their clothes, bodies, and hair. So if you've ever thought of joining a fun run, grab a few friends and join the next Color Run!

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Happiest 5k on the planet

The Color Run is literally the happiest 5k on the planet, just as they advertise. I had the best 5km run ever with my friends, and it was enjoyable and fun.

Actually, it wasn't even a run. It's better to call it a 5km walk. Every "color" station is a destination for people to roll on the floor and add new colors to your skin/shirt/all over you, and we can just hi-five random strangers. The atmosphere was amazing, I absolutely loved it. It's like everybody was in on a secret and we were all in it together.

The after-party was pretty fun as well. But my friends and I had red skin on some parts of the body after the run, but don't be alarmed, these colors will go off after a few days. Despite that, I probably won't go for it again because I found out that the corn flour they use for the colors are enough to feed a substantial number of people, and that's completely wasteful. I don't want to have fun by sacrificing food for others.

That said, the Color Run is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Once in a lifetime experience

I'm sure you find running mundane, if not exhaustive and unpleasant as I do. Hence, with the popular explosion of creative ways to make such a mundane activity interesting, I found that I actually have a change in mindset.

Running became most unpleasant especially in the army. During my BMT, I remembered countless sessions of being forced to run under the hot sun, running to touch ridiculous things (tree, my friend's shoe, the drain etc) and also running up and down the stairs. Hence, it was actually pleasant when all aspects of running suddenly became fun.

I loved the colour run because I get to become a rainbow. It was definitely memorable, especially when you got sprayed. You start off with a white T-shirt which is actually a pastel for colours to be doused on. Moreover, you actually look great in photos captured after the activity.

I loved new innovations that made my day, and the colour run was definitely a memorable experience for me. One should really participate in it!

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Best Run Yet

The Colour Run was so much fun, I am definitely going for it again! I remember sitting in front of my laptop before 9 am, waiting eagerly to sign up for it with my friends and when I did, I was so excited. It got sold out pretty quick because they only released 1000+ slots for each day so some were left disappointed.

The whole experience was pretty cool, but I didn't really fancy how coloured powder got into my eyes. You should really wear sunglasses or goggles if you're going to run in the Colour Run. But it was truly the happiest 5k I've ever ran because my friends and I were singing at the top of our lungs (and getting extremely breathless), rolling on the floor and high-fiving random strangers.

So please please Colour Run, come back to Singapore! And for those of you going for the upcoming Electric Run in April, see you there!

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Fun Fun Fun Fun (I think)

The Color Run was one of the most anticipated running events of 2013. I remember signup slots were gone within a day, and they even had to add slots after a while. It looked fun, was extremely appealing and was for a charitable cause. Sadly, I wasn't one of the lucky people who could get to run.

Nonetheless, those who did had nothing but praises. Although they were drenched with colour from head to toe, they didn't mind and had heaps of fun in the process. The fancy merchandise was another plus point. They had all sorts of wacky designs, socks, head bands, wrist bands and plenty of shirts. You still can buy colour run merchandise as of now, just google it and the link to the shop will pop out.

There has been no news about a 2014 Colour Run in Singapore, but I really hope that it comes back again! Amazing run, amazing fun for amazing causes: no reason why you shouldn't put on your running shoes, 'jio' some of your good friends and have a jolly good time :)

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Seems like a Good, artistic, creative event.

Being dunked in different colours by the volunteers doesn't seem like such a good idea to me. While I don't mind getting dirty by being wild and adventurous on hiking trips or canoeing trips, I wouldn't pay to get drenched in colour.

As the event name suggests, people do go to the run to be soaked in different colours just for the fun of it as they run. While it may be a novel event, I personally don't think I would like to experience that while running.

Even though my personal opinion is against the event, I do find it partly interesting and creative as to how they can spice up and differentiate their run from the other runs that happen in Singapore. Seeing my friends' pictures on instagram and them tweeting about the fun that they've had also makes it seem worthwhile for them.

I guess its not such a bad event after all, it is personal preference that makes me think twice about going for this event.

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(Updated: August 22, 2013)

Best 5km I've ever done :D

How often do you ever finish 5km while feeling like you did only 2?

This was an amazing experience, and though it cost me $50 (which is quite expensive for a run that had a less than decent goodie bag) and 2 days of red stained limbs to be this happy while running, it was totally worth it.

Most of us actually walked most of the 5km although it is called the colour Run, and I believe the only times where most of us picked up on our speed was while we were hi 5-ing people who were heading in the opposite direction on the adjacent path. There were loads of u-turns on the route so this gave ample opportunity for maniacal screams of hi 5 to equally hyper strangers. So extremely fun, and probably the first time I've seen Singaporeans so incredibly friendly to strangers :')

AND YES, of course, the highlight of the event - getting our faces, limbs, shirts and shoes coloured until we looked like beings from an external universe in a distant planet. The throwing of coloured powder and all felt like a massive party and when supplies were running low, many people decided to start rolling themselves on the floor like a popiah while coating themselves with the coloured powder hahahahaha.

I was actually pretty disappointed when we came close to the end of the 5km, maybe they should have made this a 10km event instead... :D On a side note, the Sentosa beach was so incredibly dirty and messy after that, I have completely no idea how they'd manage the clean up of the aftermath. Ours was the 1st of the 2-day event, so it was relatively clean before the event. But yeah, we finished our 5km with flying colours, literally and metaphorically!

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