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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on June 25, 2013    

Halloween Horror Nights is an annual event that occurs at Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Studios remains operational during the day and transitions to Halloween Horror Nights at night. The event features haunted houses, "scare zones" and live entertainments; many of which utilize Universal's characters and other licenses.


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Be scared out of your mind at HHN4

If you’re ever planning on going to Universal Studios Singapore, I suggest going for their annual Halloween Horror Night. On a normal day, a USS ticket would set you back $74, however a HHN ticket is $6 cheaper.

On Halloween Horror Night, you get to experience USS at its best. Not only are most of the rides still open, there are 4 haunted houses and 4 horror zones. So basically you’re getting 3 for less than the price of one!

The haunted houses differed in the level of scariness. I wasn’t very scared at Jack’s 3 Dementia and the L.A.B, but found the more localised sets more terrifying than the Westernised versions of horror.

Overall a petrifying but fun experience.

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A fun night out for those with no Halloween plans

I’ll confess, I’m a horror movie junkie. I love them all, from terror to thriller to simple gore, I just love scaring myself. Having gone to Fright Night in the UK before, I was excited to experience the bigger, more intense version that Singapore has to offer. The only issue with it being so big and bad, is that it’s just so, so busy. The queues for any of the rides take at least an hour, and you spend the whole time trying to dodge crowds of screaming people.

The amount of effort and planning put in is clear. Different sections provide different scares, and for me the best part are all the actors in full makeup and costume that jump out as you walk around. Surprise is the best and easiest way to scare, and even when you look out for these actors they’ll still have you screaming like a little girl. The mazes are okay, but when there’s that many people to get around the park, the mazes aren’t as intimate or small as you’d want them to be in order to really feel terrified. The mazes aren’t that different from the rest of the park, and in my opinion not really worth the queue.

My favourite part was the sassy Mirror, mirror on the wall, who responds to what you’re doing and is just a fabulous touch to the horror and gore seen in the rest of the park. If you’re stuck regarding what to do around Halloween, this is always a safe bet for a fun night out with your friends, it’s not downright terrifying, more a way to scream and laugh both at the same time.

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Closest you get to Halloween in Singapore

Halloween Horrors in Universal Studios is probably the closest you can get to Halloween in Singapore. At $80+ you get access to approximately 5 haunted houses in the park, “scare zones” as well as rides in the park. (although only a few more popular ones were open) I must say, the make up and costumes of the park scarers are pretty well done and they always manage to make my hair stand.

However, the tickets are really pricy for a 6 hour experience. The park opens for Halloween Horrors at ~7 and closes at ~1. Even worse, the queues for the haunted houses are EXTREMELY long. I remember queuing for 1.5h to enter Jing’s Revenge Haunted House last year. Hence, most of your time will be spent queuing than enjoying the park.

Overall, I’d recommend everyone to go for Halloween Horrors at least once for the experience or for a get together with friends. Or even better, for guys who want to bring girls out on a date ;) - you know what I mean.

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A great experience

I've always wanted to attend Halloween Horror Night at USS, and after several years of failed attempts, I finally got the chance to. Although I feel that $68 is too hefty a price for six hours (the event is from 7.30PM to 1.30AM), not to mention out of which you'd probably spend half the time queuing, it's a great experience especially for people like me who loves being at theme parks. Theme parks are great, but it's even greater at night and it's the best when the entire place has a scary twist to it.

The biggest flaw of this event has got to be the crowd. It's not that scary when people infront are already screaming their lungs out... I believe that horror comes best with with anticipation so the crowd was quite a bummer for me. Truth is I wasn't that scared in the haunted houses, although their distinct themes are really worth praising. There were five houses and four scare zones this year, and out of four houses that I went into I only legitimately screamed in one because only me and my friends were in there and we weren't confined in a narrow lane. We even went for a second round because we genuinely enjoyed that house! However one house worth mentioning this year has got to be the 3D clown house, the effects and the props used were all top-notch. Truly memorable!

Tip: Go with a large group of people, or someone that you can queue up for hours with. The time spent queuing at HHN isn't talked about so much for nothing! Also, get your tickets at roadshows for a cheaper price.

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(Updated: May 15, 2014)

"Thump Thump Thump.."

I went for my first HHN in 2013 because I was crazy.

You see, I have a great imagination and that doesn't bode well when spooky images are incorporated into it.

I got my tickets at a student price and purchased the express tickets as well. Thank God for the express tickets! I was at my last haunted house (there were 3) when I heard a passer by say,"1 down! 2 more to go!" And that was already an hour into the event. That would mean, without the express tickets, the average waiting time for 1 haunted house was about an hour. Not cool.

So anyway there were 3 haunted houses, 2 scare zones (where you may just walk into a ghost and take photos with them) and some chill areas for you to calm down.

The makeup is really fantastic and the scares were unexpected.You'd be afraid to turn the corner because you really don't know what is ahead. However you'll be forced to because there is a line of people behind you. The only drawback would be when people in front of you screamed and you could gauge when the next scare was going to happen.

The other rides will also be open and it's somewhat refreshing to take these rides at night. The atmosphere was a lot more hyped up and it felt like a whole new USS.

I would definitely want to go for HHN 2014 and this time it's not because I'm crazy, but because the scare is part of the fun.

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